Avengers: Age Of Ultron Set Footage Features A City Ravaged By The Hulk

By Nick Venable 2014-08-07 11:22:17discussion comments
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While the video seen above could easily be mistaken for a tragic real life attack of some kind, itís all good in the South African hood, as this is just a bit of explosive set footage from Joss Whedonís The Avengers: Age of Ultron. You might think itís someone from Marvelís rogues gallery thatís guilty of all this destruction, but Johannesburg can actually thank a massive green monster for bringing this part of the city to its knees. Apparently Bruce Banner has found himself at a loss when trying to control Hulk side of him, and Hulk wasnít content to just hang around help rebuild New York City.

This video and some images seen below come from Instagram user Paperless3 (via Comic Book Movie), who offers not only the on-the-street footage but also a bunch of overhead shots of the set. As you can imagine, we never get to actually see Hulk himself, as all of the CGI will get put in during the post-production process. But it looks like heíll be in fine form, scaring the shit out of city dwellers who just want to walk down the street without having to deal with police shooting automatic weapons in their general area.

The question here isnít "Why is the Hulk doing all this damage?" but "Why is he doing all that damage in South Africa?" It certainly gives credence to Mark Ruffaloís claims that both Banner and his inner beast will have more to do in this sequel. And if comic fans know anything about Banner, itís that he has no trouble traveling to foreign lands to get authorities off his back. In the first first Avengers film, Black Widow caught up with him in Calcutta where he was putting his medical background to good use. Was he doing something similar in Johannesburg, or is he chasing after someone? At such an early point in the filmís production, guesswork is just that. But itís still pretty fun.

Here are a few different shots of the demolitionís aftermath. Imagine how much mayhem had to go down to get that much dust on those cars.

Answers to all of our questions will be found when Avengers: Age of Ultronhits theaters on May 1, 2015. Speaking of hitting, hereís a previously released set video featuring a stunt involving a truck explosion. But itís far more likely that the truck was the victim of a giant green fist. Man, I canít wait for this movie.

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