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The Mighty Ducks: The Cast Then And Now
One of the things that’s often overlooked in the history of Disney cinema is their wide collection of sports movies. From Angels in the Outfield, to Miracle to Mcfarland, USA Disney has rarely met an uplifting, rags-to-riches sports tale it didn’t like.
FEATURE Dirk Libbey 2015-11-26
5 Great Movies Coming To Amazon Prime In December
Thanksgiving is drawing to a close, and Christmas is right around the corner. You will be dealing with an influx of family members coming and going through your doors, bringing presents and looking for food. And when the dust settles, everyone’s going to crash on your couch, snack on your food, and stream some of your entertainment. Well, you are in luck.
FEATURE Sean O'Connell 2015-11-26
6 More Harry Potter Prequels We Need To See
Our appetite for all things set in J.K. Rowling’s magical universe is not likely to be satiated anytime soon, which is why we came up with six more prequel story ideas that we think would work well for the big screen. 
FEATURE Kelly West 2015-11-26
5 Big Moments The X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer Needs To Show Us
The first X-Men: Apocalypse trailer will arrive next month, and in order to get hardcore fans pumped even more for the movie and give the general audience a broad idea of what it’s about, here are the five things it should show.
FEATURE Adam Holmes 2015-11-26
10 Things Movie Fans Should Be Really Thankful For
On Thanksgiving Day, we wanted to help you celebrate the day and the year by singling out 10 of the reasons why movie fans should be thankful. In the comments section, tell us why you are thankful this year. And have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!
FEATURE Dirk Libbey 2015-11-26
Captain America: Civil War Trailer - 5 Things Marvel Hasn't Shown Us Yet
There was a lot to take in from the first Captain America: Civil War trailer, but there were a few things missing as well. We’ve gone through and highlighted the five big things we didn't get to see.
FEATURE Adam Holmes 2015-11-25
Why Victor Frankenstein Isn’t Actually A Monster Movie
According to its director, Paul McGuigan, Victor Frankenstein isn't actually a monster movie. Instead it's more about friendship, science, and anatomy. Honestly.
FEATURE Gregory Wakeman 2015-11-25
To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right The Good Dinosaur Movie Ticket
The Good Dinosaur's visuals have been roundly praised, even though the film itself has not. But is it worth spending the extra cents and dollars to do just that? There's only one way to find out: To 3D Or Not To 3D?
FEATURE Gregory Wakeman 2015-11-25
Every Major Rocky Opponent, Ranked By Toughness
While Creed is not a Rocky movie in the strictest of terms, it does give us a reason to look back on the storied career of the silver screen's greatest pugilist.
FEATURE Dirk Libbey 2015-11-25
Why Captain America: Civil War May Be Marvel's Most Emotional Movie Yet
The trailer to Captain America: Civil War promises a lot of destruction, ass-kickings, and even a possible death or two. But there’s one major promise that no one has really talked about, and it looks like this moment might indicate that the third Captain America film might be the most emotional film in Marvel’s movie canon.
FEATURE Mike Reyes 2015-11-25
7 Huge Reveals From Marvel's First Captain America: Civil War Trailer
So, what was YOUR favorite moment in the new Captain America: Civil War trailer? Weigh in in the comments section. Then go watch the trailer again and again.
FEATURE Sean O'Connell 2015-11-25
10 Great Movies To Watch Before Netflix Gets Rid Of Them On December 1
In December, Netflix will be adding a number of exciting new films to its library of streaming features – including Sam Raimi’s Darkman and the buzzed-about 2015 indie film Tangerine - but sadly the new month means that the service will also be losing a lot of great movies as well. The good news is that there is still some time to watch them before they go.
FEATURE Eric Eisenberg 2015-11-24
Awards Blend: The Revenant Screened, But Is It An Oscar Contender?
The final unviewed awards contenders are starting to screen, giving Oscar analysts the full picture as 2015 draws to a close. And while The Hateful Eight and Joy remain mysteries, Alejandro Inarritu’s The Revenant finally screened at The Academy on Monday night, and reactions flooded social media almost instantly. So, will this be an Oscar contender?
FEATURE Sean O'Connell 2015-11-24
How Doctor Who And Sherlock Inspired Victor Frankenstein
Director Paul McGuigan has admitted that he was inspired by Sherlock and Doctor Who while making Victor Frankenstein, while James McAvoy has even teased that it was his TARDIS audition tape.
FEATURE Gregory Wakeman 2015-11-23
New DVD Releases: December 2015 In Home Entertainment
We're nearing the holidays, which means a ton of big box sets have been appearing at various retailers over the last several weeks. It's a trend that will continue in December, as The Walking Dead fans and more will see a few really cool sets hit shelves.
FEATURE Jessica Rawden 2015-11-23
The Hollywood Director Who Really Helped Eddie Redmayne Prepare For The Danish Girl
A grateful Eddie Redmayne received some advice from none other than Lana Wachowski in preparation for his performance in The Danish Girl.
FEATURE Gregory Wakeman 2015-11-23
This Rotten Week: Predicting Creed, Victor Frankenstein, And The Good Dinosaur Reviews
The holiday movie season is in full gear this year, with some big flicks coming out just in time for the long Thanksgiving weekend. Get ready for Creed, Victor Frankenstein and The Good Dinosaur.
FEATURE Doug Norrie 2015-11-23
In The Heart Of The Sea: 21 Fascinating Facts We Learned On The Set Of Ron Howard's Latest
I am standing outside Leavesden studios on the set of Ron Howard's In the Heart of the Sea, a whaling drama based on the incredible true story that inspired Herman Melville's Moby Dick. The dock before me sits beside the biggest set tank in England, which measures 250x250 feet, holding the aforementioned ship as well as hidden hydraulic arm that rocks the boat as needed.
FEATURE Kristy Puchko 2015-11-20
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 - 13 Big Differences Between The Book And Movie
Following are the 13 biggest changes I noticed in my screening of Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games: Mockingjay –Part 2. Plenty of other details were changed, of course, and feel free to remark on any changes you feel may have been more noticeable.
FEATURE Jessica Rawden 2015-11-20
Hero Blend #79: Giving Thanks For 2015's Comic Book Movies And TV
It feels like just yesterday that 2015 began, but the reality is that we’re now deep into the final months of the year, and getting deeper and deeper into the fall. In fact, we are now just one week away from Thanksgiving, and our annual look back at the past year to give thanks to what is meaningful to us.
FEATURE Eric Eisenberg 2015-11-20
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