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Maleficent Poster Offers A Chilling Look At Angelina Jolie
For more than a year, pretty much all we’ve had to go on in terms of visuals for Disney’s villain story Maleficent is the stunning and sinister looking profile of Angelina Jolie as the title character, offering just a hint of her colorful eyes and the strange horned headpiece that reminds me a little of the Lord of Darkness from Legend.
disney Kelly West 2013-11-12
The Jungle Book Headed Onto Blu-ray In 2014
The classic flick The Jungle Book will also finally be receiving Diamond Edition treatment for the first time. Fans will still have a while to wait to nab a copy, however. The Jungle Book: Diamond Edition Blu-ray and DVD won’t hit the market until February 11, 2014.
disney Jessica Rawden 2013-11-08
Is Star Wars: Episode VII Struggling To Make Its 2015 Release Date?
Kennedy and Abrams might be painted into an uncomfortable corner. Postponing Star Wars to 2016 will raise thousands of red flags with already concerned fans … but don’t you want Abrams to take the necessary amount of time to deliver the best possible Star Wars movie he can?
disney Sean O'Connell 2013-10-31
Watch Disney's Villains Perform Their Version Of Chicago's Cell Block Tango
Todrick Hall gathered together a star studded cast and crew that includes fellow Idol alums Pia Toscano and Adam Lambert, as well as Broadway star Shoshana Bean, Make it or Break It's Cassie Scerbo, Glee's Amber Riley, So You Think You Can Dance's Blake McGrath, and pop singer Kimberly Cole to reimagine "Cell Block Tango" from the hit Broadway show Chicago as performed by Disney villains.
disney Kristy Puchko 2013-10-29
Get Your First Look At Disney's Avatar Theme Park
While the name itself could use a jolt of imagination, that’s not the case for the park itself which aims to transport people to a different universe, at least that’s what the concept pictures show. Anxious to book a vacation to Pandora? You’ll be waiting until 2017, when the park is set to open.
disney Nick Venable 2013-10-13
Live-Action Cruella de Vil Film In The Works At Disney
Aline Brosh McKenna, who also wrote the script for the upcoming Kenneth Branagh-directed adaptation of Cinderella, has been hired to write the script for the movie, though at this time all story details are being kept under wraps. First created in Dodie Smith's 1956 novel "The Hundred and One Dalmatians," Cruella de Vil is a fashion-obsessed woman who will do just about anything to get a fur coat made out of dalmatian fur.
disney Eric Eisenberg 2013-09-30
New Frozen Trailer Pushes The Limits Of Your Wisecracking Snowman Tolerance
Based on a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale and coming from the same people who brought you Tangled and a bunch of other classic princess stories, Frozen ought to be a gorgeously animated heartfelt holiday-season musical with enough depth that adults can enjoy it. I'm guessing that's still true even though this new trailer, which debuted at Yahoo!, and seems determined to smooth out any rough edges the film might have in favor of snowman gags, broad adventure and as much table-setting plot development as possible
disney Katey Rich 2013-09-26
Is Disney Bringing Nikola Tesla Into Tomorrowland, With Help From The Oatmeal?
It’s worth noting he had to sign a non-disclosure agreement where he swore not to talk about Tomorrowland or anything about the plot, characters, or the screenplay. However, Inman is pretty sure he isn’t breaking any rules because their conversation had nearly nothing to do with the film itself. As he said, “I read the NDA like ten times and I’m 92.4% sure I’m in the clear here.”
disney Nick Venable 2013-09-26
Disney To End Its Deal With Jerry Bruckheimer
Said Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn, "This is about a long-term relationship with lots of pluses and minuses. The Lone Ranger certainly didn't help things, but we all have our wins and our losses, and this is an overall thing related to the company's supply of projects from all these other places."
disney Eric Eisenberg 2013-09-20
Frozen Buries Stars For Latest Poster
Its story centers on sisters Anna and Elsa. The latter has mystical powers that allow her to control ice and snow, but when she accidently unveils them in public she is forced to run away to the mountains. Unexpectedly, Elsa’s departure plummets the kingdom into an endless winter. To bring about spring, the underestimated Anna goes on a quest to recover Elsa, and finds help from rugged mountain man Kristoff and the goofy Olaf.
disney Kristy Puchko 2013-09-17
Mary Poppins 50th Anniversary Blu-ray Will Sing Onto Shelves In December
While the latest edition will be available on DVD, Disney is really pushing the HD Digital and Blu-ray copies of the film, and with good reason. The December 10 release will mark the first time the film has hit Blu-ray, and the first big release of the movie since Disney put together the 45th Anniversary Edition on DVD just a few years ago (Likely due to rarity, those copies run pretty expensively).
disney Jessica Rawden 2013-08-17
Why Is Disney Hiding Star Wars?
