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Wrong Cops Trailer Offers Marilyn Manson Playing A Teenager And Other Oddities
Via EW, the trailer features a strange-asbord of nonsense almost as odd as Manson, but not quite. And it’s no surprise, given Dupieux’s other films were 2009’s absurdly quaint killer tire thriller Rubber to the boundless insanity of last year’s Wrong. These last films not only share a word in the title, but a performance from Steve Little (Eastbound & Down), who somehow comes off as the most normal person in this cast.
Quentin Dupieux Nick Venable 2013-11-25
Exclusive Motion Poster For Quentin Dupieux’s Wrong Will Get You Ready For The Weird
What you see featured in the motion poster inside is a shot from the very beginning from Quentin Dupieux’s Wrong. In the scene, a firefighter drops trou in the middle of the street and starts taking a number two while an unmarked white van burns to ashes in the background...
Quentin Dupieux Eric Eisenberg 2013-03-28
Sundance Comedy Wrong Cops Teases, Terrifies With Rough Cut Preview
One of the many features we’re keeping track of as the Sundance Film Festival gets underway is Wrong Cops, writer-director Quentin Dupieux’s story of crooked officers trying to dispose of a body. Any time a filmmaker puts out a movie about a homicidal tire (Rubber), they have earned our attentions for at least a couple more movies to see what else they have to say.
Quentin Dupieux Sean O'Connell 2013-01-17
Alamo Drafthouse Reveals Mind-Bending Poster For Quentin Dupieux's Wrong
With the imaginative but downright weird horror-comedy Rubber, writer-director Quentin Dupieux established himself as a filmmaker to watch. I mean, how many moviemakers think to make their protagonist an actual tire named Robert, who has a passionate obsession for a beautiful young woman and a telekinetic power for destruction on par with Carrie White? Just Dupieux.
Quentin Dupieux Kristy Puchko 2013-01-09
Sundance Teaser Trailer For Wrong, From The Director Of Rubber
As was said in the Sundance rundown, the film is about a man named Dolph (Plotnick) who is searching for his lost dog, but constantly keeps running into strange characters, including "a nympho pizza-delivery girl, a jogging neighbor seeking the absolute, and a mysterious righter of wrongs." Sadly the film doesn't have a distributor yet (hopefully its show at January's festival will change that) and, therefore, does not yet have a release date.
Quentin Dupieux Eric Eisenberg 2011-11-30
New Red Band Trailer For Rubber, The Movie About The Killer Tire
When a trailer for a new film comes online, I'm typically in the same boat as all of you, watching the video and determining if it's something I may be interested in. This case, however, is a different beast all together. I had the pleasure of catching Quentin Dupieux's Rubber during AFI Fest last year and I can tell you right off the bat that you are in for a treat.
Quentin Dupieux Eric Eisenberg 2011-03-02
Boris Vallejo's Poster For Rubber Brings An Extra Dose Of Epic
What's not to love about movie posters by Boris Vallejo? Be it artwork for National Lampoon's Vacation, Barbarella, or Knightriders, the guy has proven time and time again that there is none better at making heroes look extra amazing. Just how good is Mr. Vallejo? He can even make a tire look like it's ready to save the world.
Quentin Dupieux Eric Eisenberg 2011-02-28
Interview: Rubber Writer-Director Quentin Dupieux
In an industry obsessed with making movies about friends with benefits, alien invasions and haunted houses, who’s got the guts to make a movie about a tire with the power to make people’s heads explode? That man is Quentin Dupieux and while he is billed as Rubber’s director, writer, editor, composer and cinematographer, he much prefers the title, “stupid creator.”
Quentin Dupieux Perri Nemiroff 2011-02-21
First Trailer For Rubber, The Story Of A Psychic Tire
Our universe is always expanding. There are millions of things on this planet alone that we don't understand and can't explain. Yet, at the same time, we demand that the movies we watch, we demand
Quentin Dupieux Eric Eisenberg 2011-01-18
Quentin Dupieux's Rubber To Get A Limited Release In April
Having gone to three film festivals in 2010, I had my fair share of chances to watch some strange films, but none were weirder or more entertaining than Quentin Dupieux's Rubber. The story of a psychic
Quentin Dupieux Eric Eisenberg 2010-12-30
AFI Fest Review: Rubber
Quentin Dupieux’s Rubber opens with a man in a police uniform emerging from the trunk of a car and speaking directly to the audience. Why, he questions, was Steven Spielberg’s E.T. The Extraterrestrial brown?
Quentin Dupieux Eric Eisenberg 2010-11-06
New Rubber Clip Shows Robert The Tire's Origin
With all of the time I spend ranting and raving about the lack of originality in Hollywood, be it commenting on remakes, sequels or adaptations, it's nice when I get the opportunity to talk about original stories
Quentin Dupieux Eric Eisenberg 2010-06-07
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