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Happy Outbreak Day: Here Are The Last Of Us Deals Available
The Last Us took the gaming industry by storm when it released a couple of years ago. The game was the perfect swan song for the PS3, featuring great graphics, gameplay and a compelling story about survival. Naughty Dog is celebrating the in-lore Outbreak Day of The Last of Us by discounting goods on the PlayStation Store.
Destiny: Five Reasons To Return For Rise Of Iron
Destiny's new Rise of Iron expansion is finally here, inviting Guardians back to Bungie's MMO/FPS hybrid for another, potentially final, adventure. After nearly a week with all of that new content, we feel like we're barely scratching the surface of what this new DLC has to offer.
PlayStation Flash Sale Removes All Reasons Not To Buy Grim Fandango, Stick Of Truth
Thank goodness it's Friday. It's the weekend and Sony wants to celebrate with a flash sale on the PlayStation Network. This means great games, new and old alike, ripe and ready for the picking on the PS3, PS Vita and the PS4.
New Watch Dogs 2 Story Trailer Introduces Several New Characters, One Old Friend
Set to launch this November, Watch Dogs 2 is here to lead us into the weekend with a brand new story trailer, giving folks a chance to see what types of missions they'll be tackling and what sort of people they'll be meeting in this next hack-tastic adventure. Fans of the original game might even recognize a returning companion.
You Can Play Destiny: Rise Of Iron Now, Probably
If you tried logging into Destiny: Rise of Iron this morning you probably ran into a bit of a server issue on the PS4 and Xbox One. The kind of issue that makes it impossible to play the game. Well, Bungie has been working all morning and afternoon to resolve the issue, so you can probably play the game now.
Now We Know How Metal Gear: Survive Came Out So Fast
When Metal Gear Survive was announced earlier this year, a lot of folks made note of how quickly Konami was cranking out a new title on the heels of last year's Metal Gear Solid V. Well, as it turns out, there's a very good reason for that.
Why No Man's Sky Over Promised And Under Delivered, According To Sony
Fans aren't all that happy with the results of No Man's Sky. Some people enjoy what the game brings to the table while others are demonstrably anguished at the missing features. Sony's worldwide president, Shuhei Yoshida, explained why the game over promised and under delivered.
What You Need To Play Bioshock: The Collection On PC
If you plan on getting the BioShock remastered editions for PC there are a couple of ways of going about it, especially if you already own the original copies of the first two games. There's even a process involved with getting the remastered editions without paying a dime.
Not Every Game Will Perform Better On PS4 Pro
There were a lot of questions going in regarding the PS4 Pro and just how much of a performance boost the system would provide for some games. Well, it turns out that not every game will perform better on the PS4.
Check Out The First Gameplay Of Mass Effect: Andromeda
Electronic Arts had some of the first gameplay of Mass Effect: Andromeda debut during Sony's PlayStation Meeting today, giving gamers three whole minutes worth of gameplay to soak in well ahead of the game's 2017 release on the PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.
PAX West 2016: 5 VR Titles To Look Out For
Virtual Reality is the newest frontier of video game technology. As such, it was not surprising that many developers, both big and small were showing off their upcoming VR titles at PAX West 2016. We got our hands, and our eyes, on a diverse lineup of titles that shawa variety of the benefits of the technology.
The PlayStation Neo Is Now The PlayStation Pro, Get The Details
The fact that Playstation was working on new consoles has been the worst kept secret in gaming. However, the company just made their official announcement.
Here's How To Watch Tomorrow's Major PlayStation Announcement
Sony has a big announcement to make tomorrow on September 7th. They plan on making waves starting at 12pm PST and 3pm EST. The event is being called the PlayStation Meeting, and here's how you will be able to watch it.
7 Things We're Looking Forward To At PAX West 2016
This weekend all gaming eyes will be turned to the city of Seattle, Washington. The Penny Arcade expo has become a sort of Mecca among gamers. Thousands of fans, industry folks and media descend on downtown Seattle for PAX West.
Check Out Every New Titan You'll Get To Use In Titanfall 2
When Titanfall 2 launches in October, it'll come packed with six mechanical monsters for players to take control of on the battlefield. The development team has gone the extra mile to make for proper introductions, recently posting a video showing off the entire squad of Titans in action.
September's PS Plus Titles Have Been Revealed, Get The Details
September is officially upon us, which means it's time to learn about the monthly dose of games being added to the Instant Game Collection for PlayStation Plus. This month's six offerings include a little something for everyone, including a spiritual quest, a violent action romp, a romantic visual novel and more.
No Man's Sky Players Are Putting Refund Policies To The Test
There's been a blow-up in the gaming community over refunds for No Man's Sky. A lot of gamers have expressed discontent with the final product compared to what was advertised. Many gamers are seeking refunds even though they've exceeded the two-hour limit set by some distributors.
How To Save Some Money When Buying PlayStation VR
The PlayStation VR headset might be one of the most highly anticipated VR gaming headsets coming to the market, but it's still fairly expensive. Don't worry, though, there are some deals floating around in order to knock the price down on the expensive piece of gaming gear.
Attack On Titan Review: Does The Series Justice
Going into the latest Attack on Titan game, I only wanted the latest offering from Koei Tecmo to deliver on a few basic things. I needed big, open maps; giant monstrosities terrorizing the masses; and the ability to dispatch said brutes with razor-sharp swords and Omni-Directional Mobility Gear that lets me zip around the environments like a mix between a medieval Spider-Man and a particularly violent ballerina. But even if the game could deliver on all of those fronts, I knew it would be a tall order to make all of that swinging and slaying seem fun and fresh for more than a handful of hours.
The First PlayStation Humble Bundle Is Absolutely Massive
The very first PlayStation Humble Bundle is jam packed with tons of games, giving gamers an absolutely massive stash of content for a low price.
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