MacGyver Movie Coming

By Josh Tyler 2008-05-04 22:55:33discussion comments
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With Magnum P.I. becoming a movie you knew it was only a matter of time before the 80s other big, television action sex-symbol got his shot at the big screen too. Gizmodo is reporting that MacGyver may soon get his Hollywood due.

The news comes straight from the lips of show creator Lee David Zlotkoff, who says a big budget MacGyver movie is in the early planning stages. Apparently he has all the movie rights and thus full control of everything which happens. Perhaps that will save it from the disappointing fate of other period big screen translations like Starsky & Hutch, where characters were recast with replacements and played for comedy. If Zlotkoff is smart, heíll do what no other TV show to movie translation has managed, and bring back the guy who made MacGyver who he is: Richard Dean Anderson.

Andersonís older, but heís still got jump. Not long ago he was playing the lead on Stargate SG-1. If Harrison Ford can still play Indiana Jones, then thereís no reason we canít have a MacGyver movie with Richard Dean Anderson. Unfortunately, Hollywood being what it is, weíll probably get a mulleted Matthew MacConaughey wielding Macís duct tape.

What, you don't remember the greatness of MacGyver? Here's a refresher:

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