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The Bourne Legacy Pushed Back A Week To Avoid The Dark Knight Rises
While previous summers featured weekends of blockbuster after blockbuster sitting on top of one another fighting for the number one spot at the box office, this summer has been quite different. With the exception of one or two titles, including Marvel's The Avengers, the hotter months of 2012 have largely been disappointing thus far and we often find ourselves waiting multiple weeks in between the major releases.
tony gilroy Eric Eisenberg 2012-06-22
Jeremy Renner Runs, Hits Hard, And Saves Rachel Weisz In New Bourne Legacy Footage
Just a few minutes ago I walked out of my final studio presentation at CinemaCon, and while I got to see some new stuff from exciting upcoming titles like\Ted, This is 40, Savages and Les Miserables (more on those later), the material on display for The Bourne Legacy was easily the most thought-provoking and extensive.
tony gilroy Eric Eisenberg 2012-04-26
Bourne Legacy Teaser Poster Underwhelms
There's a lot riding on The Bourne Legacy. The franchise turned Matt Damon into a certified action star and gave us a modern spy hero before Bond got his Casino Royale makeover. Given how fast Jeremy Renner's star is rising, he'll probably be a great pick to take over the Bourne-less Bourne films. All in all, Jason Bourne's legacy looks to be in good hands.
tony gilroy David Wharton 2012-01-09
First Look At Jeremy Renner In The Bourne Legacy, Plus He Gets A Name
Ever since it was announced that Matt Damon would not be returning for The Bourne Legacy, Universal Pictures has done its best to stress the fact that the lead character in the new film is NOT Jason Bourne. Instead, it will be a whole new character that is experiencing adventures in the same world as Bourne. The film is set to come out later this year with the always-awesome Jeremy Renner in the lead role and an amazing supporting cast
tony gilroy Eric Eisenberg 2012-01-05
Find Out Why Matt Damon Badmouthed Bourne Screenwriter Tony Gilroy, Then Apologized
We’ve known for quite some time that a fourth Bourne movie is happening, and that Matt Damon isn’t in it. Instead, actor Jeremy Renner (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) will be taking over the franchise in The Bourne Ultimatum as a new protagonist, with series screenwriter Tony Gilroy now also directing. Up until now, however, it has sounded like these changes were all cordial and mutual. Based on some comments Matt Damon made, however, that may not entirely be the case.
tony gilroy David Wharton 2011-12-19
Matt Damon Hints At More Bourne In His Future
The Bourne torch may have been passing to Jeremy Renner with next year's The Bourne Legacy, but that doesn't mean that Matt Damon is abandoning the possibility of eventually returning to the role that made him an action star. Now Damon has tossed more fuel on the fire for fans who would like to see him back in the role of amnesiac badass Jason Bourne.
tony gilroy David Wharton 2011-10-13
Stacy Keach Joins The Cast Of The Bourne Legacy
Stacy Keach has had quite the strange career. While he's a talented character actor who has had some notable roles, he rarely stars in movies that get a lot of attention and doesn't have the greatest string of luck when it comes to TV shows (both Titus and Lights Out were cancelled before they were ready to end). His next project, on the other hand, should get quite a few eyeballs.
tony gilroy Eric Eisenberg 2011-08-05
Joan Allen And Albert Finney In Talks To Return For The Bourne Legacy
There are still many people out there who absolutely refuse to see a Jason Bourne movie without Matt Damon, but the more news we hear about the spin-off, the better it looks. In addition to having Tony Gilroy writing and directing (he wrote the first three Bourne movies as well), Jeremy Renner is attached to star and Rachel Weisz, Oscar Issac and Edward Norton are signed on as the female lead, fellow assassin and villain, respectively.
tony gilroy Eric Eisenberg 2011-07-26
Edward Norton In Talks To Play The Villain In The Bourne Legacy
Though I still find myself questioning the value of a Bourne film without Jason Bourne, it seems that they are trying to make you forget that by loading the new film with recognizable names and faces. Should the deal be closed, the movie will be Norton's first mainstream studio movie since 2008's The Incredible Hulk. The project currently has a release date of August 3, 2012.
