It was probably only a matter of time until someone gave Pinocchio the Avengers 2 trailer treatment, after the hugely anticipated Marvel film used the classic Disney movie's song in its recently released trailer. Check out the great mash-up below to see just how creepy Pinocchio looks with Avengers: Age of Ultron behind it...

The Ultron Mashup Trailer comes to us courtesy of the Nerd Reactor Youtube channel (Edited by John "Spartan" Nguyen). As you may have noticed, the video uses footage from the 1940 Disney animated film Pinocchio, mixed with audio from the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. Amazingly -- or maybe not -- the video manages to make Pinocchio really creepy. That includes a glimpse of Cleo's angry glare, some terrified donkeys, some very sinister looking cuckoo clocks, including this one...


And another axe scene, this time featuring the titular marionette...

Pinocchio axe

Why would someone want to mash up the Avengers 2 trailer with Pinocchio in the first place? As mentioned, the Avengers 2 trailer used a slowed down version of a song from the Disney film, "I've Got No Strings," which you can see in its original form here...

Nothing like diving into the Disney vault for an updated and far more sinister context to an otherwise fun song. Well played, Marvel!

So, who's wishing Ultron to life and where's Jiminy Cricket when you need him? Something tells me the Avengers 2 villain could use his own assigned conscience.

In the meantime, this clever mashup does a fine job of showcasing the unnerving side of Pinocchio, capping itself off with what should be a magical Disney moment but plays much more ominously with Ultron's words behind it...

no strings
There are no strings on me.


You can watch and enjoy the amazing Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer in all its string-free glory after the jump...




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