What's Going On With RK-Bro? WWE Rumors Are Swirling About Randy Orton And Riddle

The WWE has gotten a lot of mileage out of the tag-team RK-Bro, and that’s thanks in large part to the wonderful chemistry of Randy Orton and Riddle. The two appear destined for a shot at taking control of both tag-team titles, though that might never happen based on new rumors swirling about. Unfortunately, certain claims have surfaced pointing to the wrestling organization allegedly working towards breaking up RK-Bro and inciting a feud between the two. 

There’s apparently growing evidence that RK-Bro might split, and the "proof" lies in their recently televised matches. WrestlingNews.co brought up the duo’s latest title defense on Monday Night Raw, in which they nearly lost the match due to a “miscommunication.” Tag teams getting out of sync are often precursors to a gamechanging split, and while such instances are not always a guarantee, it can hint at the start of trouble brewing between two athletes.

Another potentially big sign of trouble with RK-Bro's future is Riddle’s increased use of the RKO, a finisher that's served as Randy Orton’s signature move for decades. Orton noted on Raw Talk that Riddle needs to return to his own finisher, the “Bro Derek,” and while he said the following in a joking matter, it’s clear there's some growing tension between the lines: 

You hitting a couple super RKO’s in the last week or so, like you’re blowing my mind bro. I might have to have you go back to the Bro Derek because you’re gonna steal my thunder. They wanna see me hit the RKO out of nowhere. Bro I got 10 more years of this stuff. I gotta keep that RKO mine.

It sounds like Randy Orton is growing a bit envious of his tag-team partner (it’s the camel incident all over again), and WWE fans know historically that Orton’s character doesn’t like to feel like anything less than the top dog. Should Riddle start to cast a shadow on his partner's spotlight a bit too much, I think we’ll soon see The Viper make the core turn turn kick off a feud between the two.

The WWE reportedly always planned for a feud between Riddle and Randy Orton, but those ideas were stalled when their odd-couple dynamic quickly made the pair one of the most popular tag teams in the WWE. Splitting them now would ultimately allow both superstars to return to singles competition, and could even bump Riddle into main event status following this successful tag-team pairing. 

Earlier rumors made it sound like the WWE contemplated letting Riddle win the Royal Rumble earlier this year, and with Roman Reigns taking some time away from the WWE in the near future, the main event scene could potentially see some growth via new champions. Riddle might not be the choice for the WWE or Universal Championships just yet (even if he is deserving), but a feud with Orton, in addition to others like Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes, could solidify him as a true main event contender. 

Of course, Randy Orton has and will likely remain towards the top of the WWE for the rest of his career. Breaking up the tag team allows him to continue working with other top talent, but in a singles capacity rather than a tag team. Orton is a great tag-team partner, but anyone with a Peacock premium subscription can look up his best singles matches and confirm that is where he truly shines in the WWE. As sad as it might be for fans to see RK-Bro split, this might be the best way forward for both men in the long run. 

Monday Night Raw airs on USA on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Now is the time to keep a close eye on RK-Bro for hints as to whether the WWE will split them up before they unify the tag-team titles, or we’re all just reading too deeply into a potential split. 

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