Rupert Grint Gets Bombed

By Katey Rich 2008-09-30 08:07:57discussion comments
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A few days ago we showed you pictures from the set of the Ruper-Grint-is-a-grown-up movie Wild Target, but it looks like Ron Weasley isn't done proving to us he can get himself in grown-up kind of trouble. MTV got their hands of photos of star in Cherrybomb, an Irish drama about what happens when two friends with a penchant for trouble start competing over the same girl.

Grint explained to MTV, "ďMy character Malacy [in 'Cherrybomb'] works at a leisure center in Belfast. Itís not really a proper job, but this girl Michelle is my bossí daughter. Sheís really exotic and fashionable and she gets his attention, along with his friend Luke, and she starts this crazy competition thing between them.Ē

Not only is the subject matter a far cry from the Harry Potter series, but Grint said the pace of an independent film shoot took an adjustment. "On Harry Potter, we do a scene every few days, and this was like 12 scenes a day. Itís a much tougher shoot, really, and quite tiring, but itís good, to be at this much faster pace. I prefer it to the waiting around.

Head to MTV for full-size versions of their exclusive images from Cherrybomb, and more of Grint's thoughts about his character and learning the Belfast accent.
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