99 Detailed Iron Man 2 Trailer Screencaps

By Josh Tyler 2010-03-08 01:33:12discussion comments
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By now we hope youíve seen the awesome new Iron Man 2 trailer here, but even if youíve watched you probably havenít seen everything it has to offer. The trailerís loaded with amazing tidbits, and so weíre breaking it down for you frame by frame. The image gallery below contains 99 wickedly cool screencaps taken from the trailer. Hereís a few highlights with direct links to the most must see images, but we recommend browsing through them all.

Tony meets Black Widow for the first time here. Black Widow displays amazing fighting moves starting here. Black Widow tries Iron Manís armor starting here. Sam Jackson as Nick Fury here. War Machine with his face mask open here. Tony Stark puts on his briefcase folding armor starting here. Tony tests a new weapon starting here.
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