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Operation Kino 114 Review: Star Trek Into The Nerdiest Star Trek Into Darkness Review
This week we've all been handed red shirts and sent to work in engineering-- which means that, inevitably, not all of us will survive the episode as we review Star Trek Into Darkness. In this spoiler free-for-all conversation we're joined by certified Trek fanatic Jordan Hoffman to talk about the latest film from J.J. Abrams
OpKino Katey Rich 2013-05-17
Operation Kino 114: What Does Scarcity Even Mean These Days Anyway?
This week we wonder why people pay for something that's "rare" in an era where anything-- including those fancy Mondo posters-- can be replicated infinitely. If that sounds confusing, trust us, Da7e explains it. Plus discussions about the indie film Zero Charisma and John McCain's scheme to fix television, a listener voicemail question about movies opening earlier overseas than in the United States, and a lightning round inspired by Star Trek Into Darkness
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-05-14
Operation Kino 113 Review: Join Us For The Great Gatsby, Old Sport
This week we'd like you to join us for a ride on our hydroplane, old sport, as we sweep up the confetti and champagne glasses left over from our screening of The Great Gatsby. Did Baz Luhrmann's experiment with 3D actually work with his maximalist aesthetic? Are the crazy party sequences great, or great to the point that they'll make you sick? And who is this Gatsby fellow anyway?
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-05-10
Operation Kino 113: Predicting The Themes Of This Year's Summer Movie Season
This week we bring in Movies.com mastermind Erik Davis to look at the year's crop of summer movies, and which trends we see emerging by the time the weather cools down again. Katey talks over her first time watching Road House, David sings the indie praises of An Oversimplification of Her Beauty, and we test our memories of the year's films so far with a quick round of Patches Matches. All that plus a lightning round inspired by The Great Gatsby
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-05-07
Operation Kino 112 Review: Iron Man 3 Is A Very Shane Black Superhero Movie
This week we each step into our individually crafted Iron Man suits-- or are we just controlling them with our minds?-- to review Iron Man 3, the movie you are probably going to see no matter what we tell you. We also share your answers to our lightning round question about panic attacks in movies
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-05-03
Operation Kino 112: The Searchers, The Simpsons, Mud And Terrible Marvel Music
This week we're highlighting a conversation that Patches had with Glenn Frankel, author of the remarkable new book The Searchers: The Making of an American Legend. We also ponder why Marvel movies have such terrible scores, try to figure out our mild disappointment with Jeff Nichols' Mud, and figure out how on earth Katey never particularly got into The Simpsons. All that plus a lightning round inspired by the panic attacks in Iron Man 3
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-04-30
Operation Kino 111 Review: Pain & Gain Is Roided-Out Near-Greatness
This week we want to pump-- *clap!*-- you up, as we review Michael Bay's roided-out American Dream made celluloid, Pain & Gain. We're joined by Da7e, who isn't technically a special guest but who hasn't reviewed a movie with us in ages, so it felt special anyway. We talk about whether Pain & Gain's dumb jokes outweigh its good parts, the comic genius of The Rock, and the movie's surprising violence-- even in moments when it's totally hilarious. We also pick your answers to our lightning round question about Robin Williams's best movie
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-04-26
Operation Kino 111: Apologizing For Armageddon And Falling Back In Love With Tribeca
This week we are shocked and horrified to learn that Michael Bay apologized on behalf of Armageddon, and aim to set the record straight on its greatness. Katey talks about her experience at the Indie Grits Film Festival, David is feeling more optimistic than ever about the Tribeca Film Festival, and we ask for your help in supporting our friend Ed Douglas in his fight against cancer
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-04-23
Operation Kino 110 Review: Alone On Earth With Tom Cruise In Oblivion
In Oblivion Tom Cruise thinks he's the last man on earth, but he's wrong… because we're here with him, wondering why his movie is so derivative from a million other sci-fi films, and how we can steal his Yankees hat. We're joined by Kase Wickman of Next Movie to review Oblivion, and we also choose your answers to our lightning round question about directors who would be perfectly suited to TV
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-04-19
Operation Kino 110: Place Beyond The Pines Director Derek Cianfrance And His Secret Musical Dreams
This we are joined by Place Beyond the Pines director Derek Cianfrance to talk about his new film, his ongoing collaboration with Ryan Gosling, his dreams of making a musical and much more. We also talk about the Sundance series Top of the Lake, the Evil Dead remake, and whether or not we should be worried about Terrence Malick's sped-up production schedule. All that plus a lightning round inspired by Jane Campion's move to television.
OpKino Katey Rich 2013-04-16
Operation Kino 109 Review: The Pigs, Worms And Malick Influences Of Upstream Color
What do the pigs mean? How about the worms? Did he survive the same trauma that she did? Does the Foley recording have anything to do with the kidnapping and the surgery? Those are just a handful of questions we wound up asking about Upstream Color, and we attempt to solve them as we review the new film from Shane Carruth, with film critic-about-town Sam Adams (of The AV Club, the Philadelphia City Paper, Time Out NY and more) to help us out
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-04-12
Operation Kino 109: Resurrecting Clue And Honoring Ebert With It's A Disaster Director Todd Berger
This week we are lucky enough to be joined for the entire show by Todd Berger, the writer and director of the new indie comedy It's A Disaster, which is currently available on VOD and iTunes and is heading to theaters this weekend. At Todd's suggestion we discuss the under-appreciated 1985 comedy Clue, spend some time nitpicking Skyfall, remember Roger Ebert, and talk to Todd about making a black comedy about what happens when the apocalypse interrupts the world's worst brunch. All that plus a lightning round inspired by the biopic 42
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-04-09
Operation Kino 108 Review: Danny Boyle's Trance Gets Inside Our Heads
What is real life, and what is a dream? Why is Rosario Dawson appearing inside our heads? And how did she know the right way to trim her hair… no, not that hair, the hair… down there. These questions and more are pondered as we review Danny Boyle's Trance with special guest Jordan Raup of The Film Stage, and choose your answers to our lightning round question about the best films of the year so far.
