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Jennifer Connelly And Anthony Mackie Sign On For Paul Bettany's Directorial Debut
Unfortunately, if you're looking for more details about the project you're just a bit out of luck. It would seem that Bettany wants to keep any and all details about the film a secret for now, including a plot description. The actor cum director wrote the screenplay himself, but we don't even know what genre it falls into since the trade simply describes the movie as an "indie feature."
Paul Bettany Eric Eisenberg 2013-08-21
Paul Bettany Joins Johnny Depp In Wally Pfister's Transcendence
Having voiced Jarvis in both Iron Man films as well as The Avengers, Paul Bettany already has quite a bit of experience working with the idea of intelligent technology, but now he's set to take it to a whole new level.
Paul Bettany Eric Eisenberg 2013-02-28
Paul Bettany Says He's Never Seen Any Of The Iron Man Films
He may not play a role as big as Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, or Chris Hemsworth, but Paul Bettany is certainly a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and The Avengers he provides the voice of Jarvis, Tony Stark's digital assistant, and while fans may love the part, apparently the actor feels zero connection to it at all- to the point where he hasn't even bothered to see the first two movies.
Paul Bettany Eric Eisenberg 2012-10-17
Video Interview: Margin Call Star And Producer Zachary Quinto
While J.C. Chandor’s script certainly resonated with Zachary Quinto and his team at Before the Door when they first took it on and still when they shot the film about a year and a half ago, it was a bit up in the air in terms of whether or not Margin Call would still be relevant when it finally hit theaters. Well, the time has come and courtesy of Occupy Wall Street, not only was Quinto’s first instinct justified, but now he’s got one of the timeliest films possible.
Paul Bettany Perri Nemiroff 2011-10-19
Paul Bettany Could Play Javert Opposite Hugh Jackman's Jean Valjean In Les Miserables
Bettany has spent more time chasing strange CGI creatures over the last few years, starring in the seemingly identical Priest and Legion, and it would be great to see Bettany return to the kind of prestigious work he was doing in the early 00s with a musical that's bound to get a ton of attention
Paul Bettany Katey Rich 2011-06-16
New Priest Trailer Is An Extended Clip
When crafting a movie trailer, the idea is to provide wide audiences with a better sense of the entire movie condensed down to two-and-a-half minutes. For a movie like Priest, this is usually accomplished by splicing scenes together in a montage format- action scene here, cool line of dialogue there, big explosion and title card. The new trailer for the comic book adaptation, however, takes a different tact.
Paul Bettany Eric Eisenberg 2011-04-12
New Trailer For Priest Reminds Us It's Still Coming In May
Priest is set to come out on May 13th, but unlike many summer action films set to be released after it that have been getting plenty of build-up, such as Captain America: The First Avenger, X-Men: First Class and Cars 2, the buzz and marketing have been practically non-existent (for reference it's been nearly two months since the Super Bowl, the last time we heard anything about it).
Paul Bettany Eric Eisenberg 2011-03-18
New Priest Trailer Sends Paul Bettany Into Battle
He played Charles Darwin. He’s been a rebellious angel. Now for the third entry in his “get hit by lightning” trilogy Paul Bettany steps back on screen as a murderous Priest in a dystopian future
Paul Bettany Josh Tyler 2011-01-11
International Trailer For Priest Looks Fun And Over The Top
Usually when an international trailer is released we wind up seeing some extra footage that for some reason wasn’t shown to American audiences, but the opposite is happening with new trailer for Priest
Paul Bettany Will LeBlanc 2010-09-21
First Official Trailer For Priest Launches Online
In the midst of this year's Comic Con, the first trailer for Priest, starring Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, Stephen Moyer and Maggie Q, came online. The same footage that was shown during the Hall H
Paul Bettany Eric Eisenberg 2010-09-09
Comic Con Trailer For Bettany's Priest Appears Online
The trailer features a lot of random shots of guys posing with guns, throwing edged weapons, or riding on motorbikes. In what is surely the most ridiculously idiotic thing ever
Paul Bettany Josh Tyler 2010-07-24
Comic Con: New Priest Posters Introduce Karl Urban's Black Hat
Paul Bettany has played a traitor Angel and Charles Darwin. He hasn’t been hit by lightning yet, so might as well keep going. In Priest he’ll play a man of the clothe who takes up vampire hunting
Paul Bettany CB 2010-07-22
Five New Priest Images Hide The Vampires
With the San Diego Comic Con starting up next week, studios have already been doing their best to get us ready. First their was the release of the Green Lantern photos, then came the newest Thor image,
Paul Bettany Eric Eisenberg 2010-07-16
New Shot Of Paul Bettany In Priest
Via Bloody Disgusting, Sony has released the first image of Paul Bettany in-character and in-scene as the title character in next May's Priest. An adaptation of the TokyoPop series that's in the
Paul Bettany Jonathan Elliott 2010-06-28
Demi Moore Joins The Cast Of Margin Call
On Wednesday, news came out that Paul Bettany and Simon Baker were joining the cast of Margin Call, an ensemble film that follows eight Wall Street investors for a 24-hour period during the 2008
Paul Bettany Eric Eisenberg 2010-06-18
Paul Bettany And Simon Baker In Talks To Join Margin Call
The hardcore-Christian community can't be too happy with Paul Bettany's script choices over the last few years. Starting with The Da Vinci Code back in 2006, Bettany's filmography includes
Paul Bettany Eric Eisenberg 2010-06-16
Interview: Paul Bettany On Creation
Last week Bettany and Connelly were both on hand to talk about Creation, and below is our conversation with Bettany, who was as lively and funny as you might expect from a guy playing both Charles Darwin and a fallen angel in separate movies
Paul Bettany Katey Rich 2010-01-20
Watch Six Minutes Of Legion
Legion stars Paul Bettany as a rogue angel and Dennis Quaid as a random guy trapped in a remote diner with him when God decides to destroy the Earth. For some reason god doesn’t just blink the thing out of existence
Paul Bettany Josh Tyler 2010-01-12
Final Creation Poster: Watch Paul Bettany Kill God
In short, Creation is not your average period piece, as you might be able to tell by the presence of an orangutan on the final poster. Check that out, along with an official synopsis
Paul Bettany Katey Rich 2010-01-08
Angel Battle Clip From Legion
I am excited about this movie for all of the wrong reasons. It looks like a movie that should have been handed to Sam Raimi and made with a legitimate air of humor and cheesitude, rather than what this seems to be
Paul Bettany Will LeBlanc 2010-01-06
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