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This Is 40 Trailer Tackles Aging, Apatow Style
Described as the “sort-of sequel to Knocked Up,” the movie features the sort-of happily married couple Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann played in that comedy, only they are approaching the Big 4-0 and re-evaluating all of the decisions they made over the course of their relationship.
paul rudd Sean O'Connell 2012-04-27
Anchorman 2 Is Happening, Will Ferrell To Star
Grab your dog and a glass of Scotch, and toast to this classy bit of news. Nearly eight years after Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy hit theaters comes word that anchorman Ron Burgundy will return to the big screen for a sequel.
paul rudd Kelly West 2012-03-28
Paul Rudd May Join Tina Fey In Admission, Instead Of Owen Wilson
The plot description as provided by the Times reads a little differently, revealing that Rudd's character would be someone Fey knew in high school but never got to know, and that Rudd has been thinking about her all this time. That sounds even more complicated than the initial love triangle we learned about, but also way more fun to watch
paul rudd Katey Rich 2012-03-14
Paul Giamatti, Paul Rudd and Sally Hawkins Team Up For Lucky Dog
This will mark the first time this pair of Pauls have shared the screen, and it's sure to be dynamic as each has shown to be a great comedic curmudgeon, Giamatti in Cold Souls and Rudd in Role Models. With Hawkins and her inherently charming personality on board, I can't help but wonder if the plot might spin in romantic direction not unlike the gigolo comedy Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, wherein the two con artists fall for the same woman, and a hilarious rivalry ensues.
paul rudd Kristy Puchko 2012-02-09
Wet Hot American Summer Sequel Confirmed By Michael Showalter
This all went down last night on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, where Wet Hot writer Michael Showalter, responding to a Twitter inquiry about a sequel, answered in the positive. “Absolutely, yes,” he said. “One hundred percent yes. The whole gang — everyone is back. We’re doing it.”
paul rudd Sean O'Connell 2012-02-09
First Look At Judd Apatow's Knocked Up Spin-Off This Is 40
The spin-off of Judd Apatow's smash hit Knocked Up has not only secured an awards friendly December 21, 2012 release date but also has us eagerly anticipating the chance to catch up with the lovable characters a few years down the line. Here's our first look at Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann and the Apatow offspring in This is Forty.
paul rudd Jesse Carp 2012-01-16
Owen Wilson, Kristen Wiig And Christopher Walken May Join Errol Morris' Cryogenics Comedy
Freezing People is Easy is based on two sources: a memoir by Robert Nelson called We Froze the First Man and an episode of Ira Glass' popular radio show This American Life (Glass is also a producer on the movie). Both center on Nelson, a TV repairman who, back in the '60s, managed to stumble his way into being one of the preeminent people in the field of cryogenics/cryonics.
paul rudd David Wharton 2012-01-04
Wanderlust Trailer: Funny People, Funny Jokes, And Goat Milking
Sometimes I'll write up a trailer and say that it seems funny, despite the fact that it never actually made me laugh. That's just what happens when you're working home alone-- it's hard for something to be so funny that it actually makes you laugh out loud. But Wanderlust, the trailer for David Wain's new comedy that debuted today at Yahoo! Movies, actually got a solid guffaw out of me more than once
paul rudd Katey Rich 2011-11-03
Paul Rudd's Best Role: I Love You Man
When we first meet Peter he’s with his girlfriend, Zooey, played by the lovely Rashida Jones, and talking about all of his very specific future plans, which ends in him getting on one knee and proposing. All of this seems to set him up as the straight man that Jason Segel’s wild Sydney Fife can play off of, but what makes Rudd’s turn so excellent is how his character develops
paul rudd Eric Eisenberg 2011-08-26
See The Our Idiot Brother Trailer That Was Too Raunchy For ABC
As for the banned commercial thing, this seems more like a Weinstein Company publicity stunt than any kind of free speech issue, though it's always annoying to see the major networks constantly living in fear of the angry people who will call them and say they're bringing down society's morals
paul rudd Katey Rich 2011-08-26
Paul Rudd's Best Role: Knocked Up
There are so many great lines and moments packed into the relatively small number of scenes that Rudd's Pete actually has in the film-- which, unbelievably, is like ten, tops. From asking a constipated Debbie if she wants to have sex or the hilariously defeated and deadpan way he admits that he'll never care as much about anything as his girls care about bubbles
paul rudd Jesse Carp 2011-08-25
Paul Rudd's Best Role: The 40-Year-Old Virgin
As an audience, we actually root for David to get his shit together.  Whether he’s playing “You Know How I Know You’re Gay” or wearing t-shirts emblazoned with his own face, he comes off like a guy we’d all like to hang out with eighty percent of the time.  No one who saw 40 Year Old Virgin wondered why his buddies put up with his melodrama because the evidence is right there
