Religulous (2008)

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Religulous Synopsis

The documentary follows Maher as he travels around the globe interviewing people about God and religion. Known for his astute analytical skills, irreverent wit and commitment to never pulling a punch, Maher brings his characteristic honesty to an unusual spiritual journey.

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Religulous Release Date
In Theaters October 3, 2008
Religulous Credits
Starring: Bill Maher, Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda
Directed by: Larry Charles
Produced by: Bill Maher, Jonah Smith, Palmer West
Distributor: Lionsgate
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Bill Maher Saved Your Grandma's Life Savings Bill Maher Saved Your Grandma's Life Savings
Bill Maherís religion documentary Religulous did well at the box office, but never caused the non-believer uprising some might have hoped for. These days people only take to the streets to prevent themselves from getting healthcare
by Josh Tyler September 29, 2009 discussion comments

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