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15 Crucial Things The Terminator: Genisys Trailer Tells Us About The Film
Terminator: Genisys packed a number of unanswered questions leading up to its eventual release. With no clear-cut sequel happening right before it, we didn’t know where, exactly, the story would take up on the timeline. And with the addition of so many new faces, we didn’t know how classic characters from previous installments – from Sarah Connor to the T-800 – would be used.
arnold schwarzenegger Sean O'Connell 2014-12-04
The Terminator Genisys Trailer Is Here, Watch Arnold's Return
As promised the Terminator: Genisys full trailer has arrived. See what's in store for man and machines ahead...
arnold schwarzenegger Sean O'Connell 2014-12-04
Running Man 2? Here’s What Arnold Has To Say
Since returning to his acting career after a few years in politics, Arnold Schwarzenegger has talked quite a bit about rejuvenating his former glory by doing sequels to films from his past. He has already completed work on the upcoming Terminator: Genisys, but in the past couple years he has also talked about the return of characters like Conan and Julius Benedict. Now it looks like we may soon be able to add Ben Richards to that list, as Schwarzenegger has been hinting at a new Running Man movie.
arnold schwarzenegger Eric Eisenberg 2014-11-17
Is Terminator: Genisys Going To Make Arnold Get Naked Again?
The production team behind Terminator: Genysis are using some Skynet-level technology to once again bring us a naked Arnold Schwarzenegger.
arnold schwarzenegger Emma Jones 2014-11-01
The Terminator: Genisys Plot Sounds Like A Mess, Get The Specifics
As in The Terminator, John sends righthand-man Kyle Reese (this time played by Jai Courtney) back in time to 1984 to prevent a T-800 (Schwarzenegger) from killing his future mom. But Kyle instead will find this new reality, and it will change everything.
arnold schwarzenegger Sean O'Connell 2014-10-29
How Terminator: Genisys Will Explain Arnold Schwarzenegger Being Really, Really Old
Arnold Schwarzenegger's involvement with Termniator: Genisys is pleasing to the fans on a surface level, but what does this mean for the story? Look no further than James Cameron for the intriguing explanation.
arnold schwarzenegger Mike Reyes 2014-10-20
How Involved Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Be In The Terminator Franchise
Jai Courtney has given the biggest indication yet that Arnold Schwarzenegger will feature in the next two instalments to the upcoming Terminator trilogy. Schwarzenegger is already confirmed for 2015’s Terminator Genisys, but it hadn’t yet been revealed whether he would be apart of its 2017 and 2018 follow-ups.
arnold schwarzenegger Gregory Wakeman 2014-10-09
Two Of The Expendables Are Gay Lovers
Okay, so, a lot of you didn't see The Expendables 3 this weekend, and that's a pity. It's not because the movie's good (it isn't), it's not because the heroes of yesterday's movies need your support, and not because Sylvester Stallone is starving. Instead, it's because you missed out on a little history. Did you know there were a couple of gay Expendables? Specifically, a couple of hugely famous gay Expendables? GAY SPOILERS AHEAD!
arnold schwarzenegger Gabe Toro 2014-08-18
Sylvester Stallone Blames His Movie Bombs On Arnold Schwarzenegger
Stallone's two examples of projects that Schwarzenegger would have done were Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot and Rhinestone. Rhinestone happened in 1984, in the same year Schwarzenegger was doing The Terminator and Conan The Destroyer. Does it really seem like Schwarzenegger would have passed on either of those two movies to do a Dolly Parton musical?
arnold schwarzenegger Gabe Toro 2014-08-15
CinemaBlend's Action Hero Hall of Fame: The 2014 Inaugural Class
We tried to spotlight performers who had a single concentrated peak of their talents, while also addressing those who put a premium on action films over any other genres, even when the films would get disreputable. To be in the Action Hall Of Fame, you need b-movies on your resume as much as you need A-movies.
arnold schwarzenegger Gabe Toro 2014-08-14
King Conan, With Arnold Schwarzenegger, Looking To Shoot Next Spring
Arnold Schwarzenegger's comeback has gone... well... it's certainly gone, hasn't it? The movies haven't really performed up to anybody's expectations. By the time Sabotage rolled around earlier this year, we started to wonder if he was even a leading man anymore. Well, clearly our opinion is moot, because Schwarzenegger still sees himself as a king. A King Conan, if you will.
arnold schwarzenegger Gabe Toro 2014-08-05
Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Still A Credible Leading Man?
