WWE Legend Kane Showed Off His Muscles In A New Post, And He Could Definitely Jump Back Into The Ring

Kane in the WWE
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Some pro-wrestlers seem like they would compete for the entirety of their lives if they could, and some try. With that said, the physical demands of the job make it hard for many to continue putting on matches later in life. unless they’re just in incredible shape. While it’s questionable as to whether most wrestlers could still put on a match at 55, WWE Legend Kane just showed off his muscles in a new post and, needless to say, he could definitely jump back into the ring if he wanted to. 

Kane, who now serves as mayor of Knox County, Tennessee under his given name Glenn Jacobs, recently celebrated his 55th birthday with a shirtless photo on Twitter. Check out the picture, and see just how ripped Undertaker’s “brother” is despite his shift from wrestling to politics:

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It’s not unheard of for older wrestlers to enter a ring in their late 50s for a wrestling match, but I’d say it’s far from common to see them competing and looking like Kane does now. With the exception of some legends like Sting, most guys who enter a wrestling ring in their late-50s are doing so for their retirement match. One has to wonder, with the shape that Kane is in, if that’s something he’s willing to consider in the coming year, given he never had an official retirement bout of his own. 

His last matchup in the WWE was a brief appearance at the 2021 Royal Rumble, where he eliminated two people before being taken out himself. He was inducted into the organization's hall of fame not long after, so it stands to reason that his wrestling days could be over. After all, retirement matches aren’t exactly a guaranteed part of the job, though in an age where even Stone Cold Steve Austin returned for one decades later, why couldn’t the Devil's Favorite Demon. 

With that said, it’s hard to say who would make the ideal opponent for him to have a retirement match with at this point. Undertaker, of course, had his own Hall of Fame induction recently and has seemingly hung it up as an in-ring performer. Another potential opponent, Daniel Bryan, is currently working over in AEW as Bryan Danielson, though he’s stayed on good terms with WWE following his exit. I’d say if there was a person to officially “retire” the Big Red Psycho, he’d be the guy, but it’ll ultimately come down to timing and whether or not the latter will ever decide to have that goodbye match. Wouldn’t it be great to see those two put on another match as they did at Extreme Rules 2014

If politics don't work out for him for some reason, I’d certainly like to see Kane return to the WWE. He did great work as a general manager of Raw in the “corporate Kane” gimmick, though with his recent work in politics, perhaps he could have some new gimmick that played into that? 

Kane may not be back in the WWE anytime soon, but anyone with a Peacock premium subscription can view his greatest matches with the company there. Here’s hoping all of the organization's former superstars can take care of themselves later in life as he has (and that I can be half as jacked as he is at 55). 

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