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Interstellar: The Hilarious Low Tech Way They Made Anne Hathaway Float In Space
Ready that Oscar, because in Instellar, Anne Hathaway doesn't only do her own stunts, she also does her own practical effects. That includes "floating" in zero gravity. And you can see just how she did it in this video.
christopher nolan Kristy Puchko 2014-11-03
The Reason Why DC Waited Years To Try And Create A Universe
DC Comics and Warner Bros. has finally started to get their cinematic universe off the ground, but even so, there was a long time when nothing was being done on building a connective world with these iconic superheroes. Hereís the reason for the delay.
christopher nolan Adam Holmes 2014-10-31
Christopher Nolan Won't Be Working On DC Comics Movies Anymore, Here's Why
While Christopher and Jonathan Nolan spent years improving the stock of DC Comics characters up on the silver screen, it appears that their time making superhero-related movies has come to an end. The latter, who scripted both The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, has revealed in an interview that he and his brother are no longer affiliated with the growing DC Cinematic Universe.
christopher nolan Eric Eisenberg 2014-10-26
The Reason Interstellar Was Dumbed Down By Christopher Nolan
Thatís what weíre starting to expect out of Interstellar, which has been screening for select groups (and earning rave reviews). A heady trip to the farthest reaches of our galaxies that also appeals to the heart beating in each audience member.
christopher nolan Sean O'Connell 2014-10-23
Interstellar Apparently Is Great, Read The Over-The-Top Praise Here
With a press junket on tap for this coming weekend, and a few additional screenings in the pipeline, the movie is starting to show for select groupsÖ and word on the filmís impact is starting to leak across the Web.
christopher nolan Sean O'Connell 2014-10-21
The Reason Michael Keaton Has Never Seen Christopher Nolanís Batman Movies
Just because Keaton ushered in the modern superhero movie doesn't mean he feels beholden to it nowadays. In fact, he's never watched a one of Christopher Nolan's wildly popular Batman reboot trilogy.
christopher nolan Kristy Puchko 2014-10-08
Why Movie Theater Owners Are Pissed Off At Christopher Nolan
Chrisopher Nolan's Interstellar is probably one of the only films you'll be able to see on traditional 35mm film this entire year. Find out why this is a bit of a problem for theater exhibitors.
christopher nolan Mike Reyes 2014-10-03
10 WTF Things We Just Spotted In The Latest Interstellar Trailer
Considering his past track record, this is an impressive feat that shows us just how wrong we are when we think we can call all of Nolan's tricks from the off. Here now are 10 images from the latest Interstellar trailer that have us looking at the screen with the biggest "WTF" face we can muster.
christopher nolan Mike Reyes 2014-10-01
Here's How You Can See Interstellar Earlier Than Everybody Else
If you want to see Interstellar earlier than everyone else, you just might get your wish. However to do so will require a little bit of rocket science on your part, as we've noticed some interesting particulars involving this sneak peek.
christopher nolan Mike Reyes 2014-10-01
The Avengers 2 Trailer Could Be Attached To Interstellar
Ever since The Avengers: Age Of Ultron wrapped production in August, everyone's been wondering when we'd see our first public look at the finished product. We're dying to see a glimpse at the movie we'll be lining up to see next summer, and now it looks like we may know when that's going to happen.
christopher nolan Mike Reyes 2014-09-28
Interstellar Is Going To Be An Absurdly Long Movie
While Christopher Nolan's recent films tend to run a little on the long side for the average moviegoer, Interstellar is going to be his longest film yet. Prepare yourselves accordingly.
christopher nolan Mike Reyes 2014-09-25
This Addictive Interstellar Game Hints At What We'll See, Is Also Awesome
This interactive app takes players on a journey through solar systems that will be designed by fellow players, featuring realistic physics conceptualized by Kip Thorne, the filmís scientific advisor and noted theoretical physicist.
christopher nolan Sean O'Connell 2014-09-18
Matthew McConaughey Walks On Distant Planets For New Interstellar Poster
We still don't know a whole lot about what will happen in Christopher Nolan's upcoming sci-fi epic, Interstellar, but we do have a new poster featuring Matthew McConaughey to help fuel speculation.
christopher nolan Mike Bracken 2014-09-16
Matthew McConaughey Shows Off Amazing IMAX Footage In New Interstellar Spot
Matthew McConaughey plays Cooper, a one-time pilot and engineer whose unique skills arenít much help when our planetís food shortage runs dry. But when the government calls on Cooper for an expedition into the galaxies, he leaves his family behind for a wormhole-traveling adventure that might answer to the fate of humanity.