Schwarzenegger's a beloved part of movie history, and his time is running out. He deserves to ride it out with dignity, by the orders of a great filmmaker. You can't tell people you'll "be back" for long.
arnold schwarzenegger Gabe Toro 2014-03-31
Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks Terminator: Genesis With Fan Club
Recent rumors in regards to the film’s plot suggests that the Los Angeles filming is going to be revisiting some pretty famous locations from the first film. This is one of many blockbusters moving to New Orleans, but none have a star the size of Schwarzenegger.
arnold schwarzenegger Gabe Toro 2014-03-03
Arnold's Sabotage Bumped Up To A March 28th Release Date
Open Road just announced that, damn the torpedoes, we’re gonna get to see Sabotage two weeks early: the action picture is not set to open on March 28th, instead of the original slated date of April 11th. No statement was released by Open Road, though it seems like they think that date was going to be crowded.
arnold schwarzenegger Gabe Toro 2014-01-27
Second Explosive Sabotage Trailer Is Almost Exactly The Same As The First
Usually when a high profile release puts out a second trailer, it’s evident that someone involved in the film’s marketing took the time to make sure it has a personality all on its own and doesn’t just retread all the same footage and dialogue as the first one.
arnold schwarzenegger Nick Venable 2013-12-21
Stallone And Schwarzenegger Plot A Prison Break In Escape Plan TV Spots
Escape Plan once went by the cool, recognizable title of The Tomb. Despite the name shift, the film’s still worth your time, particularly if you used to worship at the altar of the types of movies Stallone and Schwarzenegger made in their heyday. The movie opens in theaters on Oct. 18.
arnold schwarzenegger Sean O'Connell 2013-10-10
Arnold Schwarzenegger Reuniting With James Cameron For Avatar 2?
Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron go way back, from when Cameron reportedly tried to find a reason not to cast Schwarzenegger in The Terminator until he was so charmed by him that he gave him the role that would change both of their careers.
arnold schwarzenegger Katey Rich 2013-09-17
The Expendables 3 Reveals Full Cast And A Plot Synopsis
Strangely, Gibson's role as an arms dealer sounds very similar to his part in Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills. Hopefully we can trust Gibson as a performer to give varied performances so that the two roles don't seem too overly similar. Either that or maybe find a way to have The Expendables 3 include Danny Trejo as Machete...
arnold schwarzenegger Eric Eisenberg 2013-08-19
Stallone And Schwarzenegger Reveal Their New Team-Up For Fans At Comic-Con
“If you don't like this movie, I'm going to personally come up there and beat your brains in.” That was Sylvester Stallone greeting a theater filled with action-film geeks at a special advanced screening of Escape Plan, introduced by “The Italian Stallion” and his equally legendary partner in crime, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
arnold schwarzenegger Sean O'Connell 2013-07-19
Arnold Schwarzenegger To Protect His Daughter From The Zombie Apocalypse In Maggie
Arnold Schwarzenegger is now attached to star in Maggie, a drama set during a zombie outbreak that will see the action legend play a father who goes on a long journey with his daughter to try and help cure her of a zombie bite before she can die and turn into one of them. Screenwriter John Scott 3 wrote the original script for the film, which was featured on the Black List (the annual list of the most popular unproduced screenplays in Hollywood).
arnold schwarzenegger Eric Eisenberg 2013-06-21
Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Somehow Play The Terminator In Terminator 5
The whole point of Terminators, and the entire reason Arnold Schwarenegger was cast as the terrifying cyborg to begin with, is that they are superior to humans. Superior strength, superior looks, superior lack of empathy-- they are built to pull off all the things that humans can't. So what happens when a Terminator comes off the factory line and he's got… wrinkles? And jowls? Has something gone horribly wrong on the Skynet assembly line?
arnold schwarzenegger Katey Rich 2013-06-13
Stallone And Schwarzenegger Are Locked Up In New Escape Plan Poster
Escape Plan has its own nostalgic draw, taking two iconic action stars and setting them up in a Prison Break-like scenario. Above is the new poster for the film, which shows stars Schwarzenegger and Stallone locked up, their backs to one another while they're locked up in "the most secure prison ever built," where "no one breaks out alone."
arnold schwarzenegger Kelly West 2013-06-07
Arnold Schwarzenegger May Star In Upcoming Toxic Avenger Reboot
The original film, directed by Troma Entertainment’s Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman, told the story of Melvin Ferd III, a nerdy guy who falls into a vat of toxic waste and becomes a crime-fighting vigilante.
arnold schwarzenegger Eric Eisenberg 2013-05-13
Exclusive The Last Stand Bonus Clip Shows How Action Transcends Language
in The Last Stand, the focus is mostly on the veteran action hero. However, Schwarzenegger is not the hero of this exclusive Blu-ray bonus clip. Instead, director Kim Ji-Woon is. The South Korean director has found success with films like A Tale of Two Sisters and A Bittersweet Life, but his first film in the US—and in English—is The Last Stand.
arnold schwarzenegger Jessica Rawden 2013-04-30
Are Sylvester Stallone And Arnold Schwarzenegger's Careers Over?
Bullet to the Head opened to an estimated $4.5 million dollars over the weekend. It ranks as the lowest opening for a wide release in Stallone’s career. Are the days of box-office wine and roses over for the Planet Hollywood crew? Have audiences grown tired of these older men in action-heavy roles?
arnold schwarzenegger Sean O'Connell 2013-02-04
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