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Why Filming Wonder Woman's World War I Scenes Were So Challenging

Shooting any kind of war scene for a movie is difficult, but Wonder Woman had to deal with its own set of challenges to show the horrors of World War I.

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J.K. Rowling Has Finished the Fantastic Beasts 2 Script

Wizarding World mastermind J.K. Rowling has confirmed that she's finished the script to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2. Learn more ahead.

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The Memorial Weekend Movie Box Office Is The Lowest In A Long Time

Memorial Day weekend is a big moment for summer movies, but 2017 saw the weekend hit a historic low. Here's what we know.

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Why Wonder Woman Couldn’t Be Rated R, According To Patty Jenkins

World War I is an absolutely horrific chapter in world history. Emerging technologies meant battles were fought unlike any other, and nearly 40 million people were killed, wounded or left missing in action. And that created a specific challenge for Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman.

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Machines Are A Much Bigger Threat Now Than When Terminator Came Out, According To James Cameron

If you bring up James Cameron's Terminator franchise, he'll quickly remind you that ever since he created the seminal technology-wants-to-kill-us cyber-thriller, things have gotten worse. A lot worse.

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The 5 Raunchiest Baywatch Scenes, Ranked

The Baywatch movie arrived this past weekend and while the film only had a surface level relationship to its source material, if you were looking for a very adult comedy to entertain you, there are worse options available than Baywatch.

Is Wonder Woman's Costume Too Sexy? Here's What The Director Says

We've heard about Wonder Woman's shirt skirt and even her armpit hair---or lack thereof---but when recently asked to talk about the criticisms that Gal Gadot's costume is too sexy, director Patty Jenkins went all out in her response.

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The Dark Universe: What We Know About Universal's Monster Franchise

The earliest seeds of this shared monster universe have been laid. Let's take a moment to run through everything that we know about the creatures at the forefront of the movement -- and the creators who will attempt to bring them back from the cinematic dead.

Film Critic Defends Star Wars Review 40 Years Later

Star Wars was a huge hit from the day it was released. In addition to making millions of dollars, it also received critical praise from many places. Of course, not every critic is going to agree.

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2017 Summer Movies Release Schedule: All The Upcoming Blockbusters And Indies

Look out pools to swim in and other fun outdoor activities. The movie theaters really, really want to suck in audiences this summer, as you can see with this full list of what is coming.

Does Tom Cruise Have A Secret Role In The Mummy?

There may be more to Tom Cruise's Mummy character than meets the eye. Here's who we think he could be playing in the upcoming horror/thriller.

Amazing Black Adam Fan Art Sees The Rock’s Character Battling Armie Hammer As Shazam

A new piece of Shazam fan art shows what Armie Hammer could look like in the film's titular role. Take a look.

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Why James Cameron Isn't Worried About The Gap Between Avatar And Avatar 2

Speaking out at the opening of Pandora in Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom, the director explained why he really isn't worried about the big time gap.

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What Stephen Amell Thinks An Arrow Movie Should Be About

Fans have long wondered if Arrow was eligible to get a film of its own and now Stephen Amell has spoken out about his hopes for a feature-length flick.

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The Other Spider-Man Villains Who May Show Up In The Black Cat And Silver Sable Movie

I really like the idea of the Venom film and the Silver Sable/Black Cat combo doing the legwork and establishing a larger foundation for the Spider-Man universe.

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Disney CEO Claims Hackers Never Stole Pirates Of The Caribbean 5

Remember that time hackers claimed to have stolen Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales? Well, maybe not.

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This Fan Made Harry Potter Film Looks Amazing, Watch The Trailer

If you're truly a fan-friendly franchise, you've got at least one fan-fiction project on the table. The Harry Potter series is certainly no stranger to such a concept, and a brand new series looks to shed some light on the most sinister origins of all.

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The Classic Batman Costume That Needs To Make It To The DCEU, According To One Director

Batman is a character that has gone through a great deal of change through his decades of existence. However, the character's presence in film has always been pretty much the same.

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How Justice League Will Tie Into The Aquaman Movie, According To Charles Roven

While Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman is technically a prequel within the grander scope of the growing DC Extended Universe -- primarily set during the events of World War I - what has remained unclear is exactly how the franchise's in-development projects will fit into the timeline post-Justice League.

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This Rotten Week: Predicting Wonder Woman And Captain Underpants Reviews

There are some weekends of the year that you know are just going to be huge - and we have one coming up. The world is currently completely infatuated with superheroes, and in a few days we will be getting a double dose of them, albeit in very different forms.

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