John Krasinski In Talks To Join Cameron Crowe's Island Rom-Com

By Nick Venable 2013-10-22 04:13:40discussion comments
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John Krasinski In Talks To Join Cameron Crowe's Island Rom-Com image
Just because Cameron Croweís untitled next feature has been in production for around a month now, that apparently doesnít mean casting for the film is anywhere near complete. Just last week, Bill Murray got attached for an undisclosed role, and the comedy actor streak may continue now that John Krasinski, formerly of The Office, is in talks with Sony to join the laundry list of actors already signed up.

Crowe scripted the island-set romantic comedy based on an old idea he had called Deep TIki, and it will tell the story of a defense contractor (Bradley Cooper) who is sent to Hawaii to oversee the launch of a weapons satellite. While there, he falls in love with a younger Air Force pilot (Emma Stone), all while running into his ex-girlfriend, played by Rachel McAdams. Krasinski would be playing a military man who is married to McAdamsí character according to THR. I bet those two would make some good looking babies.

Somewhere in the midst of this narrative, the island displays mystical qualities, and thereís a sentient computer in it to boot. (Or maybe it boots itself.) The cast is filled out by Danny McBride, Alec Baldwin and Jay Baruchel.

It sounds like much more of a screwball comedy than Iíd originally thought, sounding like the premise for some 1960s sitcom that tried to cash in on the success of I Dream of Jeannie. There arenít enough of those made anymore, and while Krasinski may or may not have a large role, heíll still be able to adapt to whatever the tone of the film is. Even though in some way every role he gets will always strike me as ďJim Halpert playing such-and-such for a prank.Ē Itís my fault, not his.

With The Office now behind him, itís possible Krasinski may be coming back to TV in a completely different role if the proposed HBO Aaron Sorkin-scripted historical drama Life at the Marmont should ever get started. Until then, you can see him in Gus Van Santís character-driven drama Promised Land, which Krasinski co-wrote with co-star Matt Damon. Additionally, lend an ear out for his voicework in Pixarís Monsters University which came out for home release recently, and the upcoming animated anthology The Prophet, based on the classic work by Kahlil Gibran.

At this rate, I wouldnít be surprised if Steve Carell also joined this all-star cast in the next few days. Until that day comes, hereís Krasinski at his most silly in a few outtakes from The Office, a show that I canít seem to stop referring to.

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