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Hero Blend #83: Should Batman Kill People In Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice?
When most people think of Batman, they think of a hero who a) doesnít use guns, and b) doesnít kill people. This has not only been a big thing in the comics for decades and decades, but it was also a very important part of the character in Christopher Nolanís Dark Knight trilogy.
batman Eric Eisenberg 2016-01-29
Suicide Squad: What We Know So Far
The Suicide Squad has appeared in a variety of media, such as Justice League Unlimited, Batman: Assault on Arkham and Arrow, but this will be their first theatrical appearance. Hereís our handy guide on everything you need to know about the film, from its basic premise to all the major players. Read on to get the details!
batman Eric Eisenberg 2016-01-21
Will Ben Affleck Direct A Superhero Movie? Here's What He Says
Now that heís jumping back into the comic book game as Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it begs the question: does Ben Affleck want to direct his own superhero movie?
batman Adam Holmes 2016-01-18
How Batman's Batmobile Will Be Different In Dawn Of Justice, According To Zack Snyder
The latest version of the Batmobile is coming in March for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now director Zack Snyder has revealed what makes it different from the last one seen on the big screen.
batman Adam Holmes 2016-01-15
Batman V Superman May Introduce Yet Another Major DC Comics Villain
With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice< only a few months away, a third villain is rumored to appear, though only in a minor capacity alongside Lex Luthor and Doomsday.
batman Adam Holmes 2016-01-13
New Batman V Superman TV Spot Shows A Terrifying Batman
A new TV Spot for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was released this afternoon, and itís pretty gnarly. This new TV spot shows the darker side to Batman; check it out and try to not to get goosebumps.
batman Corey Chichizola 2016-01-09
Will Batman Eventually Lead The Justice League? What Ben Affleck Thinks
While we had to wait a few years from the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to get to that big Avengers team up but DC isnít going to make us wait that long. So who should lead the team when it finally arrives on screen?
batman Dirk Libbey 2015-12-29
10 Marvel And DC Characters Who Will Steal The Show in 2016
2016 will see a major increase in the number of DC and Marvel characters appearing on the silver screen, that raises one question: which of these newcomers will truly steal the show?
batman Conner Schwerdtfeger 2015-12-25
Batman V Superman Just Dropped Three Sweet New Posters
Two weeks after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice released its latest trailer, the movie dropped a trio of new poster featuring a few of the movieís principal players.
batman Adam Holmes 2015-12-16
What Kevin Smith's Batman Movie Would Be About
Director Kevin Smith was recently asked what his ideal Batman movie would be about, and he offered two big ideas, both based on established storylines from the comics.
batman Adam Holmes 2015-12-14
Will Batman V Superman Have A Bigger Threat Than Doomsday?
The most recent trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice had some pretty cool stuff to see, but it also had a number of problems. Primary among these was the fact that it showed off a lot.
batman Dirk Libbey 2015-12-14
When And Where The New Batman V Superman Footage Is Coming
Finally! Thereís only so many times I can watch that Comic Con trailer before my mind turns to mush.
batman Corey Chichizola 2015-11-30
What If Batman V Superman Fails? Here's Ben Affleck's Bluntly Honest Opinion
When Marvel threw a Samuel L. Jackson cameo after the credits of the first Iron Man movie it was a gamble. With one sentence, the studio put in motion a plan that nobody had ever tried before.
batman Dirk Libbey 2015-11-25
Who The Justice League Might Fight in Zack Snyder's First Movie
Well this sounds promising. Some might even say it is Super. Little by little, details are squeaking out regarding the highly anticipated The Justice League: Part 1.
batman Corey Chichizola 2015-11-24
Is Christian Bale Still Bruce Wayne? Here's What The Actor Said
Is Christian Bale playing Bruce Wayne again in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice after all? No. No he's not. And here's Christian Bale telling you so.
batman Gregory Wakeman 2015-11-13
Justice League Movie: What We Know So Far
Just like we have with many of the other major blockbusters set to come out over the next few years, we have researched and gathered as much information about the development of the Justice League movie as we could possibly find to try and put together a picture of what we can expect from the superhero team up movie.
batman Adam Holmes 2015-11-12
Why Spider-Man Is A Wimp, According To Michael Keaton
Although he no interest in revisiting superhero movies, Michael Keaton he still holds Batman in high regard. In fact, heís willing to use the Dark Knight to insult Spider-Man in front of other people.
batman Adam Holmes 2015-11-10
Batman: Bad Blood Trailer Is Dark And Menacing, Watch It Now
While we still have to wait a few more months for the return of Batman in a live action feature, DC has continued to produce a series of Batman animated films direct-to-DVD to keep fans of the dark knight satiated until the big crossover movie hits next summer.
batman Dirk Libbey 2015-11-10
Can Batman Beat The Hulk In A Fight? Michael Keaton Has The Best Answer
Who'd win in a fight: Batman or The Hulk? Michael Keaton thinks he knows the answer, and you can learn that information by smashing the link above.
batman Mike Reyes 2015-11-10
LEGO Batman May Have Found Its Commissioner Gordon, And It's Totally Not Who You Were Expecting
Most of the key roles for the film are likely cast now, unless the movie ends up with even more of Batmanís rogues gallery making an appearance.
batman Dirk Libbey 2015-11-09
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