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Pitch Perfect's Rebel Wilson To Star In The Private Benjamin Remake
Four years ago it looked like the lead role in the inevitable Private Benjamin remake would be Anna Faris, but the project has evidently moved on since then and today we learn that it has chosen a new star. Rebel Wilson, who first gained notice for her supporting role in Bridesmaids back in 2011 and stole the show in 2012's Pitch Perfect, is now reportedly attached to star in the comedy reboot.
Private Benjamin Eric Eisenberg 2014-05-07
Rest In Peace Private Benjamin And Clue's Eileen Brennan, 1932-2013
While Private Benjamin was a great movie, however, it isnít the film I think of when Brennanís name comes up. For me, she will always be Mrs. Peacock. As the gabby wife of a senator in Jonathan Lynnís cult comedy classic Clue, Brennanís Mrs. Peacock was the most memorable of any of the characterís media-spanning iterations.
Private Benjamin Nick Venable 2013-07-30
Anna Faris Headlining Private Benjamin Remake
aris is an extremely talented comedian and might be great in the role, but it's been defined by Hawn for 30 years; who is actually going to give her a chance? Oh, right, the people not at all familiar with the original
Private Benjamin Katey Rich 2010-03-31
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