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The Fear Monger: WolfCop 2 Is Coming And The Halloween Franchise Is Getting A Blu-ray Box Set
Good day, invokers of all things ectoplasmic. It’s Memorial Day weekend, so while you’re honoring the brave men and women who keep our country safe, cozy up with some military-themed horror, like Jacob’s Ladder or Deathwatch, or something with Nazi zombies if that’s more your taste.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-05-25
The Fear Monger: ABCs Of Death 2, Stephen King And Lars Von Trier Made Our Week
We’ve only last year seen a second theatrical iteration of a Stephen King novel, with more remakes on the way, and wouldn’t you know it, his upcoming thriller novel Mr. Mercedes has already been snatched up by Media Rights Capital and the Twilight producers at Temple Hill
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-05-18
The Fear Monger: The Stand, The Maniac Cop Remake And Krampus Sign Big Names
While the Maniac Cop reboot route is unfortunate, there is a huge silver lining in comics mastermind and Captain America: The Winter Soldier screenwriter Ed Brubaker taking on scripting duties for the flick.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-05-11
The Fear Monger: More Michael Myers, More Hell House And More V/H/S
It’s been five years since Rob Zombie underwhelmed the majority of audiences with his second trip into the world of Michael Myers with Halloween 2, and The Weinstein Company apparently feels enough time has passed before moving forward with the next installment in the franchise, Halloween 3D,
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-05-04
The Fear Monger: Zombie Fight Club, [REC] 4, And Catacomb Thriller As Above, So Below Drop Trailers
Good day, crafters of all things abyss-filled. This weekend saw the wide release of John Pogue’s The Quiet Ones, the latest return to form from iconic horror studio Hammer Films, and while the movie was an exercise in style over substance – especially Jared Harris’ overly dramatized version of substance – it’s hard to rail against big-screen horror in any form.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-04-27
The Fear Monger: Cabin Fever Gets A Remake, Sinister 2 Gets A Director, And Wolves Fight Mutants
One of the latest films to get the arguably unnecessary update is Eli Roth’s 2002 gross-out horror comedy Cabin Fever, which BloodyDisgusting reports is in the cards thanks to Indomina Releasing. Evolution Entertainment, who is best known for the first three Saw films and James Wan’s thrillers Dead Silence and Death Sentence, is on board to produce.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-04-19
The Fear Monger: Ryan Reynolds Is Insane, And The Chupacabra Is Hungry
High-profile horror comedies are more prevalent now than ever, and Persepolis co-director Marjane Satrapi’s The Voices sounds like it could be one of the best, or at least the strangest. If nothing else, the most Ryan Reynolds-iest.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-04-13
The Fear Monger: Jesus Destroys Zombies, Keanu Reeves Teams With Eli Roth, And Pumpkinhead Gets A Remake
Having written for this site for a while, I recognize that I use some phrases more often than I’d probably like to, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never referred to something as “slapstick religious splatter” or “the greatest short film that will ever exist.” And that’s because we’ve never talked about the superb comedic gorefest Fist of Jesus.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-04-06
The Fear Monger: Phantasm V Exists, Tucker & Dale 2 Soon Will, But Blair Witch 3 Won't
Good day, throttlers of all things pulsing. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood as we head towards that most important of all holidays, April Fool’s Day. Fred Walton’s April Fool’s Day is almost required viewing as you stuff peanut cans with spring-filled snakes and inundate Twitter with fake Marvel casting rumors.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-03-29
The Fear Monger: WolfCop Attacks, Amityville Finds A Director, And The Signal Will Hypnotize You
I suppose we’re all sitting on the edge of our seats, waiting to see which studio or indie filmmaker (or Syfy, elder gods willing) will be the first to bring Malaysian flight 370 to theaters in a horror film. Will it be aliens? Will it be ghostly hijacking? Perhaps a genre twist on a Non-Stop sequel?
