15 Non-Sequels You Should Actually Be Excited About In 2016

By Mike Reyes 4 months agodiscussion comments
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2015 was a hell of a year for movies, but it's hard to ignore that sequels ruled the roost. With seven of the top 10 films from last year being sequels and spinoffs of pre-existing franchises, it's sometimes hard to find original films or standalone adaptations to get excited about. Thankfully, 2016 seems to have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to films that could be the next success along the lines of Inside Out or The Martian. With that in mind, let's take a look ahead at 15 movies being released throughout 2016 that don't require viewing previous entries for vital background.

Hail, Caesar!
Release Date: 2/5/16

Why You Should Be Excited: Well, for starters, Hail, Caesar! is another Coen Brothers / George Clooney collaboration - so thatís worth the entry fee right there. But when you add a healthy dose of farcical comedy, Josh Brolin as the lead, and a cast of equally luminary co-stars such as Tilda Swinton and Scarlett Johansson bringing up the rest of the ensemble; itís hard to say no. Though if we were to distill our hopes for this film into one moment, itíd have to be when Channing Tatum shows up dressed as a sailor in an old time musical number. Weíre ready to laugh, Coen Brothers!
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