Disney+'s First Willow Trailer Is As Magical And Epic As We Could Have Hoped And I'm So Into Warwick Davis' Hair

Star Wars Celebration is here and while it has opened with a bang, giving us our first look at the upcoming Disney+ series Andor, not everything we're being treated to is, strictly speaking, Star Wars. We have now seen the first trailer for the upcoming Willow series, and it looks pretty awesome. And Warwick Davis is looking perfect with some incredible hair.  Check him out in the trailer above.

That Willow theme music might not be quite as iconic as some other sword and sorcery epics, but if you know it, it likely makes you excited just to hear it. The trailer hasn't given us a great deal of information about the story of the new Willow series that we didn't know. We knew this story would be set a couple decades after the movie, with an older Willow joining forces with younger heroes to face a new magical threat. But having now seen what that will look like is pretty incredible. 

And Willow looks pretty amazing actually. We don't know what Willow has been doing with himself in universe since the events of the movie, beyond honing his magical skills, but if he's also been fronting a metal band, we'd believe it.

Much like the forthcoming Obi-Wan series, rumors of, and hopes for, a potential Willow movie eventually manifested instead as a Disney+ series. In both cases, it ultimately means more hours of the characters we love, so that's not necessarily a bad thing. 

It will certainly be a new story for Warwick Davis' character. In the film Willow is the novice who is only just learning magic. Here, he is clearly playing the "grizzled vet" who's being pulled out of retirement. It makes sense for the amount of time that has passed, but it still feels weird since the last time we saw him he was so young and new. 

Willow wasn't a blockbuster film in its day but the movie has since achieved a cult classic like status and so those fans will almost certainly be excited to see this new series. It looks to be trying to balance the disparate tones of the film, which could be very dark one minute, and very silly the next, in the same way. 

Warwick Davis won't be the only actor from the film reprising his role for the series. Joanne Whalley will also be back as Sorsha. While a Val Kilmer appearance in the series seems unlikely, Kilmer came back for Top Gun: Maverick, so anything seems possible. 

In addition to the trailer itself, we got an official premiere date for the series on Disney+, as the show will debut on November 30. For those of excited for more Willow, that a long way off. Luckily, with all the new Star Wars and Marvel series on the way, there will be plenty to keep us busy until then. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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