christopher nolan Sean O'Connell 2014-08-26
Frank Miller Hates Every Batman Movie, Refuses To Watch Any Of Them
Frank Miller is a comic book author known and admired for his deeply dark brand of visual storytelling, perhaps most recognized from the movie adaptations of his graphic novels Sin City and the upcoming Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. It turns out, Miller is outright hostile to movie adaptations of his characters that he himself didn't have a hand in helming, and that includes every single Batman movie. In fact, he hates them. Every. Single. One.
christopher nolan Kristy Puchko 2014-08-20
Interstellar: What We Know So Far About Christopher Nolan's Sci-Fi Movie
What do we actually know about Nolan's Interstellar movie so far? Who will star in it? How is it being filmed? We have answers.
christopher nolan Eric Eisenberg 2014-08-06
Quentin Tarantino, Chris Nolan & J.J. Abrams Save Film From Extinction
Digital filmmaking has overtaken analog, but there are some directors who refuse to let film stock die out. And so Hollywood studios are stepping in to lend support to Kodak in its time of crisis.
christopher nolan Kristy Puchko 2014-07-31
The Full Interstellar Trailer Is Flat Out Incredible And Has To Be Watched
This is the text you're reading in the time you could be watching the latest trailer for Interstellar. If you need another reason to click the link and watch this trailer, might we suggest Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey crying?
christopher nolan Mike Reyes 2014-07-30
Christopher Nolan Dazzles Hall H With A Breathtaking New Interstellar Trailer
The powerhouse duo surprised crowds by showing up unannounced at the tail end of the Paramount panel in Hall H. Matthew McConaughey took the stage first, following a new Interstellar clip that largely relied on old newsreels of politicians (like John F. Kennedy), physicists (Neil Degrasse Tyson was spotted) and former astronauts (such as Buzz Aldrin) talking about risk being ďthe price of progressĒ and how our community used to take such pride in moments of human accomplishment.
christopher nolan Sean O'Connell 2014-07-24
Christopher Nolan's 4 Bold Predictions For The Future Of Cinema
Nolan is expected to be at the forefront of the theatrical-presentation conversation when his sci-fi drama Interstellar reaches multiplexes in November. Ahead of that curve, the filmmaker took to the Wall Street Journal for a fascinating, sobering conversation about the state of modern cinema and the direction of the major studios.
christopher nolan Sean O'Connell 2014-07-09
Christopher Nolan's Interstellar Hides Clues In Latest, Stark Poster
Given that it comes to us from the brain behind Inception, anything is possible. By suggesting that mankind isnít supposed to die on earth, does this mean that Matthew McConaughey will be colonizing a new location, and that the denizens of our doomed planet are going to have to move there, somehow?
christopher nolan Sean O'Connell 2014-05-06
10 Incredible Things You Didn't Know About Christopher Nolan And His Movies
Christopher Nolan is without question one of the biggest directors in modern Hollywood. First breaking out at the turn of the century with Memento, the filmmaker has spent the last 14 years making epic, thought provoking movies on various scales and has earned both critical and box office love.
christopher nolan Eric Eisenberg 2014-03-27
Christopher Nolan's Interstellar Won't Follow Paramount's Digital Mandate
So Nolanís film will be released in November in both film and digital. We know that Nolan filmed chunks of his movie with IMAX cameras, but itís unlikely heíll allow any parts of his film to convert to 3D (though the idea of taking a trip through a wormhole in Nolanís film in 3D would sell millions of tickets).
christopher nolan Sean O'Connell 2014-01-28
Christopher Nolan Strapped An IMAX Camera To A Learjet For Interstellar's Aerial Sequences
Ever since The Dark Knight, director Christopher Nolan has been seen as a hardcore advocate of IMAX technology - particularly over the widespread use of 3D. Because of the filmmaker's prior usage of IMAX cameras on both The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, it was no surprise when it was announced that he would once again be using the larger format film making his latest project, the sci-fi epic Interstellar.
christopher nolan Eric Eisenberg 2013-11-18
Watch Christian Bale Audition For Batman Begins In Val Kilmer's Batsuit
Over the years we've seen many different actors put on the Batsuit and become Batman for a live-action feature, from Adam West to Michael Keaton to George Clooney, but few have done the classic comic book superhero justice quite like Christian Bale. Not only was his performance in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy considered by many to be the best on-screen portrayal of the character...
christopher nolan Eric Eisenberg 2013-09-23
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