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6 Star Wars Expanded Universe Characters Who Should Be Added To The Canon
The Star Wars Expanded Universe may be dead following Lucasfilm and Disney’s new direction with the franchise, but the following folks from this discarded continuity should get to live on in this brave new Star Wars world!
FEATURE Adam Holmes 2016-02-09
The 13 Most Badass Moments From The 2016 Super Bowl Movie Trailers
Before we move away from the marketing blitz surrounding the big game, these are the moments that made up put down our drinks, pause from the chips and dip, and stare at the screen with out mouths hanging open. They are the most badass images from the Super Bowl Movie Trailers, with an explanation why they caught our collective eye.
FEATURE Sean O'Connell 2016-02-08
How Goosebumps Opened A Wonderful World Of Horror And Scares For My Kids
We have a LONG way to go before we’re visiting Camp Crystal Lake or sleeping on Elm Street together. But I’ll remember, when we get to those points, that Goosebumps was the movie that started it all. 
FEATURE Sean O'Connell 2016-02-05
Every Coen Brothers Movie, Ranked
My version of Sophie's Choice. Here's an attempt to rank every single Coen Brothers film. I apologize in advance.
FEATURE Gregory Wakeman 2016-02-04
15 Upcoming Sci-Fi Movies We're Dying To See
Science fiction gave the world two of the biggest movies of all time in 2015, and 2016 is poised to be another big year for the genre. So here are the upcoming sci-fi movies, big and small, that we're most excited for
FEATURE Brent McKnight 2016-02-04
5 Reasons Man Of Steel Is Better Than You Think
often gets criticized, and while it may not be perfect there are a number of reasons that it's wrong to label it a bad film.
FEATURE Conner Schwerdtfeger 2016-02-03
The 10 Greatest Coen Brothers Characters, Ranked
Only picking 10 great characters from Coen Brothers movies is like picking your favorite child, which is to say, you have one, but it changes often, mostly depending on your own mood.
FEATURE Dirk Libbey 2016-02-03
6 Reasons the Spoof Genre Is About To Die
Despite their legacy as some of Hollywood’s best comedies, spoof movies, as a genre, are dying. Here are the six reasons why we believe the genre will soon no longer be viable.
FEATURE Conner Schwerdtfeger 2016-02-02
6 Major DC Comics Villains We'd Love To See In Justice League: Part One
While it’s clear that Darkseid will play a role in the DC Extended Universe, there’s still no official word on when he’ll appear. On the off chance he’s being saved for later, here are the villains we think would work excellently for Justice League: Part One.
FEATURE Adam Holmes 2016-02-02
10 Actors Who Are Really Overdue For An Oscar
The Academy Awards are the pinnacle prize for professional actors. Great actors routinely give great performances, so it’s no surprise that many actors have been nominated several times. However, for these 10 actors, the odds have been against them repeatedly.
FEATURE Dirk Libbey 2016-02-01
2016 Super Bowl Movie Trailers: 10 We Need To See During The Big Game
The Super Bowl is obviously a very, very important time in the world of sports, but it’s a pretty damn big one for the rest of the entertainment industry as well.
FEATURE Eric Eisenberg 2016-02-01
This Rotten Week: Predicting Hail, Caesar, The Choice, And Pride And Prejudice And Zombies Reviews
If you need proof that the movie calendar is starting to get more eclectic in all of the months in the year, then you need look no further than the crop of films Hollywood has coming your way this weekend. How many times are we going to see the Coen brothers face off against Nicholas Sparks and period drama spliced with horror?
FEATURE Doug Norrie 2016-01-31
The 10 Best DreamWorks Animation Films, Ranked By Greatness
Almost 20 years later, DreamWorks Animation has racked up some massive successes in the world of animated film. Read on to see which films we've selected as the best of DreamWorks Animation's stellar canon.
FEATURE Mike Reyes 2016-01-30
New Movie Releases: 2016 Movie Release Date Schedule
2016 is loaded up with interesting and exciting films this year, including Captain America: Civil War, Ghostbusters, Suicide Squad, Finding Dory and the anticipated Star Wars spinoff, Rogue One.
FEATURE Kelly West 2016-01-30
The Flash: 6 Ways The Movie Can Distance Itself From The TV Show
The Flash movie needs to work extra hard to distinguish itself from the TV series, for both those who love the show and moviegoers who don’t have any experience with the Fastest Man Alive. Here are some suggestions we have on how to accomplish that.
FEATURE Adam Holmes 2016-01-29
5 Sundance Films You Absolutely Need To See
Now that the dust (or snowflakes, I suppose) is starting to settle on the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, these are the five titles that generated the loudest buzz. Some will continue to work the film-festival circuit, stopping in Austin for South By Southwest or New York for the Tribeca Film Festival.
FEATURE Sean O'Connell 2016-01-29
Hero Blend #83: Should Batman Kill People In Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice?
When most people think of Batman, they think of a hero who a) doesn’t use guns, and b) doesn’t kill people. This has not only been a big thing in the comics for decades and decades, but it was also a very important part of the character in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.
FEATURE Eric Eisenberg 2016-01-29
10 Thrilling Movies Based On True-Life Survival Stories
In the imagination, one can think of a person surviving through just about everything anything, but it means a lot more when you watch someone go through ungodly trials and then find out those events happened to a real individual.
FEATURE Eric Eisenberg 2016-01-29
Harley Quinn: 6 Things You Need To Know About The Suicide Squad Character
While the wait for Suicide Squad continues, we’ve gone ahead and provided all the important details you need to know about one of its star players, Harley Quinn, before you see her on the big screen.
FEATURE Adam Holmes 2016-01-29
To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right Kung Fu Panda 3 Ticket
Is Kung Fu Panda 3 worth the extra 3D money, or are you better off sneaking in a serving of dumplings with hot and sour soup? Read on, as it's time for another installment of To 3D Or Not To 3D!
FEATURE Mike Reyes 2016-01-28
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