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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Will Hit Netflix Next Year, But There's A Catch
Here's the good news: Star Wars: The Force Awakens will stream next year on Netflix. Now the bad news: that will only happen for subscribers in Canada.
Canada Brent McKnight 2015-10-23
The Hollywood Special Effects Community Is Ready To Go To War With Canada
Los Angeles is still the film capital of the world. More and more productions might be fleeing for cheaper pastures, but on the whole, Southern California still gets more film shoots than anywhere else. That being said, the number is getting smaller by the year, and those inside the industry are starting to stand up and fight.
Canada Mack Rawden 2014-08-06
Rob Ford Gets His Own Fake Biopic Trailer Starring Chris Farley
There are few things the Internet loves more than a fake trailer. Earlier this week, Batkid got his own Nolan-esque teaser, and now, some genius out there has created one for Toronto mayor Rob Ford that stars, you guessed it, Chris Farley. The deceased comedian’s entire career was like one long out-of-control fat guy montage (in the best way possible), and as such, there’s more than enough material to cover the politician’s rise to power and his current problems.
Canada Mack Rawden 2013-11-22
Canada's Captain Canuck Coming To The Big Screen
Olsen was selected by Mind’s Eye from a pool of potential writers who’d submitted 15-page treatments on how they’d handle Captain Canuck. He has written for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Here’s to Life before, and he says that Canuck will be presented in the “cartoony vein” of Captain America.
Canada Sean O'Connell 2012-07-18
Superman Probably Shooting In Vancouver Next Summer
Production still seems to be moving forward with an eye on starting next summer, and it looks like it'll all be happening in the Pacific Northwest. Following in the footsteps of Tron: Legacy, Rise of the Apes and countless other blockbusters
Canada Katey Rich 2010-12-17
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