Since Wrestling Belts Were Reportedly Found In Donald Trump's Storage Unit, Let's Take A Look Back At His WWE Appearances

Donald Trump is in the news again after a recent search of his Florida storage unit for classified materials revealed some surprising contents. Beyond the two items with classified markings that were submitted to the FBI that will likely capture more national interest, it was also reported that the former President of the United States had pro wrestling championship belts in the unit. The brand tied to the belts wasn’t revealed, but given his relationship with the McMahon family and his history with their company, they’re possibly from the WWE

Before Donald Trump was the leader of the free world, he was a WWE Hall of Famer. Now in light of this latest news from The Washington Post (via, let’s take a look back at his WWE appearances and why he might have gotten a belt or two from the company for his past work.

WrestleMania 4 And 5 Were Held On Trump’s Property 

Former President Donald Trump’s relationship with the WWE goes way back, as the company used the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, New Jersey, to host both WrestleMania 4 and 5 in 1988 and 1989. It holds the prestige of being the only venue to have hosted WrestleMania two years consecutively and probably will keep that accolade for the foreseeable future as the WWE continually broadens its horizons. It’s possible the belts mentioned in the article might’ve been commemorative gifts from him serving as host for these big events, but that’s merely speculation. 

“The Battle Of The Billionaires” At WrestleMania 23

In 2007, Donald Trump found his way in the WWE ring when he engaged in a feud with Vince McMahon that was billed as “The Battle of the Billionaires.” Each man selected a wrestler to settle their feud, with the agreement that the billionaire whose wrestler lost had to shave their head bald. In the end, Trump’s wrestler Bobby Lashley defeated Umaga, and Trump and Lashley shaved McMahon’s head in the ring together. After the match, special referee Stone Cold Steve Austin delivered a stunner to Trump, so maybe he was given a championship belt as a way to make good on that punishment. (That match is easy to find for anyone with a Peacock Premium subscription, and I’d highly recommend watching it.)

Donald Trump “Buys” The WWE

The year is 2009, and in what’s a recurring theme in the history of the WWE, fans are fed up with Vince McMahon. The WWE introduced a storyline in which a mystery buyer took control of the brand, and who else could it be but Donald Trump? Trump immediately flexed his muscles and made the following week of Monday Night Raw entirely commercial-free. McMahon, desperate to win back his company, ended up paying double the price for the company to win it back. Obviously, this didn’t actually happen, but maybe McMahon threw in a championship belt as a gesture of goodwill for Trump taking the time to appear. 

Donald Trump hasn’t been seen in the WWE in recent years, but who knows when he may resurface at an upcoming WWE event? The upcoming WrestleMania 39 is rumored to have notable names like Dwayne Johnson and even Stone Cold Steve Austin in attendance, so is it possible the former President will be there as well? We can only wait and see. While we wait, there's always the 2023 TV premiere schedule to consult for upcoming viewing options.

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