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Tina Fey To Star In And Produce Middle East-Set Feature 'The Taliban Shuffle'
While Tina Fey spent years as the star of her own show, playing Liz Lemon for seven seasons of 30 Rock, she doesn't have that much experience as a film's solo lead. She has been paired with some very funny people, from Amy Poehler in Baby Mama to Steve Carell in Date Night to Paul Rudd in Admission, but has never really had to carry a movie herself.
Tina Fey Eric Eisenberg 2014-02-20
The Golden Globes' Best GIFs
I'll be reliving some of the Globes best moments through that wonderful web portrait known as gifs.
Tina Fey Kristy Puchko 2014-01-13
Tina Fey And Jason Bateman's This Is Where I Leave You Scores September Release
Warner Bros. will drop Leave You into theaters on Sept. 12, 2014. The movie will be adapted from Jonathan Tropper’s 2009 book, with the author handling screenwriting duties. It will focus around members of a dysfunctional family reuniting for their father’s funeral, so there’s ample opportunity for laughter and tears.
Tina Fey Sean O'Connell 2013-11-30
The Muppets Most Wanted Teaser: Tina Fey Tries On A Russian Accent, And Scooter Moves Like Jagger
Whether or not you're going to like The Muppets Most Wanted is decided in the first seconds of this new teaser trailer, which debuted at Disney's website. If Animal screaming "sequel!" makes you laugh, you are going to look forward to this movie. If not, well, what were you doing in your childhood, anyway
Tina Fey Katey Rich 2013-08-06
Timothy Olyphant And Ben Schwartz Join Tina Fey In This Is Where I Leave You
Schwartz is most recognizable for playing the always-outrageous Jean-Ralphio on the acclaimed sitcom, but will likely offer a more subdued comedy styling here. While a promising addition to this comedy ensemble, I'm most excited about Olyphant's inclusion.
Tina Fey Kristy Puchko 2013-04-03
Steve Carell And Tina Fey's Mail-Order Groom Gets Pushed Back
Date Night wasn't a great movie by any means, but Carell and Fey did make for a funny leading couple and had some really good chemistry. It's too bad that we'll have to wait a while before we see them on screen together again, but at least a delay is better than a cancellation.
Tina Fey Eric Eisenberg 2013-03-28
Tina Fey Asks Paul Rudd For A Role In Anchorman 2, And More On Admission
In the film, Rudd and Fey share such a dynamic comedic chemistry that it's shocking they haven't been teamed up before! And the witty back-and-forth I witnessed on screen played out in real life when the two participated in a round table interview, stuffed with eager interviewers, a few weeks back.
Tina Fey Kristy Puchko 2013-03-22
Nat Wolff Talks Tina Fey, Admission, And Bonding With A Baby Cow
It was murky day in New York City when Wolff walked into a roundtable interview packed to the gills with reporters, and he was all sunshine and easy charm. He chatted with the lot of us about playing a character far smarter than himself (or most people for that matter), working with a director he admired, a comedienne he idolized, and how his work on the movie has impacted his own college admissions process and eating habits.
Tina Fey Kristy Puchko 2013-03-20
Admission Director Paul Weitz: 'If Tina Fey Wasn't Up For It, There Was No Point In Doing It'
It seems insane that Tina Fey and Paul Rudd have never worked together on a film before, given how important each of them has been to pretty much all the good comedy that's come along in the last decade. At long last, in this Friday's Admission, Fey and Rudd team up in a classic rom-com conflict-- Fey as a Princeton admissions officer struggling to hold on to her controlled life in this rarefied world, and Rudd as the crunchy do-gooder who's aiming to shake her up even more
Tina Fey Katey Rich 2013-03-19
Steve Carell's Tina Fey Reunion Is Next, While Musical Doc Adaptation Dies Out
The comedian’s slate is a mixed bag of surefire hits, Oscar hopefuls and dead projects … like Of All the Things. A feature version of a musical documentary centered around songwriter and producer Dennis Lambert – who worked with the Four Tops and Dusty Springfield – has been unplugged after years of development.
