Loki Reviews Thor: The Dark World, With GIFs

By Kristy Puchko 2013-11-11 08:14:51discussion comments
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Sometimes a movie is so spectacular or bizarre that it demands more than a traditional review. It demands a GIF Review. In the past, I've brought you my many feelings on movie likes The World's End, White House Down, and A Good Day To Die Hard. As I shrieked with joy and shock throughout Thor: The Dark World, it seemed a good time to turn to GIFs, but then a special guest dropped by offering his unique and intimate perspective on the latest adventures of the brothers out of Asgard. And as we saw at Comic Con , you can't say no to Loki.

Before the God of Mischief (not to mention Tumblr obsession) takes over, be warned: the following contains spoilers for Thor: The Dark World .

Greetings, mortals. Have you missed me? Of course you have. No matter what my brother and his flashy friends attempt, there is no one you long to see as much as me, your god.

Hm. Thor: The Dark World, how precious. Considering the favor I curry among you people, I'd have thought a better title might be Loki: The Return. But have it your way.

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