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Who Are Hollywood's New Stars?
Yes, there are plenty of names you look forward to seeing in a movie, people whose performances thrilled you in the past and guaranteed you'll look for them next time. But that's not happening any more on a large scale, where a simple name above the title-- "Will Smith in I Am Legend! Tom Cruise IS Jerry Maguire!"-- could get people to check out a movie they knew nothing about otherwise
joseph gordon-levitt Katey Rich 2012-08-17
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks About The End Of The Dark Knight Rises
If you havenít seen The Dark Knight Rises I highly recommend at this time that you stay far, far away from this article. In fact, close it down right now, head to your local theater, see the movie, and then come back here. Then you can enjoy all of the spoilery goodness that lies inside.
joseph gordon-levitt Eric Eisenberg 2012-08-15
Looper Breaks Out The Big Guns For International Poster
Looper would be high on our must-see list for the second half of 2012, even if we knew absolutely nothing about director Rian Johnson. But, add Johnsonís name to the mix, and weíre clawing our eyes out waiting for the opportunity to see the new film.
joseph gordon-levitt Sean O'Connell 2012-08-03
How The Dark Knight Series Could Go On Without Bruce Wayne
First of all, the title. The Dark Knight Rises, or the whole ďDark Knight TrilogyĒ rather, is very much like The Godfather Saga in that the title doesnít necessarily have to refer to one person per se as much as one position. Who is the Godfather? Vito or Michael? Who is the Dark Knight?
joseph gordon-levitt Jesse Carp 2012-07-27
Looper Comic Con 2012 Live Blog
Sonyís Hall H panel shifts gears from the futuristic expanse of Len Wisemanís Total Recall to the time travel thrills of Rian Johnsonís Looper, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis playing versions of the same person locked in a battle that could mean one of them has to die.
joseph gordon-levitt Sean O'Connell 2012-07-13
New Dark Knight Rises Clip Shows Us JGL's John Blake
Itís still unclear how large of a role Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play in The Dark Knight Rises, but now we know heíll at least get a chance to spar with Gary Oldman. In a brand new clip debuted last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, JGLís John Blake is seen confronting Commissioner Gordon about Batmanís real identity. He has questions, big questions on the eighth anniversary of Batmanís disappearance and Harvey Dentís death, and while Gordon knows some of the answers, heís not excited about sharing.
joseph gordon-levitt Mack Rawden 2012-07-11
Brie Larson To Play Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Sister In Don Jon's Addiction
Brie has a good number of projects coming up later this year. She is next set to star in The Spectacular Now alongside Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller, but also has Squirrel to the Nuts - the new Peter Bogdanovich movie - in the wings as well as Relanxious, a new comedy from writer/director Christohper Storer with Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis and Fred Armisen.
joseph gordon-levitt Eric Eisenberg 2012-07-06
Looper UK Trailer Reveals Much, Much More Of The Plot
Director Rian Johnson has done an admirable job so far of keeping secrets about his upcoming movie Looper, a thriller set in a near-future where criminals use time travel to "disappear" the people they need assassinated. So far we knew that Joseph Gordon-Levitt played one of those assassins
joseph gordon-levitt Katey Rich 2012-06-27
Looper Gets Extended Release In China
Regardless of what anyone might tell you, the goal of any movie is to make money, maybe not a ton of money but at least some money. If little scenes can be flipped around, added or removed in order to generate a much greater return, studios are almost always willing to do so, and Joseph Gordon-Levittís upcoming Looper is a great example of that.
joseph gordon-levitt Mack Rawden 2012-06-25
New Trailer For Premium Rush, Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt
When the first trailer for Premium Rush was released last September it was in anticipation of a January 13th release date - a release date that came and went without Premium Rush's delivery to theaters (no pun intended). That's because Sony decided to mix up their schedule a bit and shift the David Koepp-directed film to August 24th.
joseph gordon-levitt Eric Eisenberg 2012-05-31
UPDATE: Glee Writer In Talks For Little Shop Horrors Remake With Joseph Gordon-Levitt?
