Shadow of the Eternals Is Eternal Darkness Successor

By Pete Haas 3 years ago discussion comments
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Today Precursor Games sent out a teaser trailer for a game called Shadow of the Eternals. Shadow is billed as a successor to the GameCube horror game Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.

Eternal Darkness, released back in 2002, stars a student named Alexandra Roivas. While searching her grandfather's house, she finds a mysterious tome that allows her to relive experiences from other people throughout history. Players will travel through the Gulf War, World War I and other eras in an attempt to defeat an ancient evil.

Dennis Dyack, head of Eternal Darkness developer Silicon Knights, hinted last year that the studio was working on "their most requested IP." Many believed that he was referring to a sequel to Eternal Darkness. IGN, who aired the teaser trailer for Shadow of the Eternals, confirmed over Twitter that Dennis Dyack is involved with the title.

Shadow of the Eternals's development will be financed through crowdfunding. The campaign for funds will officially kick off on May 6th. Presumably they'll use Kickstarter like everyone else.

Precursor Games appears to be a brand new company. Their website consists solely of a teaser image for Shadow at the moment. The image contains a countdown until the start of the crowd-funding campaign.
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