WWE's AJ Styles Provides Update On The Severity Of His Injury

AJ Styles in the WWE
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A day after reports circulated that AJ Styles suffered an ankle injury at a house show, the WWE superstar is clearing the air about what went down and the severity of his injury. In a year that hasn't been great for big names in WWE when it comes to injury, Styles closed out 2022 with news that he'll be missing some time going forward. 

AJ Styles made his way to Twitter to confirm the speculation that he suffered a significant injury and, unfortunately, the update will be disappointing for wrestling fans. Don't expect to see Styles compete at upcoming WWE events, as the superstar is currently nursing a broken ankle: 

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While it's great to hear that the 45-year-old star won't need surgery, it looks like he'll be out of in-ring activity for the foreseeable future. NHS.UK states that a broken ankle can take around six to eight weeks to heal or even longer. And given his in-ring style,  it may take even longer for Styles to rehabilitate the ankle so he can ensure it's strong enough for him to perform the specific moves he's famous for. 

One thing worth mentioning is that even if AJ Styles is only out for a minimum six weeks, he will be unavailable to wrestle at the upcoming Royal Rumble event. If he's out for seven or eight weeks, that will also put him out of the running for an Elimination Chamber appearance. That means there's a chance that Styles may not wrestle in a major pay-per-view until WrestleMania 39 in Hollywood, which is a bummer.

WrestleMania season usually includes most of the main storylines that are ultimately resolved at the show of the same name, so the wrestler's broken ankle could jeopardize whatever plans the WWE had for him in the big event. It's possible that another talent might have to be used for whatever might've planned for him. Or an alternate plan could be made to accommodate his injury. 

The WWE has handled a great deal of leg injuries over the years, and many superstars have continued to factor into storylines while appearing on Monday Night Raw or SmackDown on crutches or even in a wheelchair. AJ Styles did note that this would be the longest he'd be out of the ring, but it's possible he'll still be a fixture on television. 

It's currently hard to say what exactly was being planned for AJ Styles at WrestleMania but, seeing that he's one of the brand's biggest stars, it's hard to imagine that there wasn't anything on the table for him. A fan tried to pry some details out of him in early December but wasn't able to get any answers:

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Perhaps the best news is that it seems probable that AJ Styles will be well enough to compete in WrestleMania 39 and, with his talent and overall ability to fit into many storylines, there should be a spot for him on one of the two big nights. Perhaps he'll have another iconic showdown with a member of The Judgment Day, or maybe even take on a legend like Stone Cold Steve Austin?

2022 was a rough year for WWE injuries, as many fans are waiting to see stars like Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton return. While there's still no word on when Orton might return to the ring, Rhodes seemingly teased his return after surgery on his torn pec could happen sooner rather than later. 

Hopefully, AJ Styles is able to have a speedy and full recovery and can get back to delivering high-quality matches in the WWE soon. Fans can catch his best matches so far with a Peacock Premium subscription in the meantime while they get ready to stream WrestleMania season!

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