There will come a time when video games will look like the following cinematic trailer for Prey 2, but until that day arrives we’ll just have to sit back and enjoy the cyber-noir settings that kick-butt trailers like this show us.

The highlight of the trailer is that it looks as if Human Head Studios is utilizing a lot of what was already designed in Bethesda Software’s recent first-person shooter, Brink. Parkour seems to play a big part in Prey 2 and the premise seems to have changed from a standard save-the-world shooter into a conspiracy, bounty-hunter affair. I’m definitely digging the conspiracy, bounty-hunter affair.

You can check out the awesome new cinematic trailer for Prey 2 below, which is due out for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. And just so you know…we all know that the game isn’t going to look like this on the PS3/Xbox 360, but maybe Human Head will pull a DICE and give PC gamers some visually splendid graphics. You can learn more about the game by visiting the Official Website.

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