Tina Fey Sean O'Connell 2013-03-18
Girls' Adam Driver Could Join Tina Fey In This Is Where I Leave You
Driver's been on the rise fast since Girls premiered. Beyond playing the show's polarizing hipster boyfriend, He's snagged roles in the critically acclaimed Noah Baumbach comedy Frances Ha, the Academy Award-winning Lincoln, and the Coen Bros upcoming 1960s-set biopic Inside Llewyn Davis. But as This Is Where I Leave You is a cast made up of comedy stars, it would be Driver's most mainstream showcase yet.
Tina Fey Kristy Puchko 2013-03-12
Tina Fey Joins Jason Bateman For This Is Where I Leave You
With 30 Rock’s absence from Thursday nights still fresh on the brain, it’s still difficult not to immediately associate Tina Fey with her Liz Lemon character. But her looming Hollywood takeover – starting with Paul Weitz’s Admission on March 22 - is looking to change that.
Tina Fey Nick Venable 2013-03-01
Tina Fey Says There's No Way She'd Ever Host The Oscars
While speaking with The Huffington Post as part of the promotional tour for her movie Admission, Fey immediately shot down the idea that she might be in contention to host next year’s Academy Awards. "I just feel like that gig is so hard,” she said.
Tina Fey Sean O'Connell 2013-02-26
Oscar Host Replacements: 5 People Who Should Be The Next Seth MacFarlane
As is usually the case around here, we already have an opinion as to whom we’d like to see on the stage hosting next year’s Academy Awards. We understand that the “body” has barely cooled, but if the Academy can secure a host soon, they’d have a calendar year to write jokes that are far better than the juvenile and insulting “We Saw Your Boobs.” So, who deserves the gig?
Tina Fey Sean O'Connell and Katey Rich 2013-02-26
Tina Fey To Star In The Nest, Pitch Perfect Director In Talks
Tina Fey's television commitment came to an end last week when 30 Rock, the show she created, produced, wrote and acted in for the last seven years, aired its series finale. While it was a sad time for fans, what they do have to look forward is a blossoming big screen career for the mulch-hyphenate. Not only does she have the new comedy Admission coming out soon, she is currently filming the upcoming Muppets sequel - The Muppets...Again! - in London. But that's not all!
Tina Fey Eric Eisenberg 2013-02-04
Tina Fey Teases Mean Girls Musical With Mariah Carey
As 30 Rock draws to a close, fans of consummate comedienne Tina Fey have been having a tough time. Working on our night cheese, lizzing over episodes old and new, and bitterly bellowing "blergh!" as the end approaches, we are nearly inconsolable. But last night at the SAG Awards Fey gave us new cause to rejoice: Mean Girls: The Musical.
Tina Fey Kristy Puchko 2013-01-28
Golden Globes Review: Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Leave Us Wanting More
A funny joke that was also a barb, but one that didn't alienate anybody in the room? Even Joaquin Phoenix almost laughed! Who knew that was even still possible? Fey and Poehler did, of course.
Tina Fey Katey Rich 2013-01-14
Play Tina Fey And Amy Poehler's Golden Globes Drinking Game
In the wake of this morning's shocking Oscar nomination announcements, many flabbergasted film lovers are ready for a drink. Thankfully, this weekend we can briefly forget the spotlight-hoarding Academy Awards, and focus on their less stern and oft-drunk cousin, The Golden Globes.
Tina Fey Kristy Puchko 2013-01-10
Tina Fey In Talks To Join The Muppets Sequel
Adding Tina Fey to just about anything makes it better – from the Golden Globes (which she’ll host alongside BFF Amy Poehler) to an episode of iCarley where she memorably played herself. Now she’s joining a project that we already were pretty geeked about, making a potential sequel that much more memorable
Tina Fey Sean O'Connell 2013-01-08
Will Seth MacFarlane Be A Better Awards Host Than Tina Fey And Amy Poehler?
It's a good year for people who like to see unexpected names take over awards show, now that Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has been tapped to host the Oscars, while at the Golden Globes old pals and funny ladies Amy Poehler and Tina Fey will be holding court. It gives a lot of reason to be excited about both shows in a way we wouldn't be otherwise
Tina Fey Katey Rich and Mack Rawden 2012-10-17
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