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EIFF 09: Van Diemen's Land
Part true story, part grim survival horror, Van Diemen's Land suffers from a problem shared by many films at the festival this year in that it is overlong and repetitive.
EIFF Stuart Wood 2009-06-23
EIFF 09: Salvage
Salvage starts out as a pretty strong contender for a good claustrophobic horror film; it's just a shame that it sacrifices everything in the final third by resorting to a jumble of horror cliches and illogical writing.
EIFF Stuart Wood 2009-06-23
EIFF 09: Isolation
There is a largely unspoken issue of many soldiers' inability to adjust between the two very different lifestyles of service and civilian, but Isolation lacks the clarity to make the case as strongly as it should.
EIFF Stuart Wood 2009-06-21
EIFF 09: Long Weekend
Long Weekend wants to be a taut psychological horror but when all is said and done it is just another muddled remake hampered by an absence of logic and unlikable characters. The supernatural card is played, as it all too often
EIFF Stuart Wood 2009-06-19
EIFF 09: The Private Lives of Pippa Lee
The Private Lives of Pippa Lee is a warm, intelligent and surprisingly funny examination of life and relationships and proves that not only is it possible to create strong central roles for middle-aged women, but also a family drama that is worth everyone's time
EIFF Stuart Wood 2009-06-19
EIFF 09: No Greater Love
Stuart Wood kicks off our Edinburgh International Film Festival coverage with a review of No Greater Love. Follow along with all of our EIFF reports, straight from the festival
EIFF Stuart Wood 2009-06-17
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