4 Pitch Perfect Characters The Sequel Needs And 4 It Can Do Without

By Mack Rawden 2014-01-28 09:14:52discussion comments
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Come Back: Bumper Allen
Last time we saw Bumper, he was hitting the road and throwing up his middle finger at his a capella mates following a surprise offer to sing back-up for John Mayer. In a perfect world, Iíd like to give that hysterical sideplot its own spin-off movie (kinda like Get Him To The Greek), but since thatís not going to happen, I think we all need to take more Bumper scenes wherever we can get them, especially when they involve the awkward sexual tension with Fat Amy.

Maybe a horrible experience with Mayer has shattered his confidence, and heís returned to school to get his mojo back. Maybe heís churned out a few hit songs and will cameo as the head judge for Pitch Perfect 2ís final a capella contest. I donít really know how it should happen, but I need Bumperís swaggy awesomeness. I need to hear him tell people to fuck off in perfect key at least one more time in order to die a happy man.
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