Fallout 4: What We Know So Far

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Fallout 4 hasn't been announced yet but it's still one of the most anticipated games for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Speculation about the game began almost as soon as Fallout 3 launched in 2008.

Unfortunately, a lot of the information floating around about the game is either bogus or unconfirmed. Let's recap what we do and don't know about the return of the post-apocalyptic RPG series.

Bethesda Game Studios
Bethesda Game Studios
Bethesda Game Studios, the development arm of Bethesda responsible for Fallout 3 and the Elder Scrolls series, may have started work on Fallout 4 as early as February 2012. They began hiring programmers during that month for "an unannounced game on future-generation consoles" as well as the PC. However, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was only three months old at that point so producing DLC and patches for that game remained the studio's focus.

The studio officially finished work on Skyrim's DLC a year ago. At the time, they said that it was time for them to focus on their next game, presumably Fallout 4.

"Parts of our team have also been in pre-production on our next major project, and that game is at the point where it requires the studio’s full attention to make it our biggest and best work yet," the company said.

Fallout 4 seems like the most likely bet for their next game. Skyrim's only a few years old and Elder Scrolls Online was just released by Bethesda's sister company ZeniMax Online Studios. It's a good time for the team at Bethesda to take a break from Elder Scrolls and work on something else. They've indicated in the past that they planned to revisit Fallout as well.

"This is not something we're going to do once and then go away and never do it again," Bethesda's vice president of PR Pete Hines told TVG in 2008. "When that will be or how long that will be god only knows, but we acquired it specifically because we wanted to own it and develop it and work on it like we do with The Elder Scrolls."

Continue on for Fallout 4's release date and other detailed info about the game...
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