You Can't Tell Me WWE's The Miz Didn't Intentionally (And Hilariously) Draw A Penis On Jerry O'Connell's Pictionary

The Miz in Miz & Mrs on USA Network
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When it comes to wrestlers that the WWE entrusts to go out into the world as ambassadors to their brand, Mike "The Miz" Mizanin often seems to get the green light to appear on other shows. Whether it's Dancing With The Stars or his reality show Miz & Mrs., the wrestler always seems down to step aside from the ring and tackle whatever TV challenge comes his way. And apparently, he may sometimes seize the opportunity to draw a penis on a daytime game show, because you can't tell me that the superstar didn't know exactly what he was doing with his pen while appearing on Jerry O'Connell's Pictionary!

For those who don't know, Pictionary is a daily game show hosted by the hilarious Jerry O'Connell. Apparently, WWE stars The Miz and Xavier Woods both appeared as guests for an upcoming episode, and Miz had a particularly hard time drawing the word "scuba diving." Take a look at The Miz's attempt below via Woods' Twitter account, and try to tell me that he didn't deliberately draw a penis at the start of the round: 

In what world is that anywhere close to scuba diving? Don't get me wrong – The Miz made a pretty damn good case, and when he broke it down, I can kind of see where that would make sense. At the same time, I just can't understand how someone would go about drawing that picture in a way that it wasn't immediately clear what was being drawn until it was too late and a penis was on the big screen behind him.

I think the real gem of this clip is the wide range of emotions Jerry O'Connell went through in the beginning. At first, he was just a casual observer, going through the motions of watching a Pictionary contestant draw as he's done many times before. Then as Miz started to draw the straight lines, O'Connell dropped back into a contemplative pose, as if wondering if the contestant was truly about to do what he suspected. Finally, the picture was complete, and while he didn't vocalize it during the round, O'Connell's quick turn to avoid directly laughing in view of the camera is a dead giveaway that he understood what happened.

The group in attendance certainly didn't play it as cool, and one of the contestants on Miz's team can be heard guessing "sex" after seeing the picture. Xavier Woods also found his co-worker's picture pretty hilarious, so much so that he shared the clip. Miz retweeted Woods' post and said the following about his appearance on Pictionary:

You won’t want to miss @PictionaryonTV this week…. 😅

This is exactly the type of clip that makes me, a wrestling fan, check my local listings to see when Pictionary is on in my area. So, whether it was intentionally done as a joke during the episode or done in an effort to promote the series to a bunch of wrestling fans, mission accomplished. I'm 100% down to tune in to see who between The Miz and Xavier Woods will emerge as the undisputed champion, especially since it doesn't seem like either has a shot at beating Roman Reigns at an upcoming WWE event

Those wondering where they can find Pictionary will have to check their local area listings on when to watch it on weekdays. After that, be sure to check out the 2023 television schedule, as there are surely a few shows out that could become any viewer's next favorite. 

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