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Ender's Game Clip Shows Harrison Ford And Asa Butterfield Discussing Authority And Armies
I haven't exactly been shy about expressing my observation that lot of the footage we've seen from the upcoming feature adaptation of Ender's Game has focused on the threat of alien invasion and the space war side of this story. So I'm especially excited to see the above clip from the film, which focuses on the lead character's training in Battle School.
ender's game Kelly West 2013-10-05
Ender's Game Gets An IMAX Poster And Some Cool Set Panoramas
If the trailers and TV spots for Ender's Game aren't selling you on the IMAX experience for this movie, perhaps this new poster will. The image shows the silhouetted figure of Ender Wiggin standing in front of a row of monitors while giant freaking lasers blast off in front of him.
ender's game Kelly West 2013-10-03
Latest Ender's Game Photos Showcase The Battle Room And Hailee Steinfeld
The promos for Ender's Game focus a lot on the alien war man is preparing to fight, but the photos for the feature adaptation of Orson Scott Card's novel tell a different story, as they place a higher emphasis on the preparation aspect of this story as opposed to the war. And while we're on the subject of emphasis, does anyone else notice there's an abundance of Petra in the promotional content lately?
ender's game Kelly West 2013-10-02
New Ender's Game TV Spot Focuses On Alien Invasion And War
A lot of what we've seen from the Ender's Game promotional content has focused on the threat of an alien war -- the latest TV spot included -- and given the backdrop of this futuristic story, that's not all that surprising. The cast -- which includes Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley and Asa Butterfield -- and the visual effects are two huge selling points for the film. But those who've read Orson Scott Card's novel know there's a bit more to this story than thrilling space battles and apocalyptic alien invasion imagery.
ender's game Kelly West 2013-09-26
Ender's Game Calendar Features New Stills And Details From The Movie
Those die-hard Ender's Game fans eager for the film to finally make its way into theaters may already be aware that the 2014 calendar for the film has recently become available for sale. The wall calendar includes a number of colorful images from the feature adaptation of Orson Scott Card's popular sci-fi novel.
ender's game Kelly West 2013-09-23
Ender's Game Propaganda Posters Emphasize Leadership And Destruction
Fall is upon us and in about a months and a half, the feature adaptation of Orson Scott Card's novel Ender's Game will arrive in theaters at long last. The latest two posters follow a series of propaganda-style marketing, all of which reminds us that "the next invasion is imminent." This first one takes a more explosive approac, showing a ship mid-destruction, set below the words "It's Us or Them."
ender's game Kelly West 2013-09-16
On The Set Of Ender's Game: Alien Worlds, Mind Games And Bringing Ender Wiggin To Life
It's likely a recurring childhood daydream to imagine that one day someone might show up and tell you that you're extraordinary and destined for great things. In literary form, this might involve some fantastical, fictional location where only the most gifted and special children get to go to achieve said greatness.
ender's game Kelly West 2013-08-28
Did The Ender's Game Trailer Recycle Disaster Effects From Knowing?
More controversy for Ender's Game? Ok, not really, as I don't think reusing disaster footage from a previous movie is particularly scandalous. Still, one Reddit user did manage to spot a glimpse of a familiar scene in the Summit film's recently released trailer. It looks like Summit dipped into at least one of its previous films to create the disaster footage that's revealed early on in the trailer.
ender's game Kelly West 2013-08-07
Ender's Game Trailer Sends Kids Into An Alien War
A day after the final poster for Ender's Game landed online and just under three months ahead of the film's arrival in theaters comes the final trailer for the feature adaptation of Orson Scott Card's beloved sci-fi novel. Fans in attendance of the Summit panel at Comic-Con got a glimpse of the footage revealed in the video
ender's game Kelly West 2013-08-06
Ender's Game Teaser Gets Fans Ready For Tuesday's Full Trailer
The latest clip – different from the first trailer – gives us comprehensive looks at the massive sci-fi worlds Hood has constructed from Orson Scott Card’s seminal novel. It establishes young Asa Butterfield (Hugo) as the chosen warrior meant to protect our planet from an extraterrestrial invasion.
ender's game Sean O'Connell 2013-08-05
Final Ender's Game Poster Has Asa Butterfield Suited Up
In the movie Hugo’s Asa Butterfield stars as Ender Wiggin, a boy who has an incredible task set upon his shoulders. Ender lives in a world that was forever changes 70 years earlier when aliens invaded. Preparing for a future attack, the government has created a special advanced military school where gifted children will be trained to become the soldiers the world needs. But as he advances in his training, it becomes clear Ender alone could be the savior of all mankind.