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-03-23
The Fear Monger: The Changeling Remake, Claymation Haunted Houses And German Samurai Attack This Week
Our genre is generally free from rumors, and also free from budgets and mainstream attention, so I guess there’s a tradeoff. That said, this week actually has a couple of premature news items of note, so I guess these times, they are a-changin’. Or whatever.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-03-16
The Fear Monger: Leatherface In 4K, A Horror Musical With Meat Loaf, And A Freaky New Oculus Trailer
We already knew that MPI/Dark Sky Films and Tobe Hooper were celebrating the 40th anniversary of his seminal 1974 classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre by debuting a restored version of the film at this year’s SXSW on Monday, followed by a limited theatrical run. But we weren’t quite sure just how big a restoration project this was until now.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-03-09
The Fear Monger: M. Night Syamalan's Micro Horror, Turkish Boogeymen And Zombeavers' Oscar Campaign
Shyamalan hasn’t given away too much on the plot, unsurprisingly, but he announced a crew who previously worked on Darren Aronofsky’s Oscar-nominated movies: The Wrestler cinematographer Maryse Alberti, Black Swan production designer Therese DePerez and costumer Amy Westcott, who worked on both of those films.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-03-03
The Fear Monger: New Projects From Eli Roth And Creator Of The Walking Dead
Creator of the often stellar comic that inspired AMC’s The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman extends his creative reach into cinema, as he’ll produce the upcoming thriller Air for Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-02-24
The Fear Monger: Beware Jason Momoa's Tattooed Werewolf, Killer Twins And Murderous Sculptures
Welcome, vexers of all things virtuous. Hope your Valentine’s Day went swell, and that you aren’t swelling from all the fun. Those allergic to flowers, chocolates and love don’t always fare well on that day, and most of the people we’ll be talking about here also don’t fare well. No one ever wins it all in horror movies. But fans get to reap all the benefits.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-02-16
The Fear Monger: Zombeavers! Killer Mimes! Martin Sheen In A Horror Movie!
Some movies, like Zombeavers, need nothing more than a ridiculously simple and solid hook: beavers that come back from the dead to murder the shit out of a group of people looking for a good time…in a cabin.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-02-09
The Fear Monger: Vampire Leprechauns And Competing Serial Killers
If you’re looking for more fantastical creatures than Scandinavian werewolves, you can find some vampires in today’s feature. As well, there is a pair of violent Asians and vintage practical effects gore. Just like your last birthday party. Now blow out the candles after wishing the following story didn’t exist.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-02-02
The Fear Monger: Bloody Nazi Zombies, Boogeymen And A Cursed Antique Find Distribution This Week
Happy weekend, wilters of all that is unwilling. Can you guys believe that they’re officially changing the name of the Razzies into the I, Frankensteins? Maybe that was just a rumor though. The genre has been alive and well at Sundance, with loads of films seeing good reviews and distributor deals. (Spoiler: that’s what some of these stories are about.)
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-01-26
The Fear Monger: Get Cooties From Cage Fights In A Field In England This Week In Horror
Good day, my decomposing decompadres. It's another good week for all things horror. This week you'll find yourself surrounded by mushrooms, swinging fists and a bunch of monster children. It's the life of a parent for you. Plus everyone's favorite guy who looks like Elijah Wood: Elijah Wood.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-01-18
The Fear Monger: Evil Clowns, Black Holes And Jason Voorhees...Or Not
Good day, dwellers of the devil’s basement. Are you guys ready for Devil’s Due coming out later this week? Yeah, me either. Fortunately there are much more interesting and original films hitting theaters and VOD sites over the next few months. And two of them include Dan Fogler and an evil clown.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-01-11
The Fear Monger's Eight Most Anticipated Horrors Of 2014
Horror fans know that Hollywood rarely gives the genre the kind of attention that more than $100 million calls for, so let's highlight eight of the most promising horrors of 2014, many of which still don’t have release dates.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-01-06
The Fear Monger: Simon Pegg And Christian Found Footage Add Horror To Your Week
Welcome to 2014, hop along horror hounds. It’s a new year, but apparently nobody told Blumhouse Productions, who are rehashing the same old crap with Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, the first spinoff of that franchise and also the first genre film of the year
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-01-04
The Fear Monger's Five Favorite Horror Movies Of 2013
I present to you now, in alphabetical order, the Fear Monger Five Favorite Horrors of 2013. Cue up a really, really slowed-down version of Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas.”
the fear monger Nick Venable 2013-12-24
The Fear Monger: ABCs Of Death Contest Winner And A Big Ass Spider Tear Up This Week In Horror
Earlier this year, Drafthouse Films began a contest allowing amateur filmmakers to enter their shorts as the “M” entry in the sequel to their twisted anthology flick The ABCs of Death. The recently announced winner Robert Boocheck is an accomplished commercial and music video director obviously inspired by a recent news rash that spread like wildfire.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2013-12-21
The Fear Monger: This Week In Horror Nails Down Big Bad Wolves And The Goriest Trailer Of The Year
Welcome back, seekers of all things spooky. Thanks for making last week’s debut a success! It’s Friday the 13th, so you’d think this would be a good time for Paramount to announce that they’ve hired Justin Bieber to star in their next Friday the 13th flick. But I guess they just don’t love their fans that much.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2013-12-14
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