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Weekend Box Office - Home Lands First Place, Get Hard Takes Strong Second
It felt like Spring Break at the movies this weekend as DreamWorks hit something of a Home-run while Get Hard also drew strong numbers at the box office.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2015-03-29
Weekend Box Office: Insurgent Commands Top Spot, Gunman Misfires
The Divergent Series returned to theaters this weekend with the second of four movies in the film franchise. One year after Divergent opened at number one with $54 million, its sequel did exactly the same thing.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2015-03-22
Weekend Box Office: Cinderella's Wish Comes True, Run All Night Trips and Falls
Disney demonstrated an uncanny ability to be consistent with live action films based on its animated classics while Liam Neeson had one of the worst opening weekends of the last decade.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2015-03-15
Weekend Box Office: Chappie Boots Up A Disappointing Number One, Unfinished Business Bombs
Few folks can crank out exceptional movie after movie without at least a few blips along the way, but most fans of Neill Blomkamp hoped he would make it past film number three before churning out something the critics despised. Despite Chappie's number one opening weekend, it proved to be his first big disappointment.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2015-03-08
Weekend Box Office: Focus Banks Blurry Number One, American Sniper Just Misses The Mark
It was rough going this weekend for Will Smith's latest offering. Although the movie came in at number one, that was due to the slowness of the February box office doldrums than a massive audience turn out.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2015-03-01
Weekend Box Office: Fifty Shades Fades Fast But Still Number One Against Weak Competition
Proving that its mystique is little more than flash-in-the-pan titillation, Fifty Shades of Grey plummeted over 70% from last weekend and only held number one because the fresh blood came in pre-clotted or pre-thinned and ready to flop.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2015-02-22
Weekend Box Office: Valentines Weekend Sees Crappy Shades of Grey Top Quality Kingsman
American audiences sometimes aren't the most discerning when it comes to appreciating quality movie-making. The promise of titillating sex or mid-school grade fart jokes tends to go a lot farther than great acting and enjoyable plots. The two new movies this weekend served to solidify the point.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2015-02-15
Weekend Box Office: Sponge Bob Soaks Up Easy Number One, Jupiter Descends as Seventh Son Sputters
This weekend closed out with one solid winner and two big losers. The long awaited The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water arrived, landing the number one spot after American Sniper had held the position for longer than exptected three weekends in a row.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2015-02-08
Weekend Box Office: Sniper Shoots Down Competition For Number One Three-Peat
American Sniper held a solid lock on the number one spot for a third weekend in a row. There were three newcomers, but those three combined barely earned half of its three week old $31 million.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2015-02-01
Weekend Box Office: Sniper Takes Second Shot At Number One While Mortdecai and Magic Meltdown
American Sniper held strong to the number one spot, dropping less than 30% and adding $64 million and just crossing the $200 million mark. While directing is nothing new for Clint Eastwood, this is his most successful effort to date by box office standards. Sniper has already surpassed his previous highest grosser, Gran Torino's $148 million.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2015-01-25
Weekend Box Office: American Sniper Takes Down January Record, Blackhat Crashes and Burns
After spending three weeks in a very shrewd, word-of-mouth buzz generating, 2014 Oscars qualifying limited release, American Sniper expanded into wide release this weekend, catapulting to number one and setting records at the same time.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2015-01-18
Weekend Box Office: Taken 3 Defies The Critics For Near Record Breaking Number One Start
The third and purportedly final installation in the Taken franchise hit theaters this weekend. On the one hand it's probably a good thing that it's the last movie.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2015-01-11
Weekend Box Office: The Hobbit Enters 2015 On Top For Third Weekend
2014 went out with less than a bang. Ticket sales were down 5% from the previous year and with an increase in average ticket prices that means attendance dropped even more than that. But 2015 got off to a slightly stronger start.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2015-01-04
Weekend Box Office: The Hobbit Holds Top Spot As A Weak 2014 Comes To A Close
The post-Christmas weekend, which is also the last of 2014, saw a nice boost for most movies and some exceptional openings for the newcomers. It paints a good picture for the weekend, but it wasn't enough to dig the 2014 box office out of its major slump.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-12-28
Weekend Box Office: The Hobbit and Night at the Museum Sequels Take Top Spots
It was a weekend dominated by holiday sequels, and although they had a decent turn out, there wasn't much room for holiday cheers by franchise box office standards.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-12-21
Weekend Box Office: Exodus: Gods and Kings Takes A Less Than Epic Number One
Ridley Scott's latest epic historical movie hit theaters this weekend and while it took an easy number one, there wasn't anything historic or epic about its box office performance.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-12-14
Weekend Box Office: Mockingjay On Top Again For Slowest Weekend Of The Year
There was only one new release this weekend, and a small release entry at that. The Pyramid opened in under 600 venues but still managed a ninth place debut with $1.3 million. Everything else fell, many a little harder than most weekend to weekend drops, resulting in what is pretty much the lowest selling weekend of the year.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-12-07
Weekend Box Office: Mockingjay Soars Over Penguins and Horrible Bosses
Thanksgiving weekend saw two new sequels step up, but neither had anything on last weekend's number one which easily dominated the holiday.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-11-30
Weekend Box Office: Mockingjay Part 1 Biggest Opening Of The Year, Not Of The Franchise
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, as expected, took the box office by storm this weekend. With $123 million it was easily the number one movie of the weekend and, in what's been a slow box office year, had the largest opening of the year to date, trumping this summer's Transformers: Age of Extinction's $100 million debut.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-11-23
Weekend Box Office: Dumb And Dumber To Lands At Number One
This weekend Harry and Floyd made a triumphant return to the big screen twenty years after the original made a splash, creating two pop culture icons out of the main characters. Dumb and Dumber To landed a solid number one with a $38 million debut. That's more than double what the original made in 1994 when it banked $16 million.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-11-16
Weekend Box Office: Big Hero 6 Outperforms Interstellar
Christopher Nolan is a director whose name has become synonymous with big number one openings. His last five movies opened at number one two of those topped $150 million their opening weekend. But this weekend he had to settle for a close second place.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-11-09
Weekend Box Office: Nightcrawler and Ouija In Dead Heat For Number One
Halloween had a spate of horror, thriller and just plain creepy dramas in theaters, but none of them performed very well. That might be because getting candy for free going door to door is way better than taking out a second mortgage to be able to afford the kinds sold in movie theaters, but more likely audiences are just saving their pennies for bigger entries set to roll out in the next few weeks.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-11-02
Weekend Box Office: Fury Fires Way To Number One, The Best Of Me Is The Worst
$340 million dollars. That's how far behind domestic box office ticket sales are from last year. In fact, sales are so slow they could end up being the lowest in seven years. That will be down to how well the holiday movies fare come December, but until then the usual October doldrums aren't doing much to help.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-10-19
Weekend Box Office: Gone Girl Goes Second Weekend At Number One
Gone Girl held the number one spot for a second weekend in a row, while four newcomers settled for non-exciting to down right disappointing openings. Several major small release indie and indie-ish movies hit theaters with mixed results.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-10-12
Weekend Box Office: Gone Girl And Annabelle Neck And Neck At Top Of The Chart
It was a good weekend for director David Fincher and his leading man Ben Affleck. Not only was their new movie Gone Girl number one this weekend, it banked a total that is one of the highest for each.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-10-05
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