First Trailer For Mike Tyson Hulu Drama Is A Highlight Reel Featuring Don King, White Tigers And Ear Bites (Oh My)

Mike Tyson is one of the most recognizable names in boxing history, and there are many reasons for that. His dominance as a fighter certainly lent itself to his status as a legend, but there are also plenty of stories about Tyson (like how he trips on toad venom) that deepen the mystique around him and make him both polarizing and intriguing. Much of that is on display in the first look at Hulu's upcoming series Mike, which features Don King, white tigers, and ear bites (oh my). 

Beginning on August 25, Hulu subscribers will get to see the limited series by showrunner Karin Gist, which documents the professional, personal, and controversial life of "Iron" Mike Tyson. Trevante Rhodes stars as Tyson and looks the part, especially in that scene where he's posing proudly with one of Tyson's iconic white tigers. Fun fact – Tyson did sleep with his tigers at one point but had to kick them out after they farted too much. That’s not exactly the first reason I’d stop sleeping with a tiger, but I can certainly say it’d be on a list of many reasons I wouldn’t do so. 

Other highlights featured in the Mike trailer include the fighter meeting noted and infamous boxing promoter Don King. They originally started off as an iconic boxer and promoter duo of the era, but years down the road, their relationship turned sour. Tyson ultimately sued King for allegedly cheating him out of millions of dollars. It'll be interesting to see how Mike approaches their relationship and how far it will play out in the limited series.

 We also see him biting fellow boxing great Evander Holyfield mid-match, which is a moment that ultimately served as a blight on Mike Tyson's career. The bite went down in boxing history as one of the sport's most bizarre moments and resulted in Tyson temporarily losing his professional boxing license. Ultimately, this is one of the most famous stories of Tyson's career, so it's of little surprise that it's highlighted in Mike's trailer. This is especially true considering recent events

Those moments, and even the less savory moments of Tyson's story like his time in prison, all seem to be a part of this tale. It also seems like we'll get some stories from the fighter's youth, which will no doubt flesh out the humble beginnings that ultimately led him to be one of the most recognizable athletes in the world (and a beloved part of Shark Week). Overall, it should make for a captivating story and potentially one that will have folks talking when it releases.

Mike premieres on Hulu on Thursday, August 25. It's one of many new shows arriving this summer, so be sure to keep an eye on what's coming up on streaming as more and more shows come to an end.

Mick Joest
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