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Sundance Video Blog #3: Celeste And Jesse, The Raid, And A Huge Blizzard
Saturday was hands-down the worst weather I'd ever seen in Park City. The day started off with heavy snow and pretty much never let up, which made every single shuttle bus-- the crucial link to getting anywhere in town-- slow to a crawl, and walking down even the slightest incline a major challenge
sundance 2012 Katey Rich 2012-01-23
Spike Lee Brings Brooklyn To Sundance In Shaggy But Powerful Red Hook Summer
Stalking up onstage with the microphone in hand Lee had something of a preacher about him, which he may have picked up making Red Hook Summer, which is an odd combination of coming-of-age story and deeply emotional examination of the role of the church and God in the black community
sundance 2012 Katey Rich 2012-01-23
Sundance Sneak Peek: Richard Gere Dominates In Two Arbitrage Clips
Following the Saturday night world premiere of writer-director Nicholas Jarecki's Arbitrage, Richard Gere is garnering major buzz for his role as an amoral hedge fund trader. The thriller, which co-stars Tim Roth and Susan Sarandon, centers on Robert Miller (Gere), an American man who is in many ways a symbol of American patriarchy
sundance 2012 Kristy Puchko 2012-01-23
The Words, Black Rock Among The First Sundance Acquisitions
The festival's first pickup happened when things had barely begun, when Sony Pictures Classics picked up the documentary Searching for Sugar Man, which screened for the press on Thursday night. The story of "the greatest 70s U.S. rock icon who never was"
sundance 2012 Katey Rich 2012-01-23
Sundance Sneak Peek: Mike Birbiglia's Sleepwalk With Me Clip
Produced in part by This American Life host Ira Glass, Sleepwalk with Me lays bare many of Birbiglia's biggest issues, namely his fear of marriage and his sometimes dangerous habit of sleepwalking. Avid listeners to This American Life are well versed in both, as Birbiglia is a recurring contributor to the weekly radio show/podcast that explores in detail various aspects of modern American life.
sundance 2012 Kristy Puchko 2012-01-23
Sundance Review: Celeste And Jesse Forever Is A Low-Key Charmer
Celeste & Jesse Forever's meandering story means it feels a bit longer than its lean 89 minutes, but there's enough good stuff in there to be worth it, from Jones and McCormack's sharp comic writing to brief but memorable supporting turns from Emma Roberts (as a tarted-up pop star) and Elijah Wood as Celeste's gay coworker
sundance 2012 Katey Rich 2012-01-21
Sundance Reviews: Beasts Of The Southern Wild And Hello I Must Be Going
Below you can watch a video blog that Matt Patches and I recorded on a Park City shuttle bus last night, going over the first two movies we saw yesterday-- Hello I Must Be Going and Beasts of the Southern Wild. They're almost nothing alike, but sometimes that's the luck of the festival draw
sundance 2012 Katey Rich 2012-01-21
Sundance Video Blog #1: Wish You Were Here Reviewed And Kicking Off The Fest
Wish You Were Here, which stars Aussie breakouts like Joel Edgerton and Teresa Palmer, is another modern noir-ish thriller from the same collective of filmmakers who brought you Animal Kingdom and The Square. It's the first feature from Kieran Darcy-Smith, but the film's most impressive accomplishment is probably by Felicity Price
sundance 2012 Katey Rich 2012-01-20
Sundance 2012 Preview: 5 Returning Successes To Watch
It's possible to arrive at Sundance a complete newcomer, but not likely; much more common is the actor/writer/director/producer who had a hit at another festival or even at Sundance, establishing a track record that makes their latest film a must-see. And this year marks the return of a lot of people who have had very recent successes at Sundance, prize winners or breakout stars now returning to the festival
sundance 2012 Katey Rich 2012-01-18
That's What She Said Trailer With Anne Heche Screams Sex... Literally
Set in Manhattan, the sophomore directorial effort of redheaded character actress Carrie Preston, best-known as Arlene on True Blood, centers on three single women who bond over their romantic failures and sexual misadventures.
sundance 2012 Kristy Puchko 2012-01-13
Parker Posey To Host Sundance Awards, Jury Members Announced
While you can waste a lot of time trying to seek celebrities at parties and restaurants, you can almost be guaranteed to see some of them in a very simple way: going to the movies. Every year various luminaries are brought in to serve as juries for the six competition categories
sundance 2012 Katey Rich 2012-01-10
Sundance Premieres Include Films From Stephen Frears, Spike Lee And Many More
It feels like 2011 Sundance Film Festival was just yesterday, but in a little over a month it will be time for one of the biggest independent movie festivals in the world to reopen its doors and introduce the world to a whole new group of films and filmmakers. Just last week the list of in-competition films was announced and it was peppered largely with directors and projects that have flew under the radar for the most part. Such is not the case in the list of premieres.
sundance 2012 Eric Eisenberg 2011-12-05
10 Sundance 2012 Titles We Can't Wait To See
It's always easy in hindsight to predict which Sundance titles were never going to find an audience. But when you're picking out tickets and lining up at the Eccles, or even before then, when you're building your schedule? Totally impossible. And yet, I"m going to try and do it anyway, sifting through the recently announced competition titles-- which, mind you, nobody beyond the filmmakers and Sundance programmers has seen
sundance 2012 Katey Rich 2011-12-01
Sundance 2012 Competition Slate Announced
It feels like just yesterday that the Toronto International Film Festival was on and showing some of the best movies that 2011 has to offer, but as the year draws to a close, we have to start getting ready for the calendar to be turned over. And you know what that means: the Sundance Film Festival is almost here. Scheduled to open on January 19, 2012 and run through January 29, the Robert Redford-created event is one of the best showcases of independent film in the world
sundance 2012 Eric Eisenberg 2011-11-30
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