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Is Christopher Nolan's Interstellar About Climate Change?
But beyond that, we’ve been left little clues about what Nolan has planned for Interstellar. But with the sci-fi mystery now in production, Nolan’s secrets are beginning to spill!
christopher nolan Kristy Puchko 2013-08-30
Matt Damon Is Last-Minute Addition To Christopher Nolan's Interstellar
As with every single other person who has joined the cast, there's no details on which role Damon might play, and it's worth noting that there's no confirmation from a studio or personal reps in The Playlist's report, so it's entirely possible this won't happen.What's curious, though, is how Damon could possibly find room for a role in a film that clearly already has its main cast in place.
christopher nolan Katey Rich 2013-08-28
Legendary Pictures Trades Batman Vs. Superman For A Piece Of Christopher Nolan's Interstellar
Based on the work of CalTech physicist Kip Thorne (who is also working as a consultant on the film as well as an executive producer), the movie is about a group of explorers who discover a wormhole that could completely change the future of human space flight and interstellar travel.
christopher nolan Eric Eisenberg 2013-08-14
Christopher Nolan's Interstellar Starts Production
The casting derby has been completed, the very vague plot synopsis finalized, and the real work is finally ready to begin. Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, which is looking like the most ambitious original sci-fi project in a market that's full of them, has finally started production
christopher nolan Katey Rich 2013-08-13
Game Of Thrones Star Elyes Gabel Added To Christopher Nolan's Massive Interstellar Cast
Interstellar is due for release on November 7, 2014, which puts Nolan and his team on a pretty short timeline to assemble what sounds like a special effects-heavy effort, complete with Nolan's customary stunning IMAX photography. Feel free to place your bets on when we'll actually know what role any of these people are playing in the film
christopher nolan Katey Rich 2013-08-05
Christopher Nolan's Interstellar Is Complete Now That Wes Bentley Is On Board
Wes Bentley, still most famous for his monologue about that plastic bag in American Beauty, is lining up a significant enough stream of blockbusters that we might start remembering him for something else. Following up on his appearance as Seneca Crane in The Hunger Games last year, Bentley has now booked a role in Christopher Nolan's Interstellar; according to The Hollywood Reporter, he's the final member of the cast to get locked in place
christopher nolan Katey Rich 2013-07-26
Christopher Nolan's Interstellar Adds John Lithgow
Details about the story are slim at this point, but it's been said that the movie will follow a team of explorers who travel through a wormhole to another dimension. Jonathan Nolan, Christopher's brother, wrote the original screenplay, which Christopher rewrote and merged with pre-existing idea he had when he came aboard to direct.
christopher nolan Eric Eisenberg 2013-07-16
The Dark Knight Trilogy Collector's Blu-ray Release Confirmed
As you might guess, a bunch of extras are included with the set as well. There will be two brand-new featurettes, one of them about the impact of the trilogy and one of them, unbelievably, with Christopher Nolan and Superman director in conversation. Though you probably don't have to go far to find people who were influenced by The Dark Knight, the first featurette includes interviews with the likes of Guillermo del Toro
christopher nolan Katey Rich 2013-07-02
How Christopher Nolan's Batman Could Still Be Part Of Justice League
It's been clear since the final moments of The Dark Knight Rises that Bale's Bruce Wayne was done with Gotham and super heroics in general, and though Man of Steel made reference to Wayne Industries, it had no explicit ties to Nolan's version of the Dark Knight. Henry Cavill is a new Superman, so he was getting a new Batman in the future… right?
christopher nolan Katey Rich And Sean O'Connell 2013-07-02
Christopher Nolan's Interstellar Adds Character Actor Bill Irwin
Character actor Bill Irwin has built a long career of out strong supporting roles since making his first appearance back in 1980 (in Robert Altman's Popeye, no less). And it would seem that his years of work caught the eye of director Christopher Nolan, as the filmmaker has just cast the actor in his next film.
christopher nolan Eric Eisenberg 2013-06-07
Warner Bros. Traded Friday The 13th And South Park For A Part Of Christopher Nolan's Insterstellar
While Christopher Nolan, Jason Voorhees and Eric Cartman may seem like three disparate icons of pop culture, they all definitely have at least one thing in common: they’re cash cows. And while Regular Joes like you or me may never have to make a business decisions based around the director or the two fictional characters, Warner Bros. recently did - and they’re remaining firmly in Nolan’s camp.
christopher nolan Nick Venable 2013-06-05
Hans Zimmer Confirms He's Scoring Christopher Nolan's Interstellar
And even though the film isn’t set to be released for another year and a half, Zimmer announced to Collider that he will indeed be composing the film’s score. Take a few seconds to say, “I knew it!” while you pump your fist up and down.
christopher nolan Nick Venable 2013-06-03
Christopher Nolan Asked To Direct The Next James Bond Film
Most of us would say that Inception is the closest thing we'd ever see to a Christopher Nolan James Bond movie, but in fact the real deal might but happening too. The Daily Mail is reporting on "informal talks" between Nolan and Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson about Nolan taking over Bond 24.
christopher nolan Katey Rich 2013-05-17
Michael Caine To Reunite With Christopher Nolan On Interstellar
The director and the actor first paired up in 2005 when Caine played Alfred Pennyworth in Batman Begins. But not only did veteran character actor reprise that role in both Batman sequels, he also starred in Nolan's in-between movies, The Prestige and Inception. So it's completely without shock that we report the following news.
christopher nolan Eric Eisenberg 2013-05-03
Jessica Chastain In Talks For Christopher Nolan's Interstellar
ery little is known about the story and the site gives no information regarding how Chastain will fit into the plot, but what is known is that the film will deal with the science of wormholes and their potential use for time travel, as theorized by Caltech physicist Kip S. Thorne.
christopher nolan Eric Eisenberg 2013-05-02
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