ender's game Kristy Puchko 2013-08-02
Ender's Game First Clip: Harrison Ford Welcomes You To Battle School
Though there were probably a ton of geeks psyched to get a look at Ender's Game during the film's Hall H panel at Comic-Con yesterday, but plenty of others-- OK, fine, all of them-- were dying to get a look at Harrison Ford in person. And while those of us stuck at home didn't get to see Ford scowl in the flesh, he's at least at the center of the film's first clip, which introduces us to the heroics of Mazer Rackham and treats us as if we're enrolling in Battle School right alongside Ender
ender's game Katey Rich 2013-07-19
Ender's Game Filmmakers Reveal How They Adapted The Mind Game And More
Ahead of the Ender's Game panel at Comic-Con today, I had the chance to sit down with director Gavin Hood and producer Roberto Orci to chat about the adaptation of Orson Scott Card's popular sci-fi novel. In addition to discussing the task of bringing Ender Wiggin to life for the adaptation, Orci and Hood spoke about the dark tone of the story, the violence and how they adapted the "mind" game that's played in the book.
ender's game Kelly West 2013-07-19
Exclusive: Ender's Game Director Explains How They'll Deal With Violence
The big-budget adaptation of Ender's Game is already running into its share of controversy, with the studio separating itself from the anti-gay views of the book's writer, Orson Scott Card. And while the road for a big-screen Ender's Game has undeniably been paved by The Hunger Games
ender's game Katey Rich and Kelly West 2013-07-18
Ender's Game Comic-Con Panel Live Blog
Summit is doubling up on futuristic adaptations with their SDCC panel this year, giving fans a look at both Ender's Game and Divergent. We're covering each film with a separate live blog. This is the live-blog for Ender's Game, which is based on a novel by Orson Scott Card and stars Asa Butterfield (Hugo) as Ender Wiggin, a gifted child who's recruited to attend a space-set Battle School where man is preparing other gifted children to fight in the anticipated war against an alien race called the Formics.
ender's game Kelly West 2013-07-18
Ender's Game Comic-Con Fan Experience Displays Futuristic Sets, Flash Suits, Weapons And More
Among the films featured at Comic-Con this year is Ender's Game, which is not only set to be featured in a panel, but is also on display through a walk through "fan experience," which offers a much more vivid preview of the film that's set to arrive in theaters this fall. After picking up my badge and getting some much needed sustenance after a day of traveling, I officially kicked off my 2013 Comic-Con experience by checking out HGTV and Summit's Ender's Game Fan experience.
ender's game Kelly West 2013-07-17
Operation Kino 123: Ghooooosts!
This week, as the world braces for Comic-Con, we talk about the boycott of Ender's Game and the outrage over author Orson Scott Card's views on gay rights. Does it mean anything to boycott a movie based on the views of the book's author? Will it accomplish anything? We also talk about Katey finally catching up on Game of Thrones, Da7e wonders if you have to believe in ghosts to be scared by ghost movies, we remember our fondest Comic-Con experiences, and we pick our favorite squirm-inducing moments of movie violence
ender's game Operation Kino 2013-07-17
Lionsgate Shows Support For LGBT Rights In Response To Ender's Game Author
ummit-Lionsgate seems to have distanced themselves from Card while promoting the film. For example, they they reference the best-selling book on the poster, but make no mention of Card's name. And it's also worth pointing out that he's not among the panelists promoting the film at Comic-Con next week. Today, Lionsgate Entertainment approached the subject more directly, issuing a statement about their take on Card's outspoken views...
ender's game Kelly West 2013-07-12
Carrie, Ender's Game And Orphan Black Suit Up For Comic-Con On EW's Bonus Covers
Comic-Con is nearly upon us, which means in about a week's time, we'll start to see first and new previews for some of TV and film's most anticipated projects, among which are Carrie,Ender's Game and Orphan Black, all three of which are featured front and center on the bonus covers for Entertainment Weekly's upcoming issue.
ender's game Kelly West 2013-07-10
Ender's Game Author Orson Scott Card Steps Back On His Anti-Gay Marriage Comments
You’ve probably noticed Card has been absent from the bulk of the Ender’s Game promotional material, and his narrow-minded views are the reason why. Of course, those views have nothing to do with the book or the upcoming movie, both of which are far more concerned with military and political subject matter.
ender's game Nick Venable 2013-07-09
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