Fist Puncher Finally Punching With Fists On Ouya

By Ryan Winslett 2 years ago discussion comments
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Sometimes evil-doers need to get punched with a fist, and in those times of need, itís good to know that we, as gamers, have Fist Puncher to rely on. And while Fist Puncher might not be the hero Ouya deserves, itís officially the hero itís going to get. Or something like that. I was only half paying attention during the last Batman movie.

This is an odd post to be writing, mainly because itís about the little micro-console that could (or, at the very least, is still trying its damndest), the Ouya. Yes, the Ouya still exists and, every now and again, a new game comes out for it. Today, that game is Team2Bitís Fist Puncher, which shouldnít be confused with the equally awesome hero of Community fame, Kick Puncher.

Billed as the ďtestosterone-packed brainchild of brothers Matt and Jake Lewandowski,Ē Fist Puncher was designed from the ground up as a love letter to classic brawlers, full of over-the-top old school arcade action, a thumping soundtrack and humor to spare. As an added bonus for Ouya gamers, this latest version of the game boasts a pair of exclusive new characters to be enjoyed, alongside the 50-plus levels of non-stop action that harkens back to ďa simpler time when good was good, bad was bad and fists were fists,Ē reads a press release from Team2Bit.

And did I mention that this is the first in a two-game deal for the developer? Well, thatís the case. So deal with it.

ďFist Puncher is the first of two games that the Lewandowskis are bringing to Ouya this year,Ē continues the statement. ďFor now, the second is shrouded in secrecy, but fans can expect a pair of bitter rivals to join forces and determine the fate of the free world.Ē

As for Fist Puncher, those two new characters bring the roster up to 19 playable characters, each with their own unique attacks and movesets. Thereís an RPG a leveling system to help customize your frantic fighters, as well as perks that give your characters new abilities and moves. In short, if you missed Fist Puncher on PC or Xbox 360, youíll probably want to pick it up for Ouya. To learn more, head on over to the official website.

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