paul rudd Mack Rawden 2011-08-24
Paul Rudd's Best Role: The Shape Of Things
In the early 00s Paul Rudd was perched somewhere between absurdist comedy and bland rom-com lead. Clueless put him on the map, and he slowly stole scenes in films like 200 Cigarettes and Summer. But it was Neil LaBute’s 2003 adaptation of his own play The Shape of Things that made most people sit up and notice that Rudd wasn’t just made up of awkward pauses and affable shrugs
paul rudd Sean O'Connell 2011-08-23
Paul Rudd's Best Role: Wet Hot American Summer
Fresh off a breakout role in Clueless and a turn playing Jennifer Aniston's crush in The Object of My Affection, in 1999 Paul Rudd had the option of cruising through a career as an easy-on-the-eyes rom-com star. And while plenty of those roles were yet to come, Paul Rudd the comedy superstar never would have existed without Wet Hot American Summer
paul rudd Katey Rich 2011-08-22
Video: Paul Rudd Has A Lot Of Terrible Ideas For Marketing Our Idiot Brother
He's obviously in some version of his titular idiot character from the movie, but some part of me wants to believe Rudd is this cheerful, and slightly clueless, in real life. At least we have no trouble that Harvey Weinstein is actually this cranky
paul rudd Katey Rich 2011-08-10
Paul Rudd Gets Busted In The First Clip From Our Idiot Brother
One thing that makes Paul Rudd so much fun to watch is that he has the ability to play both the straight man and the funny man from project to project. He has the capacity to go from playing pot-smoking surf teacher Kunu/Chuck in Forgetting Sarah Marshall to straight-laced Peter Klaven in I Love You, Man and have nobody in the audience see a problem with it (on that note, Jason Segel is pretty talented in that department as well).
paul rudd Eric Eisenberg 2011-07-29
Paul Rudd To Freeze A Man With Errol Morris
Back in 2008 there was a story on the NPR program "This American Life" about a man named Bob Nelson. A strange sort of fellow with an ordinary name, Nelson was formally a TV repairman who one day found an advertisement about a cryogenics society. Curious about the technology, he drove to a meeting, walked through the door and left as the society's president despite knowing practically nothing about cryonics.
paul rudd Eric Eisenberg 2011-07-12
Paul Rudd's New Our Idiot Brother Trailer Makes A Case For Legalizing Pot
In the film Paul Rudd plays a harmless, lovable, stoner whose insistence on kindness, honesty, and thinking the best of everyone lands him in jail for possession. He gets out and ends up going to live with his sisters, all of whom are endlessly frustrated by his kindhearted ways.
paul rudd Josh Tyler 2011-06-14
First Poster For Our Idiot Brother
Moviefone has posted the first poster for the film and while it's a fairly simple design, it's quite effective. A pointillist design, the one-sheet looks like it could have been torn out of the back pages of an old comic book, and there, in the middle of a yellow stamp, is our wonderfully idiotic protagonist. I can't wait until this movie finally arrives on August 26.
paul rudd Eric Eisenberg 2011-06-10
Our Idiot Brother Trailer: Paul Rudd And His Righteous Long Hair Go On The Road
The supporting cast is undeniable-- Rashida Jones, Emily Mortimer, Elizabeth Banks, Kathryn Hahn and Hugh Dancy all find their way in there-- but the reason we're all dying to see it, of course, is Paul Rudd, with his mane of matted hair and terrible tank tops and all
paul rudd Katey Rich 2011-04-25
Albert Brooks May Play Paul Rudd's Father In The Knocked Up Spin-Off
Like many of you, I was none to pleased to hear this morning that Megan Fox is in talks to join the cast of Judd Apatow's untitled Knocked Up spin-off (in this writer's opinion, there's a pretty solid reason why her last couple films were flops at the box office). Hopefully some of you will be pleased by this new bit of casting, though.
paul rudd Eric Eisenberg 2011-03-16
Megan Fox In Talks For Judd Apatow's Knocked-Up Spin-Off
If this comes to fruition, it’ll be nice to see Megan Fox play a character that’s more human than sex symbol. I don’t expect her to age as well as Helen Mirren, so implementing a little more realism into her work might be the right call.
paul rudd Mack Rawden 2011-03-16
Watch Jason Segel And Paul Rudd Re-Unite For An I Love You, Man Mini-Sequel
When it comes to so-called "bromance" comedies, the formula only works when you have two leads with great chemistry. Few films in
paul rudd Eric Eisenberg 2011-01-31
Apatow's Next Movie Is About Paul Rudd And Leslie Mann's Characters From Knocked Up
Think The Cleveland Show with less talking bears or Get Him To The Greek with less P. Diddy. Expect the two main characters
paul rudd Mack Rawden 2011-01-06
Check Out Paul Rudd's Magnificent, Awful Beard In My Idiot Brother Photos
See the normally handsome Rudd in all his bearded, tank-top-wearing, mirrored-shades-sporting glory. It's really a sight to behold, and no, it's not in danger of ruining my lifelong crush on Rudd
paul rudd Katey Rich 2010-12-27
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