Get Emo Early With Twlight Advance Ticket Sale

By Tim Gomez 2009-09-11 21:36:24discussion comments
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Get Emo Early With Twlight Advance Ticket Sale image
What is there left to say about The Twilight Saga? Every single joke about the series has become stale. The emo girls. The middle aged Twilight moms. The bad acting. The terrible writing. The lame interpretation of vampire lore. As a writer of movie news, the subject has become endlessly boring, but as long as there are humans with two X chromosomes and closets full of black shirts (hey, dudes can be included in this too), there will be Twilight news to write about. And while none of this will end any time soon, those fans wonít have to wait any longer to buy tickets to New Moon.

In an unprecedented move (I donít even think they did this for The Dark Knight), has already opened up advance ticket sales for The Twilight Saga: New Moon . The movie wonít be released until November 20th, which obviously means that theyíre opening up sales more than two months prior to release.

I donít know about Twilight fans, but I donít even know what Iím going to be doing in an hour, much less two months from now. I guess and Summit are hoping for Twi-heads to not only be way into totally romantic vampire love stories but also into super sweet agendas and calendars as well. Maybe theyíll include an Edward one with purchase.
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