Big E Just Dropped An Update Video On His Health, And It's A New Day, Yes It Is

Big E holding his championship belt
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WWE superstar Big E's devastating injury on SmackDown shocked the wrestling world and sidelined the pro wrestler with a fractured neck. He’s been off television for quite a while, but has kept wrestling fans abreast of his recovery on social media. The latest update on his health looks really positive and shows that while he had some bad times, it’s a new day, yes, it is. 

After months of social media updates in a neck brace, Big E finally uploaded a video on Twitter that shows him outside of the medical device. Not only that, he’s moving his neck in all sorts of directions and appears to have some good mobility and range of motion: 

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Big E certainly has the “power of positivity” on full display in this new video and looks like he’s in great shape for someone who suffered a neck fracture only months ago. That’s a great thing to see considering how bad the injury looked and the fears the wrestling world had when the superstar went down. Could this mean he’s not far off from taking another shot at the WWE championship? 

While it’s great to hear that Big E is feeling great and moving his neck well, it's up in the air what the future holds for him in the WWE. After all, there’s a difference between having one's neck healed enough that they can live a normal life with no restrictions and worries, and one where they can compete in a wrestling ring and take multiple hard bumps a week. Cody Rhodes was able to put on the match of his life with a torn pec, but neck injuries are a different ball game. Big E didn’t provide an update regarding any timetable on a return to wrestling, so it’s possible even he doesn’t know the answer to that yet. 

Trying to speculate whether the New Day-affiliated superstar might return in the future is a fool's errand because there are just so many factors to consider. There’s a possibility that Big E is well enough to perform in a wrestling ring again but won’t receive clearance from a WWE doctor to compete. It’s also possible Big E might just want to step aside from wrestling and is unwilling to risk an in-ring return after an injury that could’ve led to much more complications. 

There’s also a good number of WWE superstars who suffered neck injuries in their careers, and it worked out in different ways. Edge, at one point, believed he’d never wrestle again, but he's currently one of the top performers on the roster. There’s also Paige, who spent years on the sidelines with her injury, remained employed by the WWE, and will exit without having another match. We don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future, so we’ll just have to wait and see what comes to be with Big E and his future in the WWE. If nothing else, this news about his recovery is certainly great to hear. 

Big E isn’t currently working in the WWE, but fans can still revisit his best matches with a Peacock premium subscription. Hopefully if Big E is back on the road to the WWE, there are some big plans for what happens with him upon his return. 

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