The Rock Thunders Off Fast 6 Set To Stop Real Life Thieves

By Mack Rawden 2012-09-04 16:04:24discussion comments
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The Rock Thunders Off Fast 6 Set To Stop Real Life Thieves image
Dwayne The Rock Johnson may have spent his career as an action star and a WWE wrestler pulling punches, but that doesnít mean heís not still capable of putting the fear of God into criminals. Thatís what a group of hooligan British teenagers found out recently when they glanced up from the lock they were picking to see the massive man charging at them with menacing intentions.

It all went down in Hackney, East London near the set of the actorís newest movie The Fast and the Furious 6. The youths were allegedly trying to shimmy their way into a few vans adjacent to where the crew was filming when the Rock spotted what was happening. Dressed up like an FBI Agent and in the middle of a take, the former defensive tackle for the Miami Hurricanes charged past the cameras, waving his fake badge as he thundered closer.

According to The Sun, the thieves ran like hell at the sight of the Rock. Nothing wound up being stolen, and the crew has reportedly been making jokes about firing the security staff in favor of Johnsonís one man gang.

Anyone who follows The Rock on Twitter knows he has a very healthy respect for the military and law enforcement personnel. Something tells me all his buddies who wear the uniform for a living will get a big kick out of this. Too bad thereís not a video. It seems like the sort of thing YouTube was invented for.
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