Glee, for better or worse, is a cultural phenomenon that's scoring plenty of work for its stars as well as those behind the scenes. In the case of writer/co-producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, this has led to the opportunity to rework the once flailing Broadway show Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark, and penning the script for MGM's upcoming Carrie remake.
joseph gordon-levitt Kristy Puchko 2012-05-03
Tony Danza In Talks To Join Joseph Gordon Levitt's Dark Comedy
Tony Danzaís probably best known for his role in Taxi and later for playing one of the most beloved housekeepers on TV in the í80ís (nods to Mr. Belvedere and Mrs. Garrett). Not long after Whoís the Boss wrapped up, Danza went on to co-star in a movie about a kid whose answered prayer came in the form of angels (Christopher Lloyd among them) helping a baseball team make a comeback.
joseph gordon-levitt Kelly West 2012-04-19
Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Rian Johnson Explain Looper's Time Travel Laws
One of the greatest things about the science-fiction genre is that it allows the creator to build a world from the ground up. Whether they want it to reflect the world we live in now, or be completely unrecognizable, the author has the chance to do whatever they want. The drawback of this is that rules of the universe need to be created, and thatís particularly important in the case of time travel.
joseph gordon-levitt Eric Eisenberg 2012-04-13
Looper Trailer Has Joseph Gordon-Levitt Hunting Himself
All week, weíve been teased about the upcoming teaser trailer for Looper. The teaser trailer has now arrived online! It's full of shooting, explosions, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt attempting to kill his future-self. Check it out ahead and decide for yourself if it was worth the wait...
joseph gordon-levitt Kelly West 2012-04-12
Get A Sneak Peek At Looper, Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt
In my opinion there are few movies released in the last decade better than Rian Johnson's Brick. In addition to being a great twisty, moody neo-noir, it also introduced us to a fascinating new filmmaker. A few years later Johnson took a left turn when he wrote and directed The Brothers Bloom, a con film with a completely different atmosphere than his first movie. Now, four years later, the writer/director is just about ready to release his latest film
joseph gordon-levitt Eric Eisenberg 2012-04-09
Looper Poster Transforms Joseph Gordon-Levitt Into Bruce Willis
The whole mirror image thing happening vertically makes the poster immediately distinct from all the garbage floating heads we usually see, and I love the effect of both actors disintegrating, either by explosion or the passing of time. You also notice, of course, that Levitt is wearing blue contacts
joseph gordon-levitt Katey Rich 2012-04-06
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Won't Be In Django Unchained
Back in February, when we learned that the 50/50 star was set to make his feature directorial debut for a comedy that would also have him starring opposite Scarlett Johansson, there was speculation that this venture could present scheduling issues for him and his involvement in Quentin Tarantinoí Django Unchained, and that unfortunately appears to be the case.
joseph gordon-levitt Kelly West 2012-04-05
Julianne Moore Joins Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Directorial Debut
Last month it was reported that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is currently preparing to make his directorial debut with an untitled project in which he plays a modern day Don Juan on the road to be less of a "selfish dick." The story came with news that he had already cast Scarlett Johansson, but was still looking for his other female lead. It would appear that he's found her.
joseph gordon-levitt Eric Eisenberg 2012-03-28
First Look At Joseph Gordon-Levitt In Rian Johnson's Looper
In Looper, the upcoming science-fiction film from Brick director Rian Johnson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis play the same character, Joe. Because the plot involves time travel, the movie has Gordon-Levitt playing the present day version of Joe while Willis is the future version. There's one problem, however: Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks nothing like Bruce Willis.
joseph gordon-levitt Eric Eisenberg 2012-03-17
Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Make Feature Directorial Debut, Has Cast Scarlett Johansson In The Project
You are going to be seeing a lot of Joseph Gordon-Levitt this year. The young actor - who has been around for years but saw his popularity surge thanks to his performance in 2009's Inception - has multiple titles with high profile directors coming out in 2012, including Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, Steven Spielberg's Lincoln, Rian Johnson's Looper, David Koepp's Premium Rush and, possibly, Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained.
joseph gordon-levitt Eric Eisenberg 2012-02-07
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