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Paul Bettany And Simon Baker In Talks To Join Margin Call
The hardcore-Christian community can't be too happy with Paul Bettany's script choices over the last few years. Starting with The Da Vinci Code back in 2006, Bettany's filmography includes
Paul Bettany Eric Eisenberg 2010-06-16
Interview: Paul Bettany On Creation
Last week Bettany and Connelly were both on hand to talk about Creation, and below is our conversation with Bettany, who was as lively and funny as you might expect from a guy playing both Charles Darwin and a fallen angel in separate movies
Paul Bettany Katey Rich 2010-01-20
Watch Six Minutes Of Legion
Legion stars Paul Bettany as a rogue angel and Dennis Quaid as a random guy trapped in a remote diner with him when God decides to destroy the Earth. For some reason god doesnít just blink the thing out of existence
Paul Bettany Josh Tyler 2010-01-12
Final Creation Poster: Watch Paul Bettany Kill God
In short, Creation is not your average period piece, as you might be able to tell by the presence of an orangutan on the final poster. Check that out, along with an official synopsis
Paul Bettany Katey Rich 2010-01-08
Angel Battle Clip From Legion
I am excited about this movie for all of the wrong reasons. It looks like a movie that should have been handed to Sam Raimi and made with a legitimate air of humor and cheesitude, rather than what this seems to be
Paul Bettany Will LeBlanc 2010-01-06
Creation Trailer: Charles Darwin Meets A Monkey
Though the film itself has received mixed reviews, the first official trailer for Creation is powerful. The film stars Paul Bettany as Charles Darwin, originator of the Theory of Evolution and as portrayed here
Paul Bettany Josh Tyler 2009-12-18
Legion Images: Paul Bettany Wants God Dead
Legion will be an early contender for the title of most blasphemous movie of the year when it hits theaters on January 10th of next year. Paul Bettany plays the Archangel Michael who, when God decides to wipe out humanity, grabs a machine gun
Paul Bettany Josh Tyler 2009-12-02
Paul Bettany Not Yet In Iron Man 2
While I love the original comic book series to death, one of the best things about Iron Man is how they treated Jarvis. For those that don't know, in the original series Jarvis is actually Edwin Jarvis, Tony Stark's butler
Paul Bettany Eric Eisenberg 2009-11-22
Paul Bettany's Creation Movie Picks Up Distribution
Now the producers will have to find something else to blame for their movie's lack of success; Newmarket Films has picked up Creation for distribution
Paul Bettany Katey Rich 2009-09-24
See Paul Bettany Bloody, Battered, And Tattooed On The Priest Set
If I were the almighty, Iíd have thrown a few dozen lightning bolts into the general vicinity of Jennifer Connellyís albino husband by now. Instead Paul is allowed to walk freely among us
Paul Bettany Josh Tyler 2009-09-22
Are Creationists Hurting Creation, Or Is It Just No Good?
Sure, it's completely ridiculous that evolution remains such a hot topic in America. But God knows there have been plenty of movies marketed exclusively to the kind of liberal, urban audiences that aren't creationists
Paul Bettany Katey Rich 2009-09-16
Dr. McCoy Will Lead The Evil Vampire Horde In Priest
Suddenly watching Karl Uban outside of anything Star Trek seems wrong. He so perfectly embodied the character of Doctor McCoy that I find myself revolted at the thought of watching him play anyone else. It almost feels disloyal
Paul Bettany Josh Tyler 2009-08-20
Maggie Q Killing Vampires With Paul Bettany
Q, last seen in the pretty awful Deception, will play a priestess helping Bettany's titular character kill vampires
Paul Bettany Katey Rich 2009-08-12
Completely Insane Red-Band Trailer For Legion
First it opens with the arrival of Bettany's character, then cuts to a goofy scene in a diner that gets totally insane when a seemingly-innocuous old lady decides to start killing some folks. In the words of Tracy Jordan, this honky grandma be trippin'
Paul Bettany Katey Rich 2009-08-12
First Look At Paul Bettany In Priest
When you're a priest hunting vampires in the Old West, you're probably not going to look like a normal guy. But the first image of Paul Bettany in Scott Stewart's Priest has hit the movie's official site, and man, Bettany has never looked stranger.
Paul Bettany Katey Rich 2009-08-03
Cam Gigandet Not Actually Playing Another Vampire
Any manga experts want to help me figure out what on earth is going on here, and what character Gigandet is even playing? An can I keep my hopes about the Searchers reference alive? I need guidance here
Paul Bettany Katey Rich 2009-06-15
Creation Trailer: Paul Bettany Kills God As Charles Darwin
Creation is a Charles Darwin biopic, of sorts, which stars Paul Bettany as the famed and weirdly still controversial scientist who first came up with the notion that hey, maybe this God guy isnít responsible for everything
Paul Bettany Josh Tyler 2009-06-12
Cam Gigandet Can't Stop Playing A Vampire
Cam Gigandet is apparently a guy who knows a meal ticket when he sees one. He was the head of the villanous crew of bloodsuckers in Twilight, but that's not enough vampire action for the former O.C. actor. He'll star opposite Paul Bettany in Priest
Paul Bettany Katey Rich 2009-06-08
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