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For Your Consideration: The Artist Is More Than Just A Simple Crowdpleaser
While The Artist is set in Hollywood's Golden Age and certainly revels in allusions to some of the era's masterworks, it hardly paints a glossy picture of its setting. Instead, Hollywood is portrayed as a fickle community that will celebrate its stars one moment and leave them in the gutter the next
for your consideration Kristy Puchko 2012-02-20
For Your Consideration: The Tree Of Life Is Too Messy For Best Picture
Maybe there really is nothing to get. Maybe all the critics who have so vehemently backed The Tree Of Life are simply assigning value to weirdness and deeper meaning to idiotic, pretentious ramblings. Maybe the careful and well-constructed core of this Best Picture nominee is not actually buoyed by its elongated natural backdrops but instead coated in layer after layer of supernova-scented shit
for your consideration Mack Rawden 2012-02-19
For Your Consideration: As A True Love Letter To Cinema, Hugo Should Be King
While James Cameron may be the most prominent name when it comes to 3D filmmaking today, with Hugo it was Martin Scorsese who truly explored the potential of the new technology, but more importantly used it to make a statement about the art. By filming The Artist in the classic non-widescreen ratio and without color, Hazanavicius made homage to what things used to be like and itís a nice gimmick, but, conversely, Scorsese actually used 3D...
for your consideration Eric Eisenberg 2012-02-17
For Your Consideration: Why Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close Deserves Best Picture
The emotions earned by EL&IC are so honest, so genuine, that nitpicking them seems inconsequential. It was never about the key that Oskar found in his fatherís closet. It was about closure, and Bullockís mother found it in her troubled son
for your consideration Sean O'Connell 2012-02-16
For Your Consideration: The Help Is Heritage Not Defined By Hate
"It's heritage, not hate." That argument doesn't really apply to The Help, which few can argue as actual hate speech, but I come back to it again in the movie's defense, trying to explain how you can be nostalgic for a period of history that's ugly and unflattering, how the intersection of white and black lives can be both fraught and sometimes terrible, but also more complicated than is easy to remember
for your consideration Katey Rich 2012-02-14
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