Friday Night Lights Movie Coming Via Kickstarter, Says Adrianne Palicki

By Kristy Puchko 2013-03-27 10:29:33discussion comments
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Friday Night Lights Movie Coming Via Kickstarter, Says Adrianne Palicki image
Despite lasting on television for five seasons, Friday Night Lights is a show fans can't get enough of. It's understandable of course. The story of Coach Taylor and his familyóboth bonded by biology and footballóproved gripping and dynamic week after week whether or not you had any interest in the sport. (Cough cough.) The idea of a movie spin-off of the TV show that was a spin-off of a movie that was based on a non-fiction book began bouncing around just months after the series' finale aired back in 2011.

Since then little headway has been made. But with the rebirth of Veronica Mars thanks to a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, it seems Friday Night Lights has found a new path to the end zone of movie production. Speaking with Screen Rant about her latest project, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, FNL's Adrianne Palicki, who memorably played Tyra on the series, revealed:
"I think theyíre starting the Kickstarter, which is insane. Itís crazy. I have multiple feelings on it. I love it so much and Iím afraid that a movie might ruin it and I donít want that to happen. We went out on top. At the same time, to get to be on that show again, I would die for it. I would love to do it. Iím right there in the middle."

I have to admit, I share Palicki's conflicted feelings. Friday Night Lights was one of the rare series that felt like it earned its ending. And while I'd be interested to see what the Taylor clan is up to now, I also take comfort that they've ridden off into a future where presumably there's not enough drama to pack a new movie.

Of course, crucial to getting a Friday Night Lights movie based on the show back on track would be securing Coach Taylor's return. But last time the Kyle Chandler was asked about this possibility, he seemed less than enthusiastic, saying, "It was a great show. I really enjoy it. I still like watching the show again. Because it was so creative - the process. But they ended it at just the right time and exactly the right way, as well."

Is he right? Do you want a FNL movie anyway? Sound off in comments.

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