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-04-05
Operation Kino 108: Game Of Thrones Returns And Sucker Punch Haunts Us Still
This week we invite special guest and genius book lady Joanna Robinson of the Cast of Kings podcast to help us talk over the new season of Game of Thrones, Da7e tells us what he has planned for his super-special pair of Google Glasses, David wonders if Bioshock Infinite ought to be a movie, and we answer a voicemail from listener Kyle Turner about why Spring Breakers succeeds where Sucker Punch fails
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-04-02
Operation Kino 107 Review: Of The Rock's Headsweat And G.I. Joe: Retaliation
We've been disavowed by our government, half of our team is dead, and the President has been taken over by a shapeshifter named Zartan, but that won't stop us from heroically-- heroically!-- bringing you our review of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, with special guest Mike Ryan. All that and your answers to our lightning round questions about movies so insane you had to see them for yourself
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-03-29
Operation Kino 107: Spring Breakers Breakdown And Sci-Fi That's Almost Great
This week special guest Scott Beggs joins us for a very serious and not at all sexy conversation about Spring Breakers and the cultural trope of the teen girl meltdown. Plus tidbits about The Sapphires and Andrew Niccol's sci-fi chops, remembrances of childhood toys gone by, and a lightning round question inspired by Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor.
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-03-26
Operation Kino 106 Review: Olympus Has Fallen! We Repeat, Olympus Has Fallen!
Olympus has fallen, and the only person who can revive it is Eric D. Snider, who we bring in to help us review the new Gerard Butler action film Olympus Has Fallen. Is it too violent? Is it ridiculous? Is it kind of great? All that, plus your answers to our lightning round question about the next auteur to have a surprise hit
OpKino Katey Rich 2013-03-22
Operation Kino 106: Jurassic Park 4 Speculation, VOD Confusion, And A Days Of Heaven Throwdown
This week we bring in publicist Brandon Rohwer to help us dig through the confusing world that is VOD film rentals, but only after we indulge in some speculation about Jurassic Park 4. Katey has a tidbit about catching up with Terrence Malick's Days of Heaven, Da7e wants you to know about the greatness of TV's Robot Combat League, and we all answer a lightning round question inspired by the surprise box office success of Spring Breakers
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-03-19
Operation Kino 105 Review: Ginger & Rosa & Nuclear Bombs & Teenage Drama
Choosing to ignore a movie about Halle Berry on a phone and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (despite the fact that Patches has hired himself as the movie's new publicist), we review the super-small release Ginger & Rosa, from director Sally Potter. It stars up-and-coming actresses Elle Fanning and Alice Englert (or, if you're David, "Jane Campion's daughter")
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-03-15
Operation Kino 105: Visual Effects Industry In Turmoil, Spring Breakers, And The Return Of Film Centipede
This week we dig into the recent turmoil in the visual effects industry, celebrate the return of Film Centipede, talk about the storytelling tactics in Dungeons & Dragons and fall hard for Spring Breakers. All that plus a lightning round inspired by The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-03-12
Operation Kino 104 Review: Oz The Great And Powerful Both Dazzles And Disappoints
If you hated Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland the way we did, you might be cringing at the sight of another brightly colored fantasy world, filled with recognizable stars and action and everything perfectly calibrated to appeal to as many people as possible. But Oz is directed by the likable Sam Raimi, and stars the very likable Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis and Rachel Weisz (plus James Franco, who's also there somehow)
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-03-08
Operation Kino 104: Defending The Smurfs And Offensive Humor
This week Katey and Dave have doubleheader tidbit talk about NBC and HBO's Girls, Patches defends his love of The Smurfs, and the guys get into a conversation about what makes some humor offensive. All that plus a lightning round inspired by the DVD release of Wreck-It Ralph
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-03-05
Operation Kino 103 Review: Park Chan-wook's Lush And Possibly Crazy Stoker
Korean director Park Chan-wook has become an icon thanks to films like Oldboy, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and Thirst, but he's making a whole new leap with Stoker, his first film in the English language. Starring Mia Wasikowska as a young girl undergoing a very, very unusual coming of age, Stoker is lush and stylish and very, very weird-- exactly what many of us have come to expect from Park,
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-03-01
Operation Kino 103: Can Trolling Be Used For Good?
This week on Operation Kino, we've got a tidbit from Patches talking about the experimental documentary Leviathan and another tidbit from David about Oscilloscope Laboratories and their promotional stunt using Vine. Our first-ever listener voicemail asks us to talk about Star Wars and the ever-expanding world of franchises, and then we get into a big conversation about trolling, and how once in a while it can be used for good
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-02-26
Operation Kino 102 Review: The Rock Gets Serious With Snitch
We're bracing ourselves for a lot of movies starring The Rock coming our way in the next few months, and kicking things off is Snitch, a movie inspired by a true story and sharply critical of the very real government policy of mandatory minimum sentencing for drug offenders. Sound boring? Well, that's where The Rock comes in to spice things up
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-02-22
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