tony gilroy Eric Eisenberg 2011-07-12
Jeremy Renner's The Bourne Legacy Casting Was The Result Of Compromise
I understand why studios meddle in the productions of their blockbusters. After all, they are fronting hundreds of millions of dollars to get the movies made and it makes sense that they would want some assurance that they will be making a profit. What sucks is that studio interference can really get in the way of a director's vision.
tony gilroy Eric Eisenberg 2011-04-25
Jeremy Renner Offered The Lead In The Bourne Legacy
A few months ago it was revealed that Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol will be the last time Tom Cruise appears as Ethan Hunt and that the franchise will be passed on to Jeremy Renner, one of the fastest rising actors in Hollywood, who is also starring in the new film. If that is indeed the case, it would seem that Renner is going to be taking over two spy franchises.
tony gilroy Eric Eisenberg 2011-04-21
Joel Edgerton Could Be In Either Bourne Legacy Or Snow White And The Huntsman, But Not Both
Universal has Joel Edgerton as one of their stars in their forthcoming prequel to/remake of The Thing, coming this fall, but apparently they like him even more than that-- so much that they want him in not one but two of their upcoming tentpole films
tony gilroy Katey Rich 2011-04-21
Garrett Hedlund, Joel Edgerton, Dominic Cooper And More To Screentest For The Bourne Legacy
A few weeks back it was reported that basically every young, white male actor in Hollywood with a recognizable name was being considered for the lead in The Bourne Legacy, Tony Gilroy's continuation of the franchise after the departure of Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass. All in all, a total of 15 names were shortlisted for the lead
tony gilroy Eric Eisenberg 2011-03-24
Chris Evans Up For The Bourne Legacy Too? Don't Bet On It
The shortlist of actors that could take over for Matt Damon in the Jason Bourne franchise is turning out to be anything but short. As it has been reported over the last few days, Jake Gyllenhaal, Garrett Hedlund, Taylor Kitsch, Kellan Lutz, Joel Edgerton, Josh Hartnett, Paul Dano, Michael Pitt, Oscar Isaac, Michael Fassbender, Luke Evans, Alex Pettyfer, Benjamin Walker and Shia LaBeouf are all being considered for the lead role in Tony Gilroy's The Bourne Legacy.
tony gilroy Eric Eisenberg 2011-03-03
Shia LaBeouf Is In The Mix To Star In The Bourne Legacy
Tony Gilroy, who wrote the first three Bourne films and will take over as director for the fourth one, has been meeting with actors recently, and probably in something of a hurry-- Universal is aiming for an August 2012 release. It's worth noting that the film won't be replacing Matt Damon as Bourne
tony gilroy Katey Rich 2011-03-01
UPDATE: Jake Gyllenhaal And Garrett Hedlund Among Actors Shortlisted For The Bourne Legacy
One advantage that the Jason Bourne franchise had for its last two sequels is that it didn't have to worry about finding their lead actor. Matt Damon was the super assassin with amnesia and everything was right with the world. But now that Universal is making a fourth installment without Damon, the mission has begun to find the actor that can step into his shoes.
tony gilroy Eric Eisenberg 2011-02-24
The Dark Tower, The Bourne Legacy, Ouija And Others Get Official Release Dates
The year 2012 already promises to be one hell of a twelve month period for movie fans. Already set for release are The Dark Knight Rises, The
tony gilroy Eric Eisenberg 2010-10-29
Matt Damon And Paul Greengrass May Still Do Another Bourne
It really does sound like Greengrass and Damon have at least one more Jason Bourne adventure in mind. When they’ll get around to making it is unclear but Damon says he has time to kill
tony gilroy Josh Tyler 2010-10-27
Tony Gilroy Drops A Few More Details On The Next Bourne Without Bourne
The focus of the story will be, once again, on Treadstone, the shadowy operation that spent the first three films trying to track Bourne down. The main character this time will be a spy
tony gilroy Katey Rich 2010-10-20
Jason Bourne Will Not Be A Character In The Bourne Legacy
With the announcement that Tony Gilroy would be directing the fourth installment of the Jason Bourne franchise on Monday, there was one question on everyone's mind: what about Matt Damon? Dating back to
tony gilroy Eric Eisenberg 2010-10-09
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