Twice now in a four-week span, Walt Disney Studios has had opportunities to ease the minds of Star Wars fans around the globe by revealing even the slightest inkling of information regarding J.J. Abrams’ Episode VII: The As-Yet-Unnamed Sequel. And twice, the studio opted to remain silent.
disney Sean O'Connell 2013-08-11
Disney Announces Zootopia, An Animated Movie About Animals Wearing Clothes
Walt Disney Animation, the unit that's recently brought us the likes of Wreck-It Ralph and Tangled, has announced its next big animated project… and it sounds stranger than anything the studio has done since, uh, Treasure Planet maybe?
disney Katey Rich 2013-08-09
Artemis Fowl Adaptation Somehow Reunites Harvey Weinstein With Disney
It's bizarre to see news that Harvey Weinstein is teaming up with Disney for a project, and a children's book adaptation at that. And apparently no one is more surprised than Harvey Weinstein. In a press release that announced that Weinstein and Disney would be collaborating on an adaptation of the children's book Artemis Fowl, the head of the Weinstein Company was up front about how strange it all seemed
disney Katey Rich 2013-07-30
Nicolas Cage As Disney Princesses Is Supercalifragilistic-terrifying
You’d think this would be all about looking at Cage wearing women’s clothing – or in the case of The Little Mermaid's Ariel, a bra and tail – but it’s really all about picturing him within the situations that the films put their heroines through.
disney Nick Venable 2013-07-18
Forget Lone Ranger: Disney Becomes The First Studio To Bank $1 Billion Domestic In 2013
Don't cry for Disney. Thanks to the wild success of their first three releases of 2013, they've become the first studio this year to gross a billion dollars at the domestic box office. And just think how much more they are making in merchandizing.
disney Kristy Puchko 2013-07-12
Disney Plans Live-Action Jungle Book Remake
When you're Disney, you've pretty much already got a monopoly on childhood imagination, creating iconic versions of enough fairy tales and inventing enough characters of your own to fill millions of daycare toy chests. But the movie industry pauses for no man, not even Walt Disney's cryogenically frozen head, and at some point you've got to keep making new movies to entertain new generations… even though they're not always going to live up to the old ones
disney Katey Rich 2013-07-09
Star Wars Episode VII Already Predicted To Make $1.2 Billion
Here's something you don't see very often. The Walt Disney Company suffered a major bomb over the weekend, opening The Lone Ranger to a pitiful $48 million 5-day box office, forcing the studio to lose an anticipated $150 million on the big-budget Western. But if you're a Disney stockholder, things are still looking up. According to Variety the studio's stock is up 1.3%. Why? You probably already know the answer: Star Wars
disney Katey Rich 2013-07-09
What If Your Favorite Disney Movie Ended With A Dark Twist?
For the last 90 years the Walt Disney Company has been arguably the greatest source of family-friendly entertainment available anywhere in the world. But that family-friendly image has a dark side in the internet age, as it doesn't take long to Photoshop a funny image from a Disney title that completely upends the company's wholesome image.
disney Eric Eisenberg 2013-07-08
Disney Could Lose $150 Million On The Lone Ranger
Analysts say that by the end of The Lone Ranger's run it will likely only manage to make $125 million domestically and $150 million overseas - for a total of only $275 million. It will likely be the second triple-digit loss for Disney in as many years, as the company had to deal with the $200 million loss of Andrew Stanton's John Carter in 2012.
disney Eric Eisenberg 2013-07-08
See Disney Princesses In Historically Accurate, Awesome Clothing
A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Hummel works as a Concept Artist at Microsoft Game Studios when she's not researching period costumes and adding to her online gallery. To date she's done revisions of Beauty and the Beast's Belle (up top in 1770's French court fashion), Sleeping Beauty's Aurora, The Little Mermaid's Ariel, The Princess and the Frog's Tiana, and many more.
disney Kristy Puchko 2013-07-05
Disney And Sony Experimenting With New Releases On VOD In South Korea
Depending on how things turn out, the situation could spell trouble for both the big chains and the independent theater owners. If you've ever wondered why popcorn, candy and soda is so damn expensive at the movie theater while blockbuster films are making millions upon millions of dollars, it's because the theater itself actually doesn't make a great deal of money off of a new title during its opening weekend.
disney Eric Eisenberg 2013-06-24
Iron Man 3 Crosses The $1 Billion Mark In 23 Days
With its global box office total crossing $1 billion, the action-packed blockbuster becomes the second Marvel/Disney collaboration to pass that point. The Avengers managed to make that mark in 19 days, a world-record the superhero epic shared with James Cameron's Avatar.
disney Kristy Puchko 2013-05-17
Disney Pulls Merida's Makeover After Outcry
the new Merida has since been pulled from Disney's site, replaced by the Merida we've grown to know and love. (As seen below.) It's unknown how the public protest will ultimately impact further Merida merchandizing, but it's at least heartening to see the House of Mouse is listening to parents and fans furious over the message they send by overtly sexualizing a character specifically made to empower young girls.
disney Kristy Puchko 2013-05-15
Brave Director And Fans Protest Merida's Disney Princess Makeover
The Disney Princess has a knack for diluting the most interesting qualities of all its characters and shoving them into a generic princess box, overlooking the fact that Mulan wanted to be a soldier more than a girl in the dress, for example. But Merida's placement in this crowd, especially since the movie ends with her not marrying anyone and continuing to reject all the fancy trappings of princess-dim, seems especially galling
disney Katey Rich 2013-05-13
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