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Iron Man 3 Director To Revive The Remo Williams Series
The nostalgia wave has finally caught up with Remo Williams, and his adventures look to be beginning all over again. The literary and one time silver screen hero is going to be coming back into our lives, and with Shane Black at the helm to guide him.
iron man Mike Reyes 2014-08-21
Josh Brolin Calls Out Robert Downey Jr., Wants Thanos To Crush Iron Man
Josh Brolin conducted an AMA this morning, which is chock full of fun and witty comments from the man himself. Yet buried in that wit and warmth is a challenge for one of Earth's mightiest heroes. Folks, it looks like the man of iron is going to face the mad titan, all for our own amusement!
iron man Mike Reyes 2014-08-21
See Every Marvel Studios Easter Egg In One Video
Above is a neat-o little video regarding the history of the onscreen Marvel universe, and the various nods and Easter Eggs regarding each film thus far - from the studio's first (Iron Man) to its tenth, this weekend's Guardians Of The Galaxy. Well, technically its eighth, since it stops before Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which doesn't hit Blu-ray/ DVD until September 9th.
iron man Gabe Toro 2014-07-31
Iron Man Just Got A Full Makeover Too
The fine people over at Marvel have gotten their magic wands out and changed quite a bit about the their most beloved characters over the past few days. Moving forward in the comic world, Sam Wilson, better known as The Falcon, will be taking over for Captain America, and Thor’s mantle will pass to a woman. As such, many fans expected a huge alteration for Iron Man
iron man Mack Rawden 2014-07-17
The Military Is Making Real Iron Man Suits With The Help Of Hollywood
Watching just about any Iron Man movie might get you thinking how sweet it would be to have a Iron Man suit to call your very own. Well, the US military agrees, and is currently in the works on turning this superhero science fiction into a reality. And they are calling on Hollywood to help.
iron man Kristy Puchko 2014-07-08
Can You Name These 20 Marvel Supporting Characters?
Thanks to some unbridled critical and box office success, practically everyone in the world knows the big stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Captain America (and the actors who play them) are all not only true blue household names, and the same can be said for their females leads and villains. But what about the supporting players of the big screen comic book world?
iron man Eric Eisenberg 2014-06-30
Jon Favreau Reveals His Thoughts On Edgar Wright's Ant-Man Departure
Following the parting of ways between Edgar Wright and Marvel Studios over the upcoming comic book movie Ant-Man, it was Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn of all people who stepped out into the spotlight and really said all the right things to try and calm irate fans down.
iron man Eric Eisenberg 2014-06-27
6 Marvel-ous Things We Learned From Clark Gregg's AMA
Question: what happens when the Internet is given free reign to ask Clark Gregg anything they want? Answer: Pretty much everything you'd expect, but much more fun.
iron man Mike Reyes 2014-06-05
Jon Favreau Details His Fight With Marvel Studios To Cast Robert Downey Jr. As Iron Man
While Robert Downey Jr. is now easily one of the most beloved movie stars in the world, prior to taking on the role of Tony Stark in 2008's Iron Man the actor had a very different public image. Despite years and years of putting on fantastic performances in great films, the star was much better known for his drug and alcohol habits and as a result was considered by many in the studio system to be an extreme risk.
iron man Eric Eisenberg 2014-06-03
The 5 Coolest Superhero Costume Upgrades
We have taken a long look back at the history of comic book movies and have determined the five best superhero costume upgrades we’ve seen within single franchises. Read on to see which designs made the cut!
iron man Eric Eisenberg 2014-04-29
Robert Downey Jr. Suggests Marvel Will Seek Younger Replacements In Recasting Parts
It’s kind of surprising, and maybe a little dispiriting, to see one of the top moneymakers in Hollywood essentially refer to himself as a product that can be switched out so easily. But that’s how the Marvel machine works, as Edward Norton and Terrence Howard would happily tell you.
iron man Gabe Toro 2014-03-26
Marvel's Mandarin One-Shot May Lead Into Iron Man 4
I’m guessing Marvel wants The Mandarin in play if RDJ agrees to staying in the suit. Or maybe they’re willing to recast Tony Stark down the line, and are keeping options open.
iron man Sean O'Connell 2014-01-09
Terrence Howard Says Robert Downey Jr. Took His Iron Man 2 Contract Money
Now, we all know that Downey is paid extremely handsomely to play Iron Man, and that Marvel is notorious for playing crazy hardball with pretty much all of its other actors, and it's completely believable that Howard's departure happened the exact way he said it happened on Bravo last night
iron man Katey Rich 2013-11-15
Avengers Assemble For Patriotic Propaganda Posters
Are you ready to assemble with Marvel’s The Avengers? Graphic artist Adam Levermore is. He went ahead and created a series of patriotic, WWII-inspired “recruitment” one-sheets for each of the main Avengers heroes, from Captain America to Thor and Iron Man.
iron man Sean O'Connell 2013-10-30
Iron Man 3 Headed To Blu-ray And DVD In September, Will Get Early Digital Release
Walt Disney Home Entertainment announced the release on Friday, noting that 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD copies will hit shelves on September 24. However, fans who are just interested in catching Tony Stark on his latest adventure and through some marital spats with Pepper Potts will be able to do so early if they purchase a digital copy of the film. Digital copies will be available through various outlets beginning on September 3.
iron man Jessica Rawden 2013-06-28
Robert Downey Jr. Has Officially Signed On For The Avengers 2 & 3
Robert Downey Jr. has committed to play Tony "Iron Man" Stark for two more feature films, specifically The Avengers 2 and The Avengers 3. What's not mentioned in Marvel's press release—and is sure to be a matter of speculation until someone fesses up—is just how much Downey commanded to step back into that cumbersome suit.
iron man Kristy Puchko 2013-06-20
Watch Iron Man In 60 Seconds As An 8-Bit Video Game
You know what the real problem is with 8-bit videos like this? They always make me wish that the "game" were something that I could actually purchase and play. There are instances where enough people are inspired that the game actually does becomes a reality, but in the case of the Iron Man game you see above I think we'll also just have to be satisfied with the idea.
iron man Eric Eisenberg 2013-05-24
Iron Man 4: Why It Won't Happen
There’s no way that they’d willingly kill off the stream of success by ending the Iron Man franchise, especially while Robert Downey Jr. is still willing to get back into the suit for further adventures. Iron Man 4 is a lock...Or is it?
iron man Sean O'Connell 2013-05-03
Tony Stark's Best One-Liners: The Iron Man Supercut
Who knew that superheroes could be really, really funny? Sure, it seems totally plausible now, in this post-Avengers world, but when Iron Man emerged in 2008-- the same summer that Batman went darker than ever in The Dark Knight-- Tony Stark and his endless arsenal of quips seemed like a revelation. By casting the quick-witted Robert Downey Jr. and giving him a lot of good lines, Marvel created the energetic superhero that we didn't really even know we needed
iron man Cinema Blend 2013-05-01
Iron Man Wages War On Deadly Helicopters In MTV's Exclusive Clip
While we don’t notice Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow) as the helicopters are waging war on Iron Man’s California headquarters, we do see Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) trying to get yet another prototype armor up and running, mustering just enough power to launch a vehicle at a threatening chopper. It looks as bad ass as it sounds.
iron man Sean O'Connell 2013-04-14
Dress In Style For Iron Man 3 With These Awesome T-Shirt Designs
Threadless, the online T-shirt website, has opened up a new collection that celebrates all things Iron Man just in time for the new movie. There are 22 designs in total, all priced at $23.50 before tax and shipping, and there are some pretty badass designs on display from some really cool artists.
iron man Eric Eisenberg 2013-04-10
Iron Man 3 Parade Of Armor Continues With The Red Snapper
The photo of the new armor was shared on Facebook, where we learn that the Mark 35 suit is actually used by Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) as a “Disaster Rescue Suit” … which probably means that he has to use it often. I mean, you saw the latest trailers, right? His entire Malibu mansion gets blasted off its California perch.
iron man Sean O'Connell 2013-03-28
Joss Whedon's Reaction To Iron Man 3 Might Surprise You
That’s Whedon’s self-deprecating humor, putting more pressure on himself to live up to not only Iron Man 3 (and the standalone Thor and Captain America sequels) but also the explosive finale of his own record-breaking Avengers, which raised the bar on the modern superhero blockbuster.
iron man Sean O'Connell 2013-03-19
Terrence Howard Left Iron Man 2 Because They Would Only Pay Him $1 Million
Howard claims Cheadle was always the studio's first choice, so when it came time to cast Iron Man 2, they basically offered Howard a deal he could refuse. Paid $4.5 million for the first film, his contract suggested he'd get $8 for a sequel. However, he explains, “The second time, [the studio] said, 'We think the movie will be successful with or without you. So, instead of the $8m that we said we were gonna' pay you, we're going to let you come back for a million dollars.'"
iron man Kristy Puchko 2013-03-18
Iron Man 3 Will Leave The Door Open For More Sequels With Robert Downey Jr
Iron Man is not going to die in the next movie. Not only will he appear in Avengers 2, he’ll emerge from the final credits and give Robert Downey Jr the opportunity to trot him out once, twice or several times more. Then again, if RDJ decides he’s got more than enough money in the bank and there are better opportunities elsewhere, the series can end here and now without any awkwardness.
iron man Mack Rawden 2013-03-05
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