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Weekend Box Office: No Good Deed Hits Number One, Guardians Hits $300M
After three quiet weeks in a row at number one, Guardians of the Galaxy finally began the usual descent down the charts, but not before crossing the $300 million mark. Already the number one movie of the year so far, that total makes it one of less than fifty movies to ever bank that much money in domestic sales.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-09-14
Weekend Box Office: The Identical Tanks As Overall Box Office Slumps
The cinematic doldrums of September and October are off to an unusually quiet start with one of the slowest weekends in recent box office history.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-09-07
Holiday Weekend Box Office: Guardians Holds Strong On Slow Labor Day Weekend
Labor Day Weekend didn't bring anything new and exciting for audiences to enjoy, and in return people pretty much stayed away from the movies, making the weekend the second lowest of the year so far.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-09-01
Weekend Box Office: Guardians Of The Galaxy Triumphs Over Turtles
This weekend the staying power of quality comic-book-movie-making over crappy comic-book-movie-remaking proved there is a little bit of justice in the world of the box office. After two weekends playing second fiddle to the inferior Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles debacle, Guardians of the Galaxy held on strong enough to retake number one for a second weekend to date.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-08-24
Weekend Box Office: Expendables Implode As Ninja Turtles Hold Number One
The new competition this weekend was no competition at all, leaving the box office to begin sloughing through its slow, steady chain of mostly sleepy stuff that fills in the gap between the end of summer and the beginning of the holiday bonanza.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-08-17
Weekend Box Office: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lands Surprisingly High Number One
Some movies hit theaters and prove that no matter how bad the movie is, no matter how many critics point out its copious flaws, and no matter how disappointing the trailers might be, audiences with a notable lack of taste and common sense will still turn up to watch the drivel explode like cinematic diahrea off the screen and through their 3-D glasses. It's also interesting to note how many of those movies involve Michael Bay.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-08-10
Weekend Box Office: Guardians Of The Galaxy Blows Away August Opening Record
August is usually the lame second cousin of the summer blockbuster season. All the really major entries get released in May through July. Maybe Buena Vista was a little hesitant about how well received Guardians of the Galaxy would be when they chose to launch it in August, but the comic blockbuster saw a massive opening, shattering the current August opening record.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-08-03
Weekend Box Office: Lucy Triumphs Over Less Than Legendary Hercules
The big summer blockbuster heading to theaters this weekend ended up washing out, leaving room for number one to go to a quirky director who hasn't had a movie in the top spot in almost twenty years.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-07-27
Weekend Box Office: Planet of the Apes Double Up At Number One Over Purge Sequel
Friday was a bumper day for horror flick The Purge: Anarchy and for a moment it looked like it might be number one this weekend. But audiences for the movie got it out of their system opening night and the rest of the weekend went to last week's number one Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-07-20
Weekend Box Office: Planet of the Apes Dawn At Number One
If there was to be a proportionate increase in ticket sales for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes based on how much better it was than is predecessor Rise of the Planet of the Apes, it would have easily done twice as well. As it was, Dawn did better, but not by so wide a margin. With a $73 million debut it was well above the $54 million opening of Rise and an easy number one for the weekend.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-07-13
Weekend Box Office: Transformers: Age Of Extinction Blows Away 4th Of July Competition
Three new movies hit theaters for the Fourth of July holiday, but none of them unseated last weekend's number one.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-07-06
Weekend Box Office: Transformers: Age Of Extinction Lands Biggest Opening Of 2014 So Far
There was only one new entry into the summer fray this weekend, and without much surprise Transformers: Age of Extinction was not only panned by critics, it was number one. Estimates have the movie standing at exactly $100 million, a dubious number that probably means that Paramount's probably hoping for the best, but when the actual numbers roll in it probably won't quite be that high. Just the same it's the highest opening of the year so far in a year where opening weekends for blockbuster movies aren't as impressive as they've been in the recent past.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-06-29
Weekend Box Office: Think Like A Man Too Is Number One In A Field of Number Twos
Summer sequels took the top three spots this weekend, with newcomer Think Like A Man Too banking number one with $30 million. That's down slightly from the opening weekend of its predecessor which earned a $33 million debut two years ago.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-06-22
Weekend Box Office: 22 Jump Street Tops How To Train Your Dragon 2
Two sequels to two popular movies went head to head this weekend. One was after the rated-R crowd, the other after the family friendly folks, but there was still one that was expected to come out on top. It didn't.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-06-15
Weekend Box Office: The Fault In Our Stars Has Edge Over Tom Cruise's Tomorrow
Ask folks on the street which movie they think would do better on opening weekend, an action flick starring Tom Cruise or an adaptation of a young adult drama novel, most people would probably put their money on Cruise. This weekend proved yet again that these days the second most powerful box office demographic behind comic book fans are teenage girls.
MOVIE NEWS Scott Gwin 2014-06-08
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