Reasons Behind WWE’s Major Judgment Day Shakeup Seemingly Revealed, And It’s Not What Some Were Speculating

Judgment Day on Monday Night Raw USA
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The WWE threw a massive curveball at its fans during the latest Monday Night Raw, and it involved one of its hottest stables. Judgment Day announced Finn Bálor as its newest member, but then not long after, they expelled the current leader and founder Edge. The move was quite shocking, though there has been speculation that it happened to compensate for other issues concerning the depth of the main roster. While that might be true in some regard, other reports point to Edge’s expulsion from Judgment Day having an entirely separate cause. 

With Edge now officially out of Judgment Day, multiple sources in the wrestling world are reporting that he's being considered a babyface again on the Monday Night Raw roster, at least internally at the WWE. Initial speculation was that the organization pulled Edge from the heel stable because Cody Rhodes’ injury created a massive need on the roster for a top-tier babyface, but may not be the overall reason for Edge’s move at all.

Fightful Select reports that insiders are claiming WWE creatives have discussed making Judgment Day a supernatural-type stable, but that the former Brood member wasn’t exactly fond of the idea. It was then, allegedly just hours before Raw began, that a plan was formulated to remove Edge from the group not long after Finn Bálor joined. 

One important thing to note, based on this unconfirmed intel, is that the WWE apparently decided Finn Bálor would be joining Judgment Day well before the decision to remove Edge went down. Reports allege that Bálor was locked in for his heel turn days before his match against Judgment Day at Hell in a Cell (which Peacock premium subscribers can re-watch right now). There was allegedly no mention of Edge vacating the group at that time, so it stands to reason that those behind the scenes were setting Judgment Day up to be a 4-person stable. 

The news that the WWE potentially wants Judgment Day to become more of a supernatural stable isn’t too surprising, as those gimmicks have found success within the brand quite often. Now that Alexa Bliss officially shed her supernatural gimmick and The Undertaker entered retirement, and with Bray Wyatt still a ways off from potentially returning to pro wrestling in general, there’s certainly a spooky niche to be filled. Whether or not Judgment Day is the best stable to shoulder that kind of gimmick remains to be seen, but apparently, Edge wasn’t interested in sticking with it to find out. Guess he'd had enough after his days with Gangrel and Christian. 

The good news is that with Cody Rhodes missing time due to surgery, and Roman Reigns only working limited dates, there’s definitely time for Edge to get more screentime as a babyface to try to exact vengeance on Judgment Day in the meantime. One can expect the still-a-trio to remain just as formidable with Finn Bálor at the forefront, with Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley backing him up. If they do indeed attain supernatural powers, they’ll get even stronger, though we’ll have to wait and see if that is something that actually happens. 

Monday Night Raw airs on USA on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Now is as good a time as any to tune in, given all the changes happening, since such changes tend to inspire unexpected and exciting twists.

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