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Will Lex Luthor Wear His Warsuit In Batman V Superman?
Although Lex Luthor’s intelligence will be his primary tool against the titular heroes of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, he may also be jumping directly into action, and he’ll do it wearing his green and purple warsuit.
batman Adam Holmes 2015-05-18
Batman's Batwing On Display In New Batman v Superman Images
Batman (Ben Affleck) is going to need all of the help that he can get when it comes time to make Superman (Henry Cavill) “bleed” in Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. We know that the Dark Knight is going to have a sleek and powerful Batwing at his disposal, and now we have a better view of it.
batman Sean O'Connell 2015-05-11
The All-Time Most Valuable Comic Book Movie Franchise Is Surprisingly Not Batman
The current landscape of comic book movies makes us wonder who's at the top, and surprisingly, it's not who we thought.
batman Catarina Cowden 2015-05-03
Check Out Batman v Superman's Sleek Batwing
The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer that dropped earlier this month gave us many brief glimpses at some very cool stuff. One such item is the brand new version of the Batwing, which has now been revealed in full thanks to some leaked concept art.
batman Eric Eisenberg 2015-04-30
10 Classic Superheroes, Ranked By Their Origin Stories
When tales of how a superhero began their mission of good is told right, they’re the stuff of legend. Here are some of the most famous superheroes of all time ranked by how great and epic their origin stories are.
batman Adam Holmes 2015-04-29
This Glamor Video Of The New Batmobile Is Pretty Sexy
Although fans have already seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s Batmobile several times, a new glamor video gives us an all-around look at the car from a variety of angles.
batman Adam Holmes 2015-04-28
Ben Affleck Spotted On Suicide Squad Set, Will Batman Appear In The Movie?
As it has been building through pre-production, David Ayer's Suicide Squad hasn't really hidden connections to the legendary superhero known as Batman. It turns out today that the film's ties to the Caped Crusader may be getting even stronger.
batman Eric Eisenberg 2015-04-28
Neil DeGrasse Tyson Perfectly Sums Up Why Batman V Superman Happens
Astrophysicist and StarTalk host Neil deGrasse Tyson perfectly explains to The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart the plot of the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.
batman Ayanna Julien 2015-04-26
What All Batman And Superman Fights Boil Down To, According To Henry Cavill
In a fight between Batman and Superman, who would emerge the victor? According to Henry Cavill, it really just depends on Superman’s mood.
batman Nick Romano 2015-04-24
Here's Everything Wrong With Batman Forever In One Handy Video
1995's Batman Forever was the beginning of a sharp downhill slide that saw the Batman franchise go out as a kitschy pastel calamity. Thanks to this new video, you now have 167 reasons why this movie fails.
batman Joseph Baxter 2015-04-23
Christopher Nolan's Favorite Scene In The Dark Knight Trilogy
Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy is full of epic, memorable moments, but it turns out the director has one scene that is a personal favorite, and it is indeed a doozy.
batman Brent McKnight 2015-04-22
10 DC Movie Questions We Still Need Answered
DC and Warner Bros. have been doing a good job of reminding us that exciting things are on the way in the DCCU, but there are still a lot of questions that need answering. Here are the questions that are on our minds regarding DC’s upcoming movies.
batman Adam Holmes 2015-04-22
See The Full Batman v Superman Batsuit In Detail
If you were looking forward to your first taste of the full Batsuit from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, look no further!
batman Mike Reyes 2015-04-20
Batman V Superman Trailer Event Shows Additional Footage Of Clash
As many of you know, the first official footage for Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel reached the internet early, stealing the thunder of this IMAX event. But Snyder had an ace up his sleeve… additional footage he always planned to tag on the end of the trailer that would be exclusive to this audience.
batman Sean O'Connell 2015-04-20
The Batman V Superman Retro Trailer Is Wonderful
Holy retro reboot, Batman! While DC and Warner Bros. officially released the first Batman v Superman trailer this past week in light of the leak, one crafty fan decided to take it to the next level.
batman Nick Romano 2015-04-20
Batman v Superman Releases 2 Sweet Posters To Hype The Trailer
Tomorrow night, select fans around the United States will get a special chance to see an extended version of the brand new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer that debuted online late last week. It seems that Zack Snyder is very much in favor of promoting this big event.
batman Eric Eisenberg 2015-04-19
The Batman V Superman Trailer May Pave The Way For Robin
We saw a bit of Batman in the new Batman v Superman trailer, but did we get a hint towards the eventual appearance of Robin? Read on to see what we've heard.
batman Mike Reyes 2015-04-19
Batman V Superman Trailer: Is This Too Dark For Superman?
The overall tone of the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser trailer paints a bleak picture of what to expect, and when it comes to Superman, this feels too dark for him.
batman Adam Holmes 2015-04-17
Official Batman V Superman Trailer Arrives In HD
Warner Bros. has now released an official HD version of the first trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Check it out, it's awesome.
batman Brent McKnight 2015-04-17
Why Josh Hartnett Said No To Christopher Nolan's Batman
Before Christian Bale donned the black cape and mask to become Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight, there were a bevy of actors up for the role. Josh Hartnett was apparently also in the mix, but unlike the other candidates, he made the fatal error of turning down the now iconic part.
batman Nick Romano 